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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 12

What up family.
 how is everyone? im doing well!! today its raining a lot so we havent
done anything fun!! but its all good. This week we are suppose to have
a family of 6 get babtized on the 17th, that should be good. They are
a cool family, they are really weird, but cool. The oldest kid in the
family, we brought to a youth activity that we had last saturday, and
he LOVED it, thats all he talks about. He had a blast with all the
youth and made a lot of friends, and i think even a lil girlfriend,
thats probably why he liked it so much haha, now in all the lessons
that we teach them he pays attention the whole time and is all
interested and stuff, and when he came to church he was all excited
and stuff and was participating in all the classes and stuff. so that
was really a good thing to bring him to it so he can get babtized. but
they dont know if theyre gonna be out of town that day, so ether the
17th or the 24th, but theyre for sure getting babtized. :) then the
other family is suppose to get babtized on the 24th also, that will be
awesome! :) We are teaching a ton of families.
 So my shoe is totally destroyed, my foot is always wet. haha whats
the email to the missionary mall? i got a new umbrella also, its soo
bomb, its the coolest umbrella ever!!
 Thats sick Buck finally bought a shotgun, is it sick? is it camo or
just black? when are you guys gonna get out and use it? That deer is
from Corner Canyon?? thats so crazy!! To bad we never saw that monster
when we were up there!! I cant wait to get home and just go campin for
a month strait and hunt.
 So my boys are doing good then? thats awesome they came over for
dinner! did you guys just invite them or something? I miss them, T has
lost a lot of weight?? And its not like i like soccer now, its just
not as gay as it was before. haha
 About the christmas call, i think about 2 on the 25th would be good,
but im also thinking about christmas eve, but i dont know yet. Because
my comp has to call too obviously so we gotta seperate the times, But
would christmas eve be a problem?
How is Nana and Papa? i miss them sooo much!! how Grandma? and all the
cousins and relatives? i cant believe Jahron is going to Atlanta
Georgia!! that is sooo crazy!! is he excited?? What are your plans for
christmas week and eve and day?
Well ill talk to you next week, love you guys
Elder Christensen

Dec 8th

what up fam.
 Im doing great! just chillin here in Guàcimo writing you guys, we had a zone activity and we just played soccer and then ordered pizza and played cards, it was fun. Now were gonna go back home and sleep for a little bit.
 This week were gonna have one babtism, but its actually technically a family cuz the rest of her family are members, so were gonna complete a family!! it should be good. We are teaching a ton of families and im way excited, one of the famiilies has a babtism date for Christmas day :) cool huh? that´ll be sick. Were working hard and everything.
 About the Christmas call idk when would be better, i think it would be good around like 2 or 3ish? tell me what you think! Were not gonna be able to use skype tho. I wish! But we´ll talk about the details later! you guys should send me another video clip of you guys, that was sick, but make it longer. We do have our christmas party the 21st of december, so ill probably get my packages then,, but we´ll see! I bought my camera, thank you very much, This week also my shoe tore apart so i need to buy new shoes, but i dont think they sell my size here, so i need to check into that, in the meantime i have a huge hole in my shoe haha classic.
 Everything is going well here in Costa Rica!! I wish i could see everyone for christmas tho!! but i guess i only have 2 left... almost 1 haha
 Well i love you guys, talk to you next week!
Elder Christensen

Nov 28

what up family!
 How are you guys? im doin great!! the new area im in is cool, its just like la Rita that i was in before. In fact its like 20 minutes away from it, its really close! My comp is way tite, hes from texas. His name is Elder Nelson. Its weird having a gringo for a comp now. The other day i finally got to eat ¨Rice and Beans¨, ive heard about it all my mish but had never tried it before. Rice and Beans is different than just rice and beans, they acutally say RICE and Beans in english to know the difference. Rice and Beans is just rice and beans cooked in coconut milk and like fried kind of, but its only maid on the caribean side because only black people make it really. And our branch president is black so he made it for us yesterday and it was soooo amazing, by far my favorite thing ive eaten here the whole mish. haha
 We have a lot of investigators, we had 3 families come to church with us that are awesome, so i hope all 3 of them get babtised this month, we´ll see! In total were teaching about 6 families that are all awesome, theres this one family that im in love with and i know there gonna get babtized. My comp only has 4 more months than i have, so thats weird too.
 How was st geezy?? im so jealous, i love thanksgiving down there!! I miss seeing the family and stuff!! and the traditional gun shooting with everyone!! Nana and Papa were down there right? That sucks that brennan didnt go tho!! Thanksgiving was just another day here, we actually forgot it was thanksgiving on thanksgiving day. We were teaching this family and then all the sudden after we were like yeah its the 24th, and after we said that we were like... wow... its thanksgiving!! haha
  Oh and also... i lost my camera :( i left it at the bus stop in San Jose, when i was coming to my new area after the change meeting. So im gonna need a new camera also, so if you want to send me one or should i take out money and just buy one? i think the second one would be easier...!! But let me know!! i need a camera before next pday cuz were suppose to be going to a really cool national forest hike thing.
 I cant believe Buck sold his bodyguard, but thats sick! tell his he HAS to get the Banelli shotgun, ill be mad if he doesnt, tell him!! I cant believe how sucky your doin on the huntin thing. Get out there for the 15th time ive said it!! 

Nov 21

What up family!

 Im doing great! i hope everything is ok there!! We had that family get babtized and everything and they are so awesome. The pics are up on the picasaweb thing. We also were suppose to have a family get babtized and married yesterday but the wife was sick in the hospital so the couldnt. I was way sad!! But now i have changes, and now im not gonna be able to get them babtized! My new area is called Guásimo, Im not there yet because we just got out of the change meetings and were waiting for the bus to come in 2 hours, so were chillin at an internet cafe. My new comp is a gringo,... weird huh? He says our area is pretty country and doesnt have city so im excited. I was really sad to leave my last area!! honestly i wanted to cry. It was such a cool place with such cool members and stuff! But whatevs.
 I cant believe its already thanksgiving time of year. I miss the holidays over there with the family and stuff!! That sucks that you cant go to st george dad. Thats my favorite place to spend thanksgiving!! And then right around the corner is christmas, that is so crazy! Speaking of christmas, i cant wait to get my package. When are you guys gonna send them? Also can you guys send me a big thing of cetapil, that stuff to wash your face.. they dont have that here!! What are you guys gonna do for christmas? are you gonna go anywhere? Its gonna be so weird here for christmas, without my family, that is so weird. How is papa and nana? and joe and lisa? and the hansens? i havent heard from any of them for a while :( i I cant wait to get home and just go to family parties and see all them again.
 Wow dad... you really suck at hunting, i cant believe you havent filled one tag this whole season!! You need to try harder dude!! get out there more often!!  I just wanna hunt so bad right now!!!
 Majerle i cant believe you broke up with your boyfriend.. good job, you cant have one anyway!! And jeez, that didnt last to long haha Maddi and Majerle, you two are best friends... awkward! haha What did you plan for the night before i come home? Thats awesome that matt came over the other day, i miss that guy so much!
 What else is new? I complete 9 months on the 23rd... i dont know if i feel like thats a lot or a little! Some days feel like ive been a missionary literally my whole life and others feel like its flying by the time. I wish it would just stay constant haha How did you know changes were today??! Well i love you guys a ton. And ill talk to you next week!!
 Elder Christensen

