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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nov 28

what up family!
 How are you guys? im doin great!! the new area im in is cool, its just like la Rita that i was in before. In fact its like 20 minutes away from it, its really close! My comp is way tite, hes from texas. His name is Elder Nelson. Its weird having a gringo for a comp now. The other day i finally got to eat ¨Rice and Beans¨, ive heard about it all my mish but had never tried it before. Rice and Beans is different than just rice and beans, they acutally say RICE and Beans in english to know the difference. Rice and Beans is just rice and beans cooked in coconut milk and like fried kind of, but its only maid on the caribean side because only black people make it really. And our branch president is black so he made it for us yesterday and it was soooo amazing, by far my favorite thing ive eaten here the whole mish. haha
 We have a lot of investigators, we had 3 families come to church with us that are awesome, so i hope all 3 of them get babtised this month, we´ll see! In total were teaching about 6 families that are all awesome, theres this one family that im in love with and i know there gonna get babtized. My comp only has 4 more months than i have, so thats weird too.
 How was st geezy?? im so jealous, i love thanksgiving down there!! I miss seeing the family and stuff!! and the traditional gun shooting with everyone!! Nana and Papa were down there right? That sucks that brennan didnt go tho!! Thanksgiving was just another day here, we actually forgot it was thanksgiving on thanksgiving day. We were teaching this family and then all the sudden after we were like yeah its the 24th, and after we said that we were like... wow... its thanksgiving!! haha
  Oh and also... i lost my camera :( i left it at the bus stop in San Jose, when i was coming to my new area after the change meeting. So im gonna need a new camera also, so if you want to send me one or should i take out money and just buy one? i think the second one would be easier...!! But let me know!! i need a camera before next pday cuz were suppose to be going to a really cool national forest hike thing.
 I cant believe Buck sold his bodyguard, but thats sick! tell his he HAS to get the Banelli shotgun, ill be mad if he doesnt, tell him!! I cant believe how sucky your doin on the huntin thing. Get out there for the 15th time ive said it!! 

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