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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, October 20, 2011

september 26, 2011


 So i got some crappy news... I had changes again!! It sucks!! last saturday morning me and Morazan were planning for the day and we get a call from the zone leaders that both of us have changes... we were soooo mad at first, then after a couple hours we were just plain sad and mad. I guess the whole mission is getting all changed around, apparently last month was one of the worst months the mission has had this year so president decided to switch some things and do some changes. So both me and Morazan got changed out of there and like 20 other areas got changed too. Im soo mad! :( So saturday and sunday we just went and said bye to all the members and everything, i was only there for like 3 weeks but La Rita was harder to leave than La Leòn Trece, my last area. All the members gave us cakes and food and stuff. So the last two days ive gained some weight. haha And all 22 of our investigators that we had we, we had to leave them :( The next saturday we were suppose to have like 5 babtisms and stuff. And the best family that we were teaching that were gonna get married the same day as their babtism too!! I am really mad!! So this morning we had to come to San Jose the office and see where we were going and who our new campanions were.
  So my new area is in Puntarenas, and its call Barranca. My new comp... honestly... im really not excited to be with him. Ive heard some crazy things about him and hes worse than  my 2nd comp. I dont know why i got the two worst comps in the whole mission but i did!! This guy is crazy and so weird, hes from El Salvador. Ive heard that both him and my 2nd comp are as bad as comps as you can get. ugh!! Im really mad right now and not to happy. but we´ll see how it goes. I LOVED my last area and right when i get settled i had changes.
  The only good this is is we live with two other elders so at least at night i can get a break from my comp. And another this is is its freaking beautiful here, we are right on the beach i can see if from our house. And theres mountains and jungles and everything out here, its cool. But ugh im still frustrated!!
 Im glad everything is going so well for you guys over there!! And i just got the package today when we went to San Jose, thanks so much for everthing... especially the jerky :) Majerle went to the dance and shes not 16 yet?... WOW! Well thats good she had fun. Thats awesome that nana and papa are doing so good! I miss them both soo much!! But i cant believe that happened to Brock and Lindsay!! Ugh thats soo sad!!
  Yeah dad you and buck are losers like mom said... i cant believe you havent been out hunting in that long!!!! You have to get out there!! Im gettin out in the field and im on a mission... you guys have no excuse!! But yeah., the iguana was sooo good!! Mom, haha i love you but that is kinda weird that you went up to my room and smelt my shirts... haha But i miss you guys a ton!! Im a little trunky right now and home sick, ive heard that right from the 7 month mark to about the year mark you are just really home sick and everything because it seems like you have a ton of time still. And them once you hit the year mark it starts going fast again... i hope.. cuz im really home sick now that i had changes and everything!!
 Yes they have ice in their drinks, thank goodness, or else theyd be like boiling haha Pretty much every time we go to a persons house they give us fresco, which just means homemade juice of some fruit. EVERYONE makes home made fresco and its usually from oranges, mangos, limes, or pineapple. Its soo good!! Yeah i want you guys to keep sending videos, its just i dont think the sound works when you send them from email. I tried sending some videos last week but it says theyre to big to send, how else can i send them?? Cuz i have some cool videos, i need to start using the video camera Tonya gave me.. its just hard cuz i cant really pack it around during the day, but my camera can take videos and i have a bunch. haha
  Well Mom and Dad, and sisters.. I love you all a ton!! i hope this area gets better and my comp but we´ll see.
  Elder Christensen

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