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 7, 2011

What up family..
  How is everything? How is the snow? i bet the deer and elk are starting to come down now that its colder!! Its SO hot here lately... i sweat SO much everyday haha
 So this week went well.. we found 8 new investigators and a new family that is awesome.. they are getting baptised and married the same day on the 19th of this month.. we have an appointment with them tomorrow and were gonna try to move up the date to the 12th ;) so were very excited about that! The one family that was suppose to get baptised the last Saturday didn't... it was SO sad, the husband got home one night very drunk and stuff, and they got in a big fight and are now getting separated ;( crazy huh? And also the single lady couldn't last Saturday, but this Saturday is a definite possibility, so hopefully we´ll have a family, and that lady getting baptised this Saturday. But were gonna see.
  Its crazy here, a ton of people already have their Christmas lights up and everything and their trees, they love Christmas here! The weird thing is tho, they celebrate it on the 24th, not the 25th. They open their presents on Christmas eve night and stuff.. weird huh? But I'm excited to be in this area for Christmas, the next changes are on the 21st of November, and my comp is finishing the mission and is headed home on that day. So I'm gonna have a new comp in like 14 days crazy huh? i Hate getting new comps cuz you never know what they re gonna be like and stuff, and then you have to get use to the new one all over again!!
  So about my Christmas package.. we have a Christmas dinner with the whole mission sometime in December, so you could probably send it like the beginning of December, like the 1st. That should make it in time. And the ipod that i want is an itouch 64gb, so that's why i thought it would be so much but i looked on eBay and you can by it for a lot cheaper, so you guys need to order it off of ebay and put it in my package.  I had an ipod but i sold it to another missionary, so that's why i want this one. Please get it and send it to me :) Also you should put some small gifts in it for some of the members or something, just like cool little things, you think of something mom with your creativeness.
  You saw kenz mom? i miss her a ton! She needs to write me! So are you gonna go to St George or not for thanksgiving. You guys better, we cant not spend a thanksgiving in st george, its a family tradition. I miss st george sooo much, i always think about it for some reason! its one of my favorite places! Or you guys could buy a cabin before thanksgiving and go chilll there... thad be sick.. haha Which side of the family is the dinner gonna be this year?
 Im glad jake is doing better, i miss that guy and i miss joe too! i only think about them, and like all my cousins and uncles and everyone. I cant believe that happened to Sarah tho, what a crazy girl! That's good that Tyler isn't ever gonna see her again!!
Whats up Majerle and Maddi! how are you two? i miss you guys a lot! I'm glad you're finally getting good grades and being good girls!! Majerle, you cant have a boyfriend!!! Maddi you ether! That's so awesome that you had so much fun this year with soccer maddi! i bet you were awesome! i have a member that whats to date you, his name is Alberto, hes 15 and awesome. He was gonna come to the Internet with us so he could write you a lil note but he couldn't.... maybe next time. haha
 So the big trip is this week dad? you gonna bag a pronghorn or what? you better!! im soo jealous! ugh!!  i am having some big withdrawals!! :(
Well i gotta go.. were headed to the beach right now with the sisters and some members, should be fun, love you guys a lot!!!
  Love Elder Christensen

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

What up fam,

  How is everyone? i cant believe its already holloween... i literally havent even realized that until like 2 days ago that it was holloween. haha I miss the holidays for sure!!! Here they dont really celebrate holloween as much as we do, they think its of the devil. So only some of them really celebrate and get dressed up and everything!! weird huh? I think tonight were gonna go to one of the members house for a holloween party thing. This member is awesome and it's sure be fun, she wants us to dress up  and the sister missionaries are coming and her whole family. so im excited haha
  So our babtisms bailed on us last saturday:( I was way sad, the one lady doesnt quite feel ready yet, but shes for sure getting babtised this week, and then the family are having some marrage issues so we gotta work with them more and hopefully they can get babtised this week also.
 But besides all that, the work is going well and my comp is good and everything.
  Thats crazy that youve been pretty much solo this past week dad with the ward. I bet thats for a reason to get you prepared to move up a rank to bishop pretty soon. haha How are all the members? now that i think back at all the wards weve been in and stuff, its sooo cool to live in utah where there are sooo many members. Theres a lot of members in Costa Rica and everything.. its just our ward right now is soo sick in bluffdale. I love how theres so many people and stuff. I realize the importance of having a calling in the ward now. Before i just thought it was kinda stupid to have a calling but its sick. Also like home and visiting teaching, i thought that was way gay before, but its not. haha
  Yeah about the ping-pong thing... thats cool and all during the week, but the weekends theres a lot better stuff to be doing... like filling your fetching tags man!!! Get out there, its embarrassing!! Just cuz theres a lot of time in the season left, doesnt mean you should waste it. Just remember that all im dreaming about is hunting, and you are able to and dont even do it!! Has the rut started yet??
  Yeah soccer is pretty chill, i like it now, thats all they watch here.. Theres a team here called La Liga, and they are soo cool. And i think Costa Rica beat Brazil just barely, which is good cuz brazil is amazing. And we were at a members house yesterday and guess what i watched for just a couple of minutes... the Dallas game.... :)))) i couldnt resist.. it was too tempting haha but also very sad cuz they fetching lost!!! ugh!! The members didnt understand why i was almost crying over a game.. but oh well.
  My clothes are holding up pretty well.. i just dont like the shirts that i have from the missionary mall.. the material is really weird.. I want some different shirts some time, but i could buy those here! Theres no hot water here, the only place i had hot water was in my first area cuz its a lot colder in that area so they actual want hot water. Im still not use to ice cold showers.
 My district leader is my comp, this is the first time hes been in a leader posision his whole mission. And also the zone leaders live with us remember!
 Yeah thats crazy that Christmas is so soon!! I cant wait to talk to you guys ether!! And yeah we can skype it up baby! I cant believe Braden is gonna have a fregin baby.. thats soo weird!! I cant wait to see her when i get back!
 Soo about the cabin thing... you guys didnt answer me... you and buck should go halvsies on it and but a giant one wit a ton of land!!... but in Kansas remember! Oh and dont forget to put 400 dollars in my account so i can buy the iTouch.. thatd be really nice and thanks :) And the blog looks way sick, i like how the link just goes straight to all my pics and everything!!
 Well love you guys a ton!! Talk to you next week!!
  Elder Christensen

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

What up family!

 How is everything? Its all good here! I sent the link to you guys to be able to see my pics and everything! Also I'm about to send some pics of the activity that we had Saturday. It was such a fun branch activity. Each organization had to represent a different country, like the young men's represented Columbia, the young women's represented El Salvador, the relief society represented Costa Rica, the elders quorum represented Ecuador, and us missionaries represented China. It was sooo fun!! and each group had there own room in the chapel, the whole week we were decorating and everything. The sister missionaries borrowed some Chinese clothes from a member, me and my comp made a Chinese dragon and we had a presentation where the sisters were dancing to Chinese music, and me and my comp walk in as the dragon, like a Chinese parade.. it was sooo cool haha And the ward mission leader helped us make Chinese food and all this stuff, it was legit. The whole night was awesome, and one of the families we are teaching came to it, so that was a bonus.
  This Saturday,we have 3 baptisms, a family and then a single lady. I hope everything goes well!! Were gonna have another activity the 2nd Saturday of November so that will be way fun. The beach was awesome, we went to two different beaches, the one was on pday, and the cooler one we went to a baptism of a different area that the guy got baptized in the ocean. it was way cool! All the pictures are on that link i sent you.
 That's sick you finally went fly fishing dad, and actually caught something this time.. haha But are you ever gonna go hunting...fetch I'm disappointed in you!! Get out in the field man!!!! That's sick they're building a sporting goods store so big there... ill probably be spending all my time there when i get back!!
 My comp is good! hes just a lil crazy, when hes in a bad mood you just have to get him excited about the missionary work. So about the Christmas package, just some me a ton of good stuff, that calendar, and put a lil more money in my bank account cuz i think i might buy a Ipod touch for me for Christmas... we'll see tho. That's soo awesome that our neighborhood is filling up like that!! I'm excited to see the change. I hope some hot girls move in!! if there are any moving in right now, just give them a brief overview of me and that i only have a year left and ill be there to pick em up.. aight! And mom, when you said maybe ive already met my wife,, i don't think so cuz in my patriatical blessing it says i will recognize her right when i see her when she comes in my life. haha
 Yeah costaricans celebrate Halloween, it will be weird to see it here. That's not that crazy about Brennan getting into Harvard... that was a given since the get go. Hes soooo smart, and that's gonna be soo awesome!! and he get to wrestle to for them!!
 Well love you guys, Talk to you next week :)
Elder Christensen

