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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 8th

what up fam.
 Im doing great! just chillin here in Guàcimo writing you guys, we had a zone activity and we just played soccer and then ordered pizza and played cards, it was fun. Now were gonna go back home and sleep for a little bit.
 This week were gonna have one babtism, but its actually technically a family cuz the rest of her family are members, so were gonna complete a family!! it should be good. We are teaching a ton of families and im way excited, one of the famiilies has a babtism date for Christmas day :) cool huh? that´ll be sick. Were working hard and everything.
 About the Christmas call idk when would be better, i think it would be good around like 2 or 3ish? tell me what you think! Were not gonna be able to use skype tho. I wish! But we´ll talk about the details later! you guys should send me another video clip of you guys, that was sick, but make it longer. We do have our christmas party the 21st of december, so ill probably get my packages then,, but we´ll see! I bought my camera, thank you very much, This week also my shoe tore apart so i need to buy new shoes, but i dont think they sell my size here, so i need to check into that, in the meantime i have a huge hole in my shoe haha classic.
 Everything is going well here in Costa Rica!! I wish i could see everyone for christmas tho!! but i guess i only have 2 left... almost 1 haha
 Well i love you guys, talk to you next week!
Elder Christensen

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