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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

aug 8th 2011

Hola mi familia!
    I want to right you in all spanish buy it takes to long for you guys to translate it! haha
how are you guys?? im doing good! It doesnt rain as much right now which is good and bad... good cuz im not soaking wet all day, and back because its twice as hot now so im soaking wet but with sweat! haha
 Thats awesome girlscamp is this week mom! i bet your excited!! youve always been ment for that calling to be with the young women!! I wish i was there to help too.. haha
 Dang i miss the family reunions a lot!! How was it? was mostly everyone there? were the hansens there? Thats crazy that erica is the head coach!!! Ahhh i miss the cutrer boys!! haha are they playing for Alta then? I wish i was there to go watch them! And that sucks about Jeremy :( i will definately pray for him!!
  Tryouts for maddi already? i hope she made it!! when does she find out?? And is majerle doin dance or what? Yeah i write joe and lisa all the time!! i miss them!! Yeah im getting kind of sick of this area.. its just cuz i feel like ived talked to everyone here and right now we dont have as much investigators! So yeah i would like to have changes the next time. Hopefully! Some days i really almost hit my comp in the face haha its so tempting! but im trying to get a long with him.. hes just so different!!
 The highlight of my week?.. When i went on divisions with two other elders last tuesday and wasnt with elder cerrato hahaha We worked in the area of them for a day and had some great lessons with cool families and then that night we played Risk.. it was way fun!:)
  Yes all the people that i have babtised are still progressing and keeping there covenants with the lord and everything! Richard, Reina, Allan, and Ramsés, the family that i babtised, are doing great!! They went to the temple to do babtisms for the dead 2 weeks ago and go to church without fail :)
 Thats awesome that work is doing so well dad.. and yes tell me everything.. i like it! I hope the work keeps coming and i hope by the time i get home you have built the biz of so much that we can go hunting every weekend :) Keep working hard.. haha
  AHHHhh thats so sick you have 4 tags!! im so jealous!! i have a dream of hunting like every night haha Its hard not to think about it!! i try to focus totally in the work but there are times where i just day dream of flingin an arrow at a big bull elk or somethin!! I cant wait to get back and buy the newest hoyt carbon... not PSE! haha Oh yeah dont go to Humphreys... go to Jakes archery... that is way better!! The scofield trip will be so awesome!! what days are you guys going?
  Yeah you better get that book when you get back!! Its sooo awesome!! Make sure you read it!! On Pdays we mostly just sleep, which is awesome cuz i dont have a lot of energy... Ever!! I think next week were doing a zone activity.. going to a waterfall in one of the areas in our zone.. so that will be way cool! ill send the picks! :)
 Theres this one family of members in my ward that are having marraige problems and its way sad. This guy, Jóse, is like the coolest guy ever... hes like 30 years old and use to be a big drug dealer in the Leon Trece, but 3 years ago he got taught by the missionaries and was babtised and then got married to this lady a year later and she had to kids before and then all of them got babtised! his conversion story is awesome! But the past couple weeks theyve been having problems and like 5 days ago the wife left him and took her two kids.
Hes been way sad and weve been teaching him a lot. But yesterday we were sitting in sacrament meeting and it had started and all the sudden we see all four of them walk into the chapel together... it was awesome!! :) so hopefully they can work everything out.. they still havent gone to the temple and gotten sealed yet so they need to put that as a goal!! Jóse is the guy that posted a picture of him and i on facebook... have you guys seen it?
  I cant wait to come home and be able to talk to all the mexicans and stuff. And be able to order food at mcdonalds without the order being wrong! ;) I cant wait to come home to my family.. i get home sick a ton but i know this is where im suppose to be. But love you guys!! have a good week!
  ¡¡Pura Vida!!
   Elder Christensen

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