Thursday, October 20, 2011

oct 17, 2011

Hey family, HAAPPPYYY BBIIIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!
  Sorry last weeks letter was so short, the computer was being really gay and just turned off by its self and half of the letter didnt save for some reason... i was pissed and didnt have time to write it over again. So im way glad everything is ok there. Here its going great and were working way hard and everything!! Right now we have like 3 families and a couple single investigators. The problem here is pratically EVERYONEs husband is a fisherman and is never home, they leave for a couple months and then come back, so its really hard to find a complete family cuz so many men are fishermen. But we do have one family that is awesome.. i just hope they progress. Its a family of 7, the mom, and the 6 kids. all the kids ages are between 14 and 22 years old. So im way excited, they have a babtism date for the 29th of this month, so pray for them please!! We also have another family that has a date for the 29th also, Its a family of 4, but one of the daughters is a missionary that was serving here for 3 months and then is now in England serving!!! crazy huh!! and none of her family are members. The mom i know has a testimony, she just needs to act on it, so were gonna keep workin hard with them. Theres is another lady that is gonna get babtised the 29th also, she is cool, shes about 41 years old. The sister missionaries are awesome here, its soo fun working with them like a team cuz we always go to their appointments and they always come to ours.
   Thats so crazy you guys saw Chris in the temple getting his endowments out... what are the odds...!! Hes going to mexico right? I miss that kid a ton!! i bet the farewell was soo awesome. Dude has the rut started yet dad... that weather is suckin there in utah. Here its literally been raining 12 hours a day... ive heard theres a hurricane in mexico and thats why its raining so much here, cuz its non stop!!! Today were going to the beach to chill. im excited!! Were going with the sisters, a member family, they elders that live with us. Its gonna be sick!! Ill send some pics next week!!
  So the food is pretty much the same here,, i havent eating really anything new!! Its way good tho!! Yeah i get the letters from wayne, its just soo hard to write everyone back, i only get an hour, and im literally writing you guys or downloading the pictures to the computer and everything. I wishd i coulda been there for your bday dad, 44 years old... muy muy viejo!! haha my spanish is bomb, everytime i teach a new person theyre like... what... you only have 6 months here in Costa Rica.. haha its funny! Obviously theres still some random words that i dont know so sometimes i dont understand everything, but i pretty much can understand it completely. And when im writing emails to you guys, its so hard to think in english about what im gonna say, i always accidently write in spanish and stuff haha
  Yeah its crazy i have 8 months practically already. When i think about it, it went soo fast,, but also there are times where it seems like ive been a missionary my whole life.. its weird. And other times where im just like... ugh i wanna go home and just watch a good movie or something, or just rest for 5 minutes haha But its all good, you can definately tell a difference when your whole schedule is filled for the day. I hate leaving the house to work unless we have a lot of appointments.. thats why the day before you gotta work hard for the next day.. or its gonna suck.. haha I cant wait til i get home and can just go to a family party like you guys had yesterday and everything!
  So i talked to Presidente about my comp and everything. He told me all i need to do is help him, thats why he put me with him so i could help him he told me. He said i need to keep doing what im doing. Hes way cool the president. Also my comp is not so bad, its kinda crazy sometimes, cuz i think hes bipolar also cuz one minute hes so happy and the next hes pissed.. haha its crazy but ive learned how to get his happy mood back when he gets mad, its just takes a lil bit! But were doin good, he has a way strong testimony and everythig.
 Mom did you talk to dad about the cabin or what... you never answered me... you guys gotta keep makin bills baby! Did you buy that book yet.. And which calendar did you get me.. its gotta be the one from Kings Camo Bull Elk. por favor.
Well love you guys a ton!!! talk to ya next week.
Elder Christensen

oct 12, 2011

what up fam.
 Everything is going good here. My comp is still a lil weird but most of the time he is some what happy and acts like a lil 10 year old. haha when he teaching he talks so quietly and way weird haha and testifies for like 5 minutes strait and i think most of the time the investigators are asleep when hes talking haha. But its all good, i like this comp a lot better !! The other elders that we live with are awesome!! My comp is from El Salvador, the other gringo is from Idaho, and the other Latino is from Honduras. Elder Montierth is the other gringo and hes awesome!! And the Sisters missionaries that are in our same area are awesome, and were allways with them practically haha
  So this week has been sooooo rainy... it rains about 12 hours per day!! We have found some new investigators and everything, we have a family of 8 that we are teaching right now and i hope they progress but well see. My favorite lesson to teach is The Restoration!! By farrrrr its my favorite, especially the part about the book of mormon.
  Have you guys not been updatin my blog... you need too!!

october 3, 2011

Hola Familia,
 So the area is alright... we are teaching and everything and i hope the families were are teaching get babtized!! So the cool part about this area is we share it with Hermanas and they are awesome!!! We like work together all the time and stuff and if they have a really cool family we also help them if they cant teach them one day. But most of the time its just me and my comp like a normal compananship. Both the hermanas are from Honduras and they are so funny!! My comp is really weird still, and he actually has mental problems, i dont know how he passed the mental test to come on a mission... but hes here so oh well. Also the other day he was having some problems and being really weird, and all the sudden started to cry and stuff and i was asking whats wrong and stuff and he was like im having a lot of temptations and stuff right now, and he said hes scared of falling into them and going home. And i asked what kind of temptations and he was like, he was having temptations of doing things with men, and said hes gay... ugh!!!!! I dont know what is goin on but its scary... honestly i use to sleep with just garments on... but now im sleeping with my shorts on! And everytime he moves while we are in our room im scared that hes gonna come over to my bed. And the other night he couldnt sleep and the other elders were like what is he doing... and so one of them asked him why he isnt going to bed and he said cuz the temptation is too strong!! and he got all scared and stuff.
   So today for pday we had to do divisions and me and Elder Montierth, one of the elders that lives with us, went to San Jose. Hes from Idaho and is way tite, we had to go there to get mine and my comps credit cards. And when we got there, after a 2 hour bus ride from Puntarenas, we went to gringo alley. Its a street where theres little stands that are selling all sorts of souvenirs, like painting, wood carvings, handmade bags, hammocks and all kinds of cool stuff. So i bought a sick painting of a tucan, that a lil tico had made by hand. Ill take some pics of it and send it next pday. and then after we went to Price Mart, which is owned by Costco and is the exact same. We bought a ton of food and stuff so im excited. Then after we went back to puntarenas.
   The conference was awesome, you cant watch it on tv here so everyone goes to the chapels. To be honest this was the first conference i actually payed attention to every session. haha My favorite discurso was about the book of mormon. I dont remember who it was but he was like the BOM is ether the word of god or of the devil. And if its of the devil then the devil is actually destroying his own kingdom himself through the book haha it made so much sense, and its just like whoever has read the BOM and doesnt believe it is retarded!! haha But the whole conference was awesome. thats awesome you got to go to it dad. And so cool the Makanoas came up to watch it... ugh i miss them soo much!!
   I cant belive majerle thinks shes in love!! thats gay!! But thats good they girls like their school and everything!! So maddi wins a lot then? has she ever scored a goal??.
   I cant believe its still hot there... that sucks!! Mom that is not good weather, cuz that means its not good hunting!! That sucks you havent seen much lately and that the rut hasnt started yet!! You better get out this next week when it starts to get colder!! that moose story is sooo funny... i can just imagine buck running away!! hahaha
  Ugh!! you havent gotten book yet?? its called, Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon!! BUY IT RIGHT NOW AND READ IT!!! its amazing!!
  So about the cabin mom.... you know that is my dream too!! But DONT buy it until i get home!! There is a lot of work before just buying any old cabin... we have to scout the land for deer for weeks and search other lots too. So just wait for me, and get ready to look for a cabin somewhere near Iowa or Kansas!! Cant wait!!
   I love you guys a ton and will talk to you next week!! I found out and easier way to send pics, you can just look at all of them through this weblink... its tite!!
Love yall.
 Elder Christensen

