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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, October 20, 2011

september 19th , 2011

Hola familia,
  What up! so last monday the iguana hunt was a success, the member that took us has a huge farm and a ton a property so we were just walking along the river searching the trees for the iguanas and there are tons. We only had sling shots so it was hard to kill them. But we saw a ton and finally we found a medium sized one and we hit it and it fell a lil closer to us and then we hit it again and it fell into the river and the members dogs went and retrieved it. We didnt eat them that day, but the next day the members prepared a wonderful tasting iguana dinner. It was sooo good!!! They cook the meat with coconut milk and other stuff.. so good!
  This week has been way awesome. We have found tons of new families and investigadors. We have 22 investigators total and 6 families. And all of them are soo cool! we are teaching one family of 6 people, the parents and then the 4 daughters. They are awesome and all of them are progressing. this month we hope to have at least 10 babtisms, but well see, i think we can do it. The members are so awesome and help all they can. every wednesday all of them get to together to to visiting teaching, and they all visit the less actives and everything! We are teaching a lot of people i just hope all of them keep progressing.
   My comp is awesome, hes my favorite comp ive had so far! His name is Elder Miguel Angel Morazán. we get a long great and were always laughing and having a good time. Hes from Honduras and hes been in the mission for 19 months. Most of the photos that i sent last time were all members from tibas and stuff. Only a few of them are from La Rita. Im not that close to the ocean, like i havent seen it yet bet its pretty close i hear. There are sloths everywhere. This week has been crazy here, they are still celebrating independance day and theres tons of festivals and parties everywhere haha its weird. Today we went to Guapiles which is the big city that im closest to and there were toooons of people and games and there was a giant cake about 20 by 20 feet big in the middle of the park and its for everyone to eat after the fireworks or something.
  So the other day we did divisions, and i was here in La Rita with a different elder and we were contacting and stuff. And we get to a house and start teaching the family that lives there, and all the sudden a guy comes and starts arguing with us and tell us that we are racists because we dont have black missionaries and that Jose Smith is our god and that we worship him and all this stuff thats not true and it was horrible, i was sooo mad!! i almost hit him but we just left instead haha
 Really i miss all the members in Garabito but i would way rather be in the area, its so awesome. The president of the branch is way cool, and so are all the counselors.
 So ive pretty much finished the book now. Its soo awesome, i still have like 100 pages left, but now when i read the book of mormon i know exactly where everything took place and i can know the general area of where which battle took place on the map and everything. It helps so much to understand the book of mormon geography and its sooo cool!! you guys have to read it for the 10th time now!!
 Today we went hunting again but we didnt get anything. But we did just chill in the grove of orange trees and eat like a million of them. The oranges here are so different, they are green and yellowish, and a little smaller. But a lot sweeter and better! also they eat them different here, they just cut the green part of the skin and  leave the stuff under it and just suck on the juice, its way different. But good! I took a ton of pics of the iguana hunt and everything but i dont have time to send them today so i will next week. I love you guys and i hope everything is going ok!!
     Elder Christensen

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