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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hola familia
  So this last week weve been working hard and everything and completed all of our goals for the week and more. We got 10 new investegators and we were teaching them but for some reason all of them just werent progressing or anything and we lost them all. :( But whatever.
    Anyways how is everything going? Dad you didnt answer my questions about work... And about all the crime.. its ok dont worry about me! I cant die... my patriarchal blessing says im gonna have a wife and kids so obviously i aint gonna die!! haha And yes i have heard of ´´blending in´´ thats why i have a mohawk hahaha everyone here has a mohaw, and im not lying.... everyone! haha Thats sick about your garden and stuff! Of course roxy chill with you out there shes the best dog ever! i miss her! theres sooo many bulldogs here!! And you didnt answer me about the hunting trip you guys are going on... where is it to again? and what are you going for during that trip? cuz you are gonna buy an Bull elk tag too right? did buck get a new bow yet?? Thats awesome your work is doing so well mom!! Do you still work the same hours?
  Yeah my new comp is a little bit better but ugh sometimes he pisses me off haha but its all good!! So i heard Emilys getting married huh? crazy. The hamburgers are great they are like a crown burger hamburger almost but way better!! we get one like every night!! Lil buck can walk now?? what the crap thats crazy!! Oh and you never told me if you bought the book yet... Exploring the lands of the Book of Mormon?? ugh you guys have to buy it!!
  Yeah ever since Vasquez left im been way homesick and triste. Its hard when your not liking your comp and your investegators arent progressing and everything!! I hope this next week will get better! I hate thinking about home!!! Its definately the hardest thing ive done ever! but its always way cool and i there are times where its easy and amazing! haha
  Madddddiii happy birthday!!! :)
    So in about a month are changes again and i think i might have changes.. i would like that.. a new area... new people.... new comp :) haha but we´ll see what happens!! Yeah did i tell you i traded my ipod touch to elder lanza for his 120GB ipod brand new... its so sick.. and it has like all the videos of the church on it and tons of church music and a lil country... ;) haha its tite! Well aways i love you all and ill talk to you next week...
Elder Christensen

 Reina got babtised and we completed the family... and they are progressing and everything... infact they went to the temple last week and did babtisms for the dead and they loved it.. they even took some of their own family names to do! they are so awesome!
 These fruits are called 创momones chinos创 and they are the BEST tasting things ever!!!

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