september 26, 2011


 So i got some crappy news... I had changes again!! It sucks!! last saturday morning me and Morazan were planning for the day and we get a call from the zone leaders that both of us have changes... we were soooo mad at first, then after a couple hours we were just plain sad and mad. I guess the whole mission is getting all changed around, apparently last month was one of the worst months the mission has had this year so president decided to switch some things and do some changes. So both me and Morazan got changed out of there and like 20 other areas got changed too. Im soo mad! :( So saturday and sunday we just went and said bye to all the members and everything, i was only there for like 3 weeks but La Rita was harder to leave than La Leòn Trece, my last area. All the members gave us cakes and food and stuff. So the last two days ive gained some weight. haha And all 22 of our investigators that we had we, we had to leave them :( The next saturday we were suppose to have like 5 babtisms and stuff. And the best family that we were teaching that were gonna get married the same day as their babtism too!! I am really mad!! So this morning we had to come to San Jose the office and see where we were going and who our new campanions were.
  So my new area is in Puntarenas, and its call Barranca. My new comp... honestly... im really not excited to be with him. Ive heard some crazy things about him and hes worse than  my 2nd comp. I dont know why i got the two worst comps in the whole mission but i did!! This guy is crazy and so weird, hes from El Salvador. Ive heard that both him and my 2nd comp are as bad as comps as you can get. ugh!! Im really mad right now and not to happy. but we´ll see how it goes. I LOVED my last area and right when i get settled i had changes.
  The only good this is is we live with two other elders so at least at night i can get a break from my comp. And another this is is its freaking beautiful here, we are right on the beach i can see if from our house. And theres mountains and jungles and everything out here, its cool. But ugh im still frustrated!!
 Im glad everything is going so well for you guys over there!! And i just got the package today when we went to San Jose, thanks so much for everthing... especially the jerky :) Majerle went to the dance and shes not 16 yet?... WOW! Well thats good she had fun. Thats awesome that nana and papa are doing so good! I miss them both soo much!! But i cant believe that happened to Brock and Lindsay!! Ugh thats soo sad!!
  Yeah dad you and buck are losers like mom said... i cant believe you havent been out hunting in that long!!!! You have to get out there!! Im gettin out in the field and im on a mission... you guys have no excuse!! But yeah., the iguana was sooo good!! Mom, haha i love you but that is kinda weird that you went up to my room and smelt my shirts... haha But i miss you guys a ton!! Im a little trunky right now and home sick, ive heard that right from the 7 month mark to about the year mark you are just really home sick and everything because it seems like you have a ton of time still. And them once you hit the year mark it starts going fast again... i hope.. cuz im really home sick now that i had changes and everything!!
 Yes they have ice in their drinks, thank goodness, or else theyd be like boiling haha Pretty much every time we go to a persons house they give us fresco, which just means homemade juice of some fruit. EVERYONE makes home made fresco and its usually from oranges, mangos, limes, or pineapple. Its soo good!! Yeah i want you guys to keep sending videos, its just i dont think the sound works when you send them from email. I tried sending some videos last week but it says theyre to big to send, how else can i send them?? Cuz i have some cool videos, i need to start using the video camera Tonya gave me.. its just hard cuz i cant really pack it around during the day, but my camera can take videos and i have a bunch. haha
  Well Mom and Dad, and sisters.. I love you all a ton!! i hope this area gets better and my comp but we´ll see.
  Elder Christensen

september 19th , 2011

Hola familia,
  What up! so last monday the iguana hunt was a success, the member that took us has a huge farm and a ton a property so we were just walking along the river searching the trees for the iguanas and there are tons. We only had sling shots so it was hard to kill them. But we saw a ton and finally we found a medium sized one and we hit it and it fell a lil closer to us and then we hit it again and it fell into the river and the members dogs went and retrieved it. We didnt eat them that day, but the next day the members prepared a wonderful tasting iguana dinner. It was sooo good!!! They cook the meat with coconut milk and other stuff.. so good!
  This week has been way awesome. We have found tons of new families and investigadors. We have 22 investigators total and 6 families. And all of them are soo cool! we are teaching one family of 6 people, the parents and then the 4 daughters. They are awesome and all of them are progressing. this month we hope to have at least 10 babtisms, but well see, i think we can do it. The members are so awesome and help all they can. every wednesday all of them get to together to to visiting teaching, and they all visit the less actives and everything! We are teaching a lot of people i just hope all of them keep progressing.
   My comp is awesome, hes my favorite comp ive had so far! His name is Elder Miguel Angel Morazán. we get a long great and were always laughing and having a good time. Hes from Honduras and hes been in the mission for 19 months. Most of the photos that i sent last time were all members from tibas and stuff. Only a few of them are from La Rita. Im not that close to the ocean, like i havent seen it yet bet its pretty close i hear. There are sloths everywhere. This week has been crazy here, they are still celebrating independance day and theres tons of festivals and parties everywhere haha its weird. Today we went to Guapiles which is the big city that im closest to and there were toooons of people and games and there was a giant cake about 20 by 20 feet big in the middle of the park and its for everyone to eat after the fireworks or something.
  So the other day we did divisions, and i was here in La Rita with a different elder and we were contacting and stuff. And we get to a house and start teaching the family that lives there, and all the sudden a guy comes and starts arguing with us and tell us that we are racists because we dont have black missionaries and that Jose Smith is our god and that we worship him and all this stuff thats not true and it was horrible, i was sooo mad!! i almost hit him but we just left instead haha
 Really i miss all the members in Garabito but i would way rather be in the area, its so awesome. The president of the branch is way cool, and so are all the counselors.
 So ive pretty much finished the book now. Its soo awesome, i still have like 100 pages left, but now when i read the book of mormon i know exactly where everything took place and i can know the general area of where which battle took place on the map and everything. It helps so much to understand the book of mormon geography and its sooo cool!! you guys have to read it for the 10th time now!!
 Today we went hunting again but we didnt get anything. But we did just chill in the grove of orange trees and eat like a million of them. The oranges here are so different, they are green and yellowish, and a little smaller. But a lot sweeter and better! also they eat them different here, they just cut the green part of the skin and  leave the stuff under it and just suck on the juice, its way different. But good! I took a ton of pics of the iguana hunt and everything but i dont have time to send them today so i will next week. I love you guys and i hope everything is going ok!!
     Elder Christensen

