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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nov 21

What up family!

 Im doing great! i hope everything is ok there!! We had that family get babtized and everything and they are so awesome. The pics are up on the picasaweb thing. We also were suppose to have a family get babtized and married yesterday but the wife was sick in the hospital so the couldnt. I was way sad!! But now i have changes, and now im not gonna be able to get them babtized! My new area is called Guásimo, Im not there yet because we just got out of the change meetings and were waiting for the bus to come in 2 hours, so were chillin at an internet cafe. My new comp is a gringo,... weird huh? He says our area is pretty country and doesnt have city so im excited. I was really sad to leave my last area!! honestly i wanted to cry. It was such a cool place with such cool members and stuff! But whatevs.
 I cant believe its already thanksgiving time of year. I miss the holidays over there with the family and stuff!! That sucks that you cant go to st george dad. Thats my favorite place to spend thanksgiving!! And then right around the corner is christmas, that is so crazy! Speaking of christmas, i cant wait to get my package. When are you guys gonna send them? Also can you guys send me a big thing of cetapil, that stuff to wash your face.. they dont have that here!! What are you guys gonna do for christmas? are you gonna go anywhere? Its gonna be so weird here for christmas, without my family, that is so weird. How is papa and nana? and joe and lisa? and the hansens? i havent heard from any of them for a while :( i I cant wait to get home and just go to family parties and see all them again.
 Wow dad... you really suck at hunting, i cant believe you havent filled one tag this whole season!! You need to try harder dude!! get out there more often!!  I just wanna hunt so bad right now!!!
 Majerle i cant believe you broke up with your boyfriend.. good job, you cant have one anyway!! And jeez, that didnt last to long haha Maddi and Majerle, you two are best friends... awkward! haha What did you plan for the night before i come home? Thats awesome that matt came over the other day, i miss that guy so much!
 What else is new? I complete 9 months on the 23rd... i dont know if i feel like thats a lot or a little! Some days feel like ive been a missionary literally my whole life and others feel like its flying by the time. I wish it would just stay constant haha How did you know changes were today??! Well i love you guys a ton. And ill talk to you next week!!
 Elder Christensen

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