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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 7, 2011

What up family..
  How is everything? How is the snow? i bet the deer and elk are starting to come down now that its colder!! Its SO hot here lately... i sweat SO much everyday haha
 So this week went well.. we found 8 new investigators and a new family that is awesome.. they are getting baptised and married the same day on the 19th of this month.. we have an appointment with them tomorrow and were gonna try to move up the date to the 12th ;) so were very excited about that! The one family that was suppose to get baptised the last Saturday didn't... it was SO sad, the husband got home one night very drunk and stuff, and they got in a big fight and are now getting separated ;( crazy huh? And also the single lady couldn't last Saturday, but this Saturday is a definite possibility, so hopefully we´ll have a family, and that lady getting baptised this Saturday. But were gonna see.
  Its crazy here, a ton of people already have their Christmas lights up and everything and their trees, they love Christmas here! The weird thing is tho, they celebrate it on the 24th, not the 25th. They open their presents on Christmas eve night and stuff.. weird huh? But I'm excited to be in this area for Christmas, the next changes are on the 21st of November, and my comp is finishing the mission and is headed home on that day. So I'm gonna have a new comp in like 14 days crazy huh? i Hate getting new comps cuz you never know what they re gonna be like and stuff, and then you have to get use to the new one all over again!!
  So about my Christmas package.. we have a Christmas dinner with the whole mission sometime in December, so you could probably send it like the beginning of December, like the 1st. That should make it in time. And the ipod that i want is an itouch 64gb, so that's why i thought it would be so much but i looked on eBay and you can by it for a lot cheaper, so you guys need to order it off of ebay and put it in my package.  I had an ipod but i sold it to another missionary, so that's why i want this one. Please get it and send it to me :) Also you should put some small gifts in it for some of the members or something, just like cool little things, you think of something mom with your creativeness.
  You saw kenz mom? i miss her a ton! She needs to write me! So are you gonna go to St George or not for thanksgiving. You guys better, we cant not spend a thanksgiving in st george, its a family tradition. I miss st george sooo much, i always think about it for some reason! its one of my favorite places! Or you guys could buy a cabin before thanksgiving and go chilll there... thad be sick.. haha Which side of the family is the dinner gonna be this year?
 Im glad jake is doing better, i miss that guy and i miss joe too! i only think about them, and like all my cousins and uncles and everyone. I cant believe that happened to Sarah tho, what a crazy girl! That's good that Tyler isn't ever gonna see her again!!
Whats up Majerle and Maddi! how are you two? i miss you guys a lot! I'm glad you're finally getting good grades and being good girls!! Majerle, you cant have a boyfriend!!! Maddi you ether! That's so awesome that you had so much fun this year with soccer maddi! i bet you were awesome! i have a member that whats to date you, his name is Alberto, hes 15 and awesome. He was gonna come to the Internet with us so he could write you a lil note but he couldn't.... maybe next time. haha
 So the big trip is this week dad? you gonna bag a pronghorn or what? you better!! im soo jealous! ugh!!  i am having some big withdrawals!! :(
Well i gotta go.. were headed to the beach right now with the sisters and some members, should be fun, love you guys a lot!!!
  Love Elder Christensen

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