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th 2011

What up family! How is everyone?
 Im doing great and loving my new area!! Its way siiickkk!! I love my comp and all the members to they are all awesome! This week has been way good and productive too!
  So its way different here than my last area.. theres giant grasshoppers and beetles and all sorts of birds and stuff. Literally at night every house cieling has about 10 geckos just chillin up next to the lights trying to eat all the bugs flying. We saw a monkey the other day in the back yard of a members house, that was way cool and also at night you can barely hear when your walking because all the frogs are croaking and stuff. haha This week is a special week in Costa Rica.. its there independence day the 14th of this month say theyve had like festivals and stuff all week. Theres a huge festival right out side this little town and it has a Huge rodeo with tons of stuff. I want to go so bad!!! But we cant cuz its not considered part of our area!!
  We have found a ton of families here that we are teaching so im way excited. Yesterday we found 2 new families that are sooo awesome and i definately think their getting babtised. One of the families has listened to the missionaries but when the missionaries left they didnt have any way to contact the new missionaries, so its good we found them! Theyre a family of 5, and the other family has 2 kids and the parents.
  Today is gonna be sick!! one of the members own a big banana farm, so today he invited us to come over for lunch and also to go hunting for iguanas!! :) im excited, he says theres a couple that just chill back there and then were gonna eat them! He says he cooks them with his special recipe so well see how it tastes. And he has a bunch of wild turkeys that just chill back there but i dont think we can hunt those. He has tons of different fruit trees that he just lets us go back there and pick whatever and eat it!
 Our cook is cool, shes older but cooks really good and always gives us a ton of food! She washes our clothes also. I havent got the package yet.. it wasnt there when we got to change meeting, so i dont know whats up with it! Yeah i watched the videos you guys made, but i couldn't hear anything for some reason :( ill try it again today.
 Ugh you better get up hunting this week dad!! You dont realize how lucky you are just to be able to go hunting, i think i have a dream every night of me up in the mountains killin somethin. haha Where are you guys gonna go if you head up this week? Have you been to East Canyon at all this season?How are the Cowboys doing?? i pray for them everynight. What did you say in your talk mom? I bet you did awesome! Its so hard writing everyone.. i swear i never have time, i pretty much can only write you guys so tell everyone else im sorry it takes so long to write back but ill get to them soon. I feel bad when i dont have time to write but its hard cuz we only have an hour.
 Yesterday we ate soo much, it was awesome!! We ate about 5 times, and for dinner we had this huge plate of stuff cuz it was this members birthday and they invited us over for dinner. Im eating a lot more in this area which is great!!
Im having a great time in my new area and everyone is amazed how well i speak spanish, every appointment we have their like "youve only been here 6 months?!" i like it.. it makes me feel good! I cant wait to use spanish when i get home!!
 Well i love you guys and cant wait to hear from you next week dad and MOM( cuz you didnt write me this week)!
Love you guys a ton! Pura Vida!
 Elder Christensen

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 5th 2011

Hola familia,
 How is everyone? i hope all good!! Ugh its soo much hotter here.. like twice as hot!! haha
You guys can look on google earth, and see the town that im in. Im in the county of Guapiles, in Boca Guapiles, Its by the Parque Nacional Tortuguero on the upper right corner of Costa Rica more or less. And im loving this area a ton!! Its all country!! The members are awesome and help out with the mision work a ton! They always want to have activities as a branch and help teach and visit less actives and new investegators... they are awesome! Our house is was cool, we have two coconut trees, and a papaya tree in our yard. We always have two pets cats that are actually the next door neighbors but they always come in and chill with us in the mornings and at night. haha they are way tite... the only cats ive ever liked besides Bucks cat. There are a TON off eagles here that just circle the town. We live very close to a gian bamboo forest and i wanna go hikin next pday there. There are so many fruit trees.. i think actually ever tree here has some kind of fruit on it haha. On Friday we went to a recent converts house and helped her build a dirt path in her front yard and then after we helped her pick guabas, oranges, and mamones chinos in her farm. It was awesome cuz we had to clime the trees and they were way tall to be able to harvest the fruit. After we chilled in her front yard eating all the fruit that we had picked right off the tree.. sooo delicious. The oranges here are soo different.. they are green and yellow not orange! haha and they eat them so weird here its cool. Ive seen some iquanas and some parrots and stuff.. here is more my style. And ive taken tons of pics and i tried to send them today but for some reason they didnt work so i will send them next monday.
  We havent really been teaching a lot of new investigators.. these past days weve been visiting all the members, less acvtives and what not. And im excited to work with them!! Saturday we had an activity with the whole branch, to celebrate pioneer day. It was awesome.. everyone dressed up like pioneers and we had games and the primary sang, and the young men and women did like a country dance. it was tite. We have a ton of young mens in our branch so its way fun.. they always wanna play soccer or something. Also the presidency is way tite, the second counselor is huge, and he looks like hes tongan.. he eats like a tongan, he talks like a tongan and jokes like one too. its so funny and all his kids are big boned and giant haha Today for pday we play soccer with all the young mens at the church. It was way fun but SOOO hot i was dying!! The members give us a lot more food here than my last area, ive been stuffed all day everyday since ive got here :) All the people here a sooo much nicer and more friendly... everyone that passes you says hi and asks how your doing! I love it! Its just like a diffent world out here. haha Also one time we were at a members house vistiting and this guy named Chona came to the door, hes like famous in this town. He use to own a huge ranch and had a ton of money!! But one day he was robbed and assulted and shot in the head.. he didnt die tho! But he has a huge gash in his head and is now like mentally challenged. But everyone loves him and hes always walking aroung with his cowboy hat and singing for people. So when he got there we asked him to dance and sing. So he did and we were all laughing our heads off! I have a video of it so ill send it next time. And also at the same time as this happened, there was a transvestite named Jennifer that came to the door. It was sooo weird, She is really ugly and is actually really a guy!! haha and So she was telling Chona to dance and stuff and talking sooo gay.. it was so funny!! shes in the video also haha.
    Well im glad everyones ok... i dont have any time left to write :( So i will talk to you next monday!! Love you guys a ton!!!
Elder Christensen

aug 23rd 2011

What up family.....
  So i saw the video of you guys jeeping.... there wasnt any sound.. but i could just imagine bucks screaming in the background.. haha thats awesome!! I cant believe you went to elk camp without me.... wow what a great dad... :( haha just kidding... you better go hunting a ton so when i get back youll have all the sweet spots to go. So its tuesday today.. we didnt have time to write yesterday so were doing it today. How was the trip? mom told me you didnt get anything but i wanna know ALL the details... what you guys slept in, where you went, what you saw, who all went, if you got close to anything.... EVERYTHING!!! And where did you go fishing on the pontoon boats? Gosh you need to tell me everything! And when are you going out again? when do your other tags seasons start and everything? And you really better not have used my broadheads or my arrows or ANYTHING of mine!! i will be so mad if you did! haha
   Thats crazy about maddi!! shes really starting on the varsity team?? Shes actually good?? thats crazy!! does she do much during the game? like does she get the ball much? whens her next game? gosh majerle is so lazy!! what is she gonna do all day? haha And thats good about jake!! did he end up going to jail or what? he wrote me like a week ago! I miss nana and papa so much!! and everyone! Do you guys chill wit papa and nana a lot?
  So im still reading the Exploring the Lands of the BOM... its sooo awesome!! Its 900 pages long and im about half way through. It has so much proof of the book of mormon that its crazy.. you guys have to read it cuz i want you guys to see how cool it is!!!! My favorite part of it is how it takes all the geographical dirrections and stuff from the book of mormon and puts them on the map of mesoamerica and they all fit so perfectly!! Obviously jose smith would not had been able to guess all that stuff.. some people are so stupid! haha
  Just you and maddi at the house mom? i bet thats weird! does maddi chill wit he soccer friends or does she stay wit you a lot? Hows work mom? seen anymore coyotes up there lately? Thats so funny about Nash with his favorite colors... hes crazy!
 So we changed the sister that cooks for us... our new ones name is sister Luz. And shes way awesome.. she also has a way hot daughter thats 18... but its ok cuz shes going on a mission. haha Luz cooks us the best food and gives us so much!! Im loving eating there!! after every meal she gives us desert which is usually tres leches, which is a cake that is the most amazing cake ever!! its the official desert of Costa Rica. Yesterday she made us these tacos that were soo good!!  And we went to this place called "the cave" in the center of San Jose. And its a giant pawn shop... i think practically everything there is stolen but it has some really good prices... haha for example elder clark baught an ipod there for 80 thousand colones(160 dollars) which usually costs 300 dollars anywhere else. Theres tons of iphones for dirt cheap and all sorts of stuff... so right before i come home im gonna go there and buy a ton of stuff and sell it when i get back :) But that place is so crazy.. theres so many people there and im positive that everything is stolen haha Also theres a place in san jose called "gringo alley".... its a giant street of little stands that people are there selling cool lil stuff from costa rica. Like wood carvings, leather carvings, knifes, cool bags and purses, tshirts, and all sorts of seouvenirs. its such a cool place!!
 So weve been working hard and stuff and teaching and what not. but theres not really anyone progressing. We still are teaching Blanca and her grandson and they are getting babtised this next saturday at 11 in the morning. Also were teaching this family that lives right in front of us. Its the guy who is 35 years old, and the wife who is 19 years old... haha and they have a lil new born baby. They are way cool but way busy so we dont get to teach them much :( The guys has read the book of mormon and believes it and stuff but we need to work with him more to strengthen his testimony. But im excited about them.. i think they will progress and everything!! So change meeting are on the 31st of august, and we find out if one of us has changes on the 29th :) im prayin! haha Last sunday was awesome cuz our asistance of the church went from around 80 people to 98 people. There was a ton of people in the chapel.
 Well i love you guys a ton!! and cant wait to hear back! And dad you better tell me ALL the details of the hunt!! Love you Mom, love you Dad and you too sisters!!
Elder Christensen

