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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th 2011

What up family! How is everyone?
 Im doing great and loving my new area!! Its way siiickkk!! I love my comp and all the members to they are all awesome! This week has been way good and productive too!
  So its way different here than my last area.. theres giant grasshoppers and beetles and all sorts of birds and stuff. Literally at night every house cieling has about 10 geckos just chillin up next to the lights trying to eat all the bugs flying. We saw a monkey the other day in the back yard of a members house, that was way cool and also at night you can barely hear when your walking because all the frogs are croaking and stuff. haha This week is a special week in Costa Rica.. its there independence day the 14th of this month say theyve had like festivals and stuff all week. Theres a huge festival right out side this little town and it has a Huge rodeo with tons of stuff. I want to go so bad!!! But we cant cuz its not considered part of our area!!
  We have found a ton of families here that we are teaching so im way excited. Yesterday we found 2 new families that are sooo awesome and i definately think their getting babtised. One of the families has listened to the missionaries but when the missionaries left they didnt have any way to contact the new missionaries, so its good we found them! Theyre a family of 5, and the other family has 2 kids and the parents.
  Today is gonna be sick!! one of the members own a big banana farm, so today he invited us to come over for lunch and also to go hunting for iguanas!! :) im excited, he says theres a couple that just chill back there and then were gonna eat them! He says he cooks them with his special recipe so well see how it tastes. And he has a bunch of wild turkeys that just chill back there but i dont think we can hunt those. He has tons of different fruit trees that he just lets us go back there and pick whatever and eat it!
 Our cook is cool, shes older but cooks really good and always gives us a ton of food! She washes our clothes also. I havent got the package yet.. it wasnt there when we got to change meeting, so i dont know whats up with it! Yeah i watched the videos you guys made, but i couldn't hear anything for some reason :( ill try it again today.
 Ugh you better get up hunting this week dad!! You dont realize how lucky you are just to be able to go hunting, i think i have a dream every night of me up in the mountains killin somethin. haha Where are you guys gonna go if you head up this week? Have you been to East Canyon at all this season?How are the Cowboys doing?? i pray for them everynight. What did you say in your talk mom? I bet you did awesome! Its so hard writing everyone.. i swear i never have time, i pretty much can only write you guys so tell everyone else im sorry it takes so long to write back but ill get to them soon. I feel bad when i dont have time to write but its hard cuz we only have an hour.
 Yesterday we ate soo much, it was awesome!! We ate about 5 times, and for dinner we had this huge plate of stuff cuz it was this members birthday and they invited us over for dinner. Im eating a lot more in this area which is great!!
Im having a great time in my new area and everyone is amazed how well i speak spanish, every appointment we have their like "youve only been here 6 months?!" i like it.. it makes me feel good! I cant wait to use spanish when i get home!!
 Well i love you guys and cant wait to hear from you next week dad and MOM( cuz you didnt write me this week)!
Love you guys a ton! Pura Vida!
 Elder Christensen

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