aug 15th 2011

   Hows everyone doin? im so tired today... went had a multizone activity and we went to central park in san jose and played football, soccer and stuff.. it was way fun buy im so tired! 5 out of the 9 zones came, so there was a lot of elders and sisters. I was ballin it up in soccer once again... i scored like 5 goals.. and some of these elders play for national soccer teams. Theres like 5 Elders that play for the national team of Honduras, El Salvador and i think theres one from Guatemala. And i showed them a lil somethin.. haha
  Thats crazy girls camp is already over madre.. but good now you wont be so stressed and naggy all the time ;) Majerle and Maddi didnt go tho?? what slackers!!
  Thats awesome that maddi made the soccer team!! is there team good tho? haha is majerle still just lazy or what? Theres a girl in our ward here that reminds me of majerle, always sleeping and her personality reminds me of her a ton too! Theres a lot of people here that remind me of family members! Oh and does she drive my car or what?
  Thats good that work is so good!! Chase is working for you right? How are the hansens anyway? When does braden have his baby again? thats soooo crazy!!! i bet hes excited about both the baby and football. I did kinda miss football today when i was playing it.. but not that much haha
  So we have two babtisms this saturday so im excited but other than that we dont really have much :( In two days we contacted 11 familys and put appointments with them and everything to teach them. It was like a record for the mission of family contacts i think! haha so i hope they dont bail out... but well see!!! This lady that is getting babtised saturday day is like 50 years old and also her grandson that is 12 years old is getting babtised. The son of the lady was the bishop of our ward here in garabito like 10 years ago and he went on a mission and everything.. but she is NOT a member.. crazy huh!! But we started teaching her and everything and she wants to get babtised! She is way cool and same with the grandson. But i still want a family of 5 to babtise... i love teaching families so much!! when we have family investigators it is a lot more fun!!
  OOhhh thats good there was a fire by Jeffs house :) because fires are so good for deer and elk.. so by the time i get back that area will be infested with deer!! :) by the way... im sooo jealous you are going to Elk camp this week... wow thats crazy!! So this thursday you are going to Scofield then? or where? And how long are you guys going for? You better tag out dad! You can use both the tags in the same area then? Hows the bow feeling.. are you gonna be able to hit one under the pressure? What are you guys gonna sleep in? Who all is going.. Tyler, you, buck, brandon? Have you lifted your truck yet??! What kind of arrows are you gonna use this year? and whats your guys game plan to hunt? are you gonna take the fourwheelers?... i want to know ALL the details!!!
  Ive lost a lil wait.. when i left the MTC i was like 195 and now im like 185 i think. But i also have a lil gut.. i think from all the rice and beans.. everybody has a gut here! haha its funny! We can go to the gym right by our house if we want but im too lazy to wake up at 5 in the morning in order to go. But like 3 months before i come home im gonna hit the gym like crazy :)
 You took buck jeeping? haha how did he like it? were the rocks even big tho? I bet he was crying ether way!! So i get my leather cases for my scriptures finally tomorrow... it took forever but they are gonna be so sick. The case for my book of mormon has the picture of christ coming to the americas in front with the mayan temple and on the back is the picture of Samuel the lamanite on the wall with all the arrows being shot at him. Im way excited!! I havent taken many more pictures.. i need to start again taking more!
  Well i love you guys and good luck this weekend dad.. better get something and send me all the pics!! :)
  Elder Christensen

aug 8th 2011

Hola mi familia!
    I want to right you in all spanish buy it takes to long for you guys to translate it! haha
how are you guys?? im doing good! It doesnt rain as much right now which is good and bad... good cuz im not soaking wet all day, and back because its twice as hot now so im soaking wet but with sweat! haha
 Thats awesome girlscamp is this week mom! i bet your excited!! youve always been ment for that calling to be with the young women!! I wish i was there to help too.. haha
 Dang i miss the family reunions a lot!! How was it? was mostly everyone there? were the hansens there? Thats crazy that erica is the head coach!!! Ahhh i miss the cutrer boys!! haha are they playing for Alta then? I wish i was there to go watch them! And that sucks about Jeremy :( i will definately pray for him!!
  Tryouts for maddi already? i hope she made it!! when does she find out?? And is majerle doin dance or what? Yeah i write joe and lisa all the time!! i miss them!! Yeah im getting kind of sick of this area.. its just cuz i feel like ived talked to everyone here and right now we dont have as much investigators! So yeah i would like to have changes the next time. Hopefully! Some days i really almost hit my comp in the face haha its so tempting! but im trying to get a long with him.. hes just so different!!
 The highlight of my week?.. When i went on divisions with two other elders last tuesday and wasnt with elder cerrato hahaha We worked in the area of them for a day and had some great lessons with cool families and then that night we played Risk.. it was way fun!:)
  Yes all the people that i have babtised are still progressing and keeping there covenants with the lord and everything! Richard, Reina, Allan, and Ramsés, the family that i babtised, are doing great!! They went to the temple to do babtisms for the dead 2 weeks ago and go to church without fail :)
 Thats awesome that work is doing so well dad.. and yes tell me everything.. i like it! I hope the work keeps coming and i hope by the time i get home you have built the biz of so much that we can go hunting every weekend :) Keep working hard.. haha
  AHHHhh thats so sick you have 4 tags!! im so jealous!! i have a dream of hunting like every night haha Its hard not to think about it!! i try to focus totally in the work but there are times where i just day dream of flingin an arrow at a big bull elk or somethin!! I cant wait to get back and buy the newest hoyt carbon... not PSE! haha Oh yeah dont go to Humphreys... go to Jakes archery... that is way better!! The scofield trip will be so awesome!! what days are you guys going?
  Yeah you better get that book when you get back!! Its sooo awesome!! Make sure you read it!! On Pdays we mostly just sleep, which is awesome cuz i dont have a lot of energy... Ever!! I think next week were doing a zone activity.. going to a waterfall in one of the areas in our zone.. so that will be way cool! ill send the picks! :)
 Theres this one family of members in my ward that are having marraige problems and its way sad. This guy, Jóse, is like the coolest guy ever... hes like 30 years old and use to be a big drug dealer in the Leon Trece, but 3 years ago he got taught by the missionaries and was babtised and then got married to this lady a year later and she had to kids before and then all of them got babtised! his conversion story is awesome! But the past couple weeks theyve been having problems and like 5 days ago the wife left him and took her two kids.
Hes been way sad and weve been teaching him a lot. But yesterday we were sitting in sacrament meeting and it had started and all the sudden we see all four of them walk into the chapel together... it was awesome!! :) so hopefully they can work everything out.. they still havent gone to the temple and gotten sealed yet so they need to put that as a goal!! Jóse is the guy that posted a picture of him and i on facebook... have you guys seen it?
  I cant wait to come home and be able to talk to all the mexicans and stuff. And be able to order food at mcdonalds without the order being wrong! ;) I cant wait to come home to my family.. i get home sick a ton but i know this is where im suppose to be. But love you guys!! have a good week!
  ¡¡Pura Vida!!
   Elder Christensen

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hola familia
  So this last week weve been working hard and everything and completed all of our goals for the week and more. We got 10 new investegators and we were teaching them but for some reason all of them just werent progressing or anything and we lost them all. :( But whatever.
    Anyways how is everything going? Dad you didnt answer my questions about work... And about all the crime.. its ok dont worry about me! I cant die... my patriarchal blessing says im gonna have a wife and kids so obviously i aint gonna die!! haha And yes i have heard of ´´blending in´´ thats why i have a mohawk hahaha everyone here has a mohaw, and im not lying.... everyone! haha Thats sick about your garden and stuff! Of course roxy chill with you out there shes the best dog ever! i miss her! theres sooo many bulldogs here!! And you didnt answer me about the hunting trip you guys are going on... where is it to again? and what are you going for during that trip? cuz you are gonna buy an Bull elk tag too right? did buck get a new bow yet?? Thats awesome your work is doing so well mom!! Do you still work the same hours?
  Yeah my new comp is a little bit better but ugh sometimes he pisses me off haha but its all good!! So i heard Emilys getting married huh? crazy. The hamburgers are great they are like a crown burger hamburger almost but way better!! we get one like every night!! Lil buck can walk now?? what the crap thats crazy!! Oh and you never told me if you bought the book yet... Exploring the lands of the Book of Mormon?? ugh you guys have to buy it!!
  Yeah ever since Vasquez left im been way homesick and triste. Its hard when your not liking your comp and your investegators arent progressing and everything!! I hope this next week will get better! I hate thinking about home!!! Its definately the hardest thing ive done ever! but its always way cool and i there are times where its easy and amazing! haha
  Madddddiii happy birthday!!! :)
    So in about a month are changes again and i think i might have changes.. i would like that.. a new area... new people.... new comp :) haha but we´ll see what happens!! Yeah did i tell you i traded my ipod touch to elder lanza for his 120GB ipod brand new... its so sick.. and it has like all the videos of the church on it and tons of church music and a lil country... ;) haha its tite! Well aways i love you all and ill talk to you next week...
Elder Christensen

 Reina got babtised and we completed the family... and they are progressing and everything... infact they went to the temple last week and did babtisms for the dead and they loved it.. they even took some of their own family names to do! they are so awesome!
 These fruits are called 创momones chinos创 and they are the BEST tasting things ever!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy new post

Hola familia!
   Thats crazy work is so busy dad... but thats good right!! How many employees do you have now? Is the business growing back to how it was? Yeah you better break out the bow... but DONT touch my arrows or my broadheads!!! You all are going to scofield?? when are you going? ugh im jealous! so you drew a deer tag and then just gonna buy an elk tag over the counter? thats sick tho! 
   So ive had my new comp for about 4 days now, Elder Cerrato from Honduras, i dont know what to think of him... haha Hes definately not Vasquez... who i miss like crazy now! He doesnt talk very much and we dont have anything in common and i dont really like him... but its all good! haha And i pretty much teach the whole lesson because he doesnt talk much, but hes a hard worker..
  Clark has his new comp now that lives with us, his name is Elder Fernadez and hes from mexico like vasquez. Hes way tite and funny. Oh and i have my book, Exploring the Land of the Book of Mormon.... Its SOOO freaking awesome!! its about 950 pages and it is so amazing!! Dad get on the internet or go to desseret book right now and buy it and read it!! Ive never read a cooler buy except for the BOM its self haha it talks about the Olmecs(Jaredites) and the Mayans(Nefites and Lamanites) and how they were the only civilizations alive during the time period of the book of mormon and it has so much proof of the book of mormon that its crazy!! You HAVE to buy it!! Im already on page 150 haha
   We have a ton of new families, we have 2 differnt family babtisms for the 13th of august and 1 for the 6th also. One of the families is a family of 4 and they are awesome.. the only problem is is they arent married, but they can get married the same day and their babtism. They have two kids, 8 and 11 years old. I have pictures of the last two babtisms but i forgot my camera at the house.
  Oh and by the way i had a gun put to my head on saturday night... haha classic!! So we were walking by our house saturday night knocking doors and stuff and we see this lady named Jamie. And it was weird because i met her once before. The first time i met her she just got robbed and ran and found the closest people to her which was us... this was like a month ago. But saturday night we passed by this house and Jamie was just leaving, it was her moms house, and she was like can i walk with you guys so ïts safer and so we were walking a little and we were talking and setting up an appointment to teach her and everything and the we stopped walking and challenged her to be babtised the 13th of august and she said yes. And then right after that these 3 guys come up to us and one of them pulls out a gun and says give me your stuff.. but all this is in spanish. haha and the one with the gun goes up to her and takes her purse and then points the gun at me and says give me your bag, i said no way man and then one of the others tried to take it from me and i pushed him and then said leave and they ran away! They were all like in their 20s or so! And they got away with her purse and my comps agenda thing. I wanted to beat the crap out of them but they had a gun so it wouldve been awkward!! But can you believe it.. the same girl that was robbed a month ago that we met, we see her again on saturday and she gets robbed again..... crazy! But then after we called the cops and helped her and walked her home. Then we went and got a hamburger!
     Then the next morning at like 8 we were walking to pick up this family that lives in Leon Trece to bring them to church right.. and we get to their house and were knocking they door and all the sudden a guy tries to grab my bag... and he had a bag over his right hand and said he had a gun in it. So i grab his left arm and twist it and push him off me and tell him to leave and then we argued for a little bit and stuff and then i was like sit down. So he sat and i was like your going to hell if you do this anymore and then he was like i know i know. Then i asked his why he does this, he said For the money. and i was like yeah but its wrong and told him he can change. And this he was like how? and then i said well first of were going to church right now and you should come with us. and then we started talking a little bit and stuff and he was like im sorry gringo, your cool. I he said i was about to stab you before i came up to you but i dont know why i didnt. and this he lifted up his shirt and showed me his 12 inch knife haha and then gave me a hug and left. haha he was like 28 years old or so. And then the family finally came out and said they couldnt come to church that day :(
   But the past two days have been a little crazy but its all good. haha But today was awesome.. we had an activity with our both our wards, Garabito and Clarks ward Tibas. So all four of us went, me clark fernandes and my comp. They had xboxes and ping pong and fuseball and food and drinks and soccer and stuff. It was way tite!! I was killin it at soccer today, i scored like 5 goals against like all the amazing costa rican players haha but im wayyy tired now! But it has been a great day!
  Um in the package please send more socks, the same ones from missionary mall. My black watch that matt has, but he is going to bring it to you i hope soon. And idk a Elk calender from Kings camo if they have it yet... but if not just find another elk calender. And idk what else.. name some other things that i might need..?
  Well i love you and will talk to you next week. :)
Elder Christensen

July 20th Letter

Dear family,

¿Como está? So i got my new comp and were just chillin here in the internet cafe. It is weird not having Vasquez here.. i already miss him! but its all good. My new comp is from honduras and he has 19 months in the mission. I dont really know much about him yet, but he seems pretty cool. Today we had the change meeting and everything.. it was cool and i got my books :) exploring the land of the book of mormon.. its soo tite!
  last saturday our two babtisms went well, we babtised the 12 year old kid and then the wife of Richard also. So now we completed the family and they are all awesome. We going to teach them tonight and watch the joseph smith movie with them... im excited. They are working now to be able to go to the temple and get sealed. Which is a year from now, but still i am going to be here still and i can go to it :) So that will be awesome!! The other family that we have commited to be babtised the 6th of next month.. they would be babtised sooner but theyre going to nicaraqua for a couple weeks to visit family there. They arent married but we also commited them to be married the same day as the babtism in order to be babtised. They have a little boy that has 2 years. They are awesome too and are progressing also. We also have another couple that we are teaching. They are progressing but they have marraige problems so were working with them and still teaching them. They also have a babtism date for the 30th of this month but i think we need to work with them more to save there marraige and everything. But the work is good. we are contacting a ton of families. We contact like 3 families a day there are a lot here!
    These last two days we were kind of slacking tho, because Vasquez wanted to say good bye to the members and stuff before he left, Vasquez didnt want to leave the mission, he was sad it was over. Mom we only live as 4 elders, we dont actually work with the other elder usually, they have their own area and everything. haha
   Thats crazy that Lowell is gone now.. i hope the business does well. How many employees does dad have? Does he still have a lot of work? I miss roxy soo much... everyday i see like 4 bulldogs(there are a ton here) and i always think about when i see them. haha 
   That story about that girl is awesome mom. Yeah missionary work is fregin awesome, i want to teach everybody i know and show them the truth when i get home! haha especially our famiy!! 
  So do you have a copy of my partriartichal(my splessing is all messed up from spanish) blessing there? Yeah where it talks about hunting and everything is so awesome, and how through hunting(being a hunting guide  ;) im gonna be able to teach a lot of people the gospel. thats tuanies! 
  Yeah there are some hard days.. especially when i think about home i get really home sick and there are times where its so hard! But i know without the mission my life would have sucked haha i love the mission and the book of mormon. Ive always known the church was true but i didnt have like a strong testimony but when i read that book or when i see the first vision of joseph smith in the movie i know its true! I think out of all the things of the church i have the strongest testimony of the book of mormon. Its just so obvious that its true to me that sometimes when im teaching im thinking in my head ¨how do you not believe this..¨ haha I love the movie The Testaments, and the Joseph Smith movie too.. there are so fregin tite!!
  Well i love you all and i will talk to you this monday :)
Elder Christensen

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hola familia!
  How is everyone? thats crazy that it was the forth of july already!! Hows work going now that your without Lowell dad? tell me everything..
Well last saturday we went to the temple... but not to do a session.. we went cuz a familia that Elder Vasquez knows that was in his last area invited us to their sealing!! They are a family of 10 people... crazy huh!! and they are sooo nice and awesome... we got to chill wit them for like 2 hours before we went into the sealing. So we go through and do the session, and then we go into the sealing room and there were a ton of people there from their ward. it was cool. and then all the kids come... all 8 of them all dressed in white... and they get sealed.. it was the coolest thing ever!! it was so spiritual! it was fregin awesome!!!
  Then after that we got done around 2:30 or so and headed back to Garrabito. We filled the font up, called all the members, got the babtismal clothes ready, and everything. We go and pick up the family, Richard, Reina, Allan, and Ramsés. the babtism is at 5 and we get there and start to change and then all the sudden Reina tells us she drank coffee that morning... :( so we were like what??.... ugh that sucks. So then we talk to her and she says she´ll get babtised next saturday.. so were like ugh whatever... haha And then we start the babtism and i babtise all 3 of the men. It was cool and everything but it wouldve been cooler if Reina was babtised the same day... ya know? oh well.
  So we have to babtisms next saturday.. Reina and a boy that is 12 years old. Hes way cool too. his aunt is a member and he lives with her now. And one day he told his aunt that he wanted to be babtised so she called us and weve been teaching him and hes getting babtised Saturday. We are teaching this other really cool family that lives right by Richard and Reina... tonight were gonna have family home evening with the two families and a member family also.. so im excited for that!! Hopefully well find some more families too to be babtised.
  So Elder Vasquez heads home on the 21 of july. so next week. Crazy huh? he doesnt want to leave, hes sad haha but yeah im gonna miss him and its gonna be weird getting another companion. But it should be good!! Its weird being in a trio right now cuz we have to work in our area(Garrabito) and Elder Clark´s area also(Tibás) until the 21st when both me and Clark are getting new companions.
 I went to clarks ward yesterday because we had to take a family to his ward to church, so i got to meet all the members there too.. it was cool. There are about 5 members that could be my future wife... so we´ll see... theres one in partucular hahah ;) The girls here are so fregin hot!! ugh but its all good haha   
Love you guys... talk to you soon
Elder Christensen

Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 4th of July letter

Hola family..
how is everyone? im great, just chillin! Happy 4th of July... thats crazy!! haha what are you guys gonna do today?!
  So last week we found a new part of our area and we have been working there a ton. We have 3 families over there right now that we are teaching, its awesome! One of the families is getting babtised this saturday!! :) sick huh? they are  a family of 4, the parents, and then two boys, 15 and 13! they are awesome and im so excited to babtise them! :) We had a really good lesson with them last night and the spirit was so strong! we are going to teach them everynight this week before their babtism! So pray that everything will work out!
  Also Elder Lanza, the other elder that was companions with Clark, he finished his mission yesterday, and changes are in like 2 weeks so president just made us (me,vasquez,clark) a trio, so now its just us 3! haha but its all good! Ive had a trio twice now.. wierd huh!
  Hopefully well find some more families this week to.. thatll be good :) Well what else has been going on?? ive been out 4 1/2 months crazy huh, some days are really fast and some days are slow but im lovin it! i can speak spanish!! :).... more or less but its comin along haha Hows the relatives? i miss everyone a ton!! Well i guess theres not much more to say... haha you guys didnt write very much this week... ;(
Well i love you all and cant wait to hear from you next week.
Love Elder Christensen :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

june 27 2011

Hola familia,
how are you all? sorry that my email wasnt very long last week. haha Thats crazy about the highschool for the girls, when is it going to be built and ready? That will be cool for them tho especially to be able to go together. thats sick! Majerle is gonna do dance again huh? thats crazy haha
Thats awesome there were 4 elders on your plane ride home mom, what are the odds of that haha I cant believe you watched them meet their parents!! Tú estas loca.
So yeah everything is going great, we had the other babtism last saturday and it was great. The guy that we babtised is 54 years old, he is a doctor and he is like the smartest man ever, i swear hes gonna be a general authority or something!! Yesterday i gave to blessing to confirm him a member and the holy ghost during the sacrament, it was hard. haha but cool. and then in priestquorum, we confired the aronic priesthood to Juan(the guy we babtised 2 weeks ago) and also to Gerardo(the other babtism) and right after they both volunteered to bless the sacrament next sunday... crazy huh! haha it was way cool! :) Yesterday we had about 80 people at church to so it was way good!! And yes when i babtised Juan i remembered the C word haha and its ""conmisiónado" is spanish haha
           Yes we have been working hard this last week, we walk so much everyday i come home at like 9:30 and just fall on my bed!! But we are exploring our area a lil more, we went to this one part of it where there a ton of more houses and we contacted a TON of families! Last we we taught two new families and a guy, and all of them are our new investigators. They are awesome!!
   Thats crazy about the rattlesnake... why didnt you kill it and skin it?? haha I cant believe Megan died, that is so sad!! How is scott doing now??
  But yeah Spanish is going good, i can feel it getter better and better. I cant understand a ton and speak a ton. All the gringo elders say theyre jealous of my spanish cuz its way better than theres was when they started they say! so that makes me feel a lil better when im frustrated with the language!! Last friday and our zone meeting president Galvez came, it was cool, he taught us a lil and then showed us a talk by Elder Holland of the quorum of the 12. its fregin sweet, you guys should watch it. it was a talk by him in the MTC last january... look it up!! Dad you better be gettin that bow out... the season is almost here!! I better get some picks of you with something more than just your bow(an animal)!! Oh and the food is good, we eat at this hamburger place every night that is right next to our house, it has THE best hamburgers ever. and they are sooo cheap!!!
Well i love you guys, i hope you guys are doing good!! talk to you next week,
Pura Vida!!
Elder Christensen

Some of the members chillin before the baptism of Gerardo

Me and the Bishop

Some of the Costa Rican bills. sick huh? the 1000 colones is worth about 2 dollars and the 5000 colones is worth 10 dolars, you just double the number.