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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012

Whats up family!
  So its really cold here right now, i have a big cold and a cough. It feels like im in Utah cuz im so cold haha Its funny cuz like all the missionaries are getting sick too. So yeah we went to Costco today with Sister Wilkinson and she told me that you wrote her back, and i read your letter, it was funny. She is awesome though! I cant wait till you guys meet her, i talked to her about it and she was like... "Yeah!! lets do it, that would be awesome!" so yeah we gotta have a big family night in their house or something. 
  So how is the basement going? Hey i just wanted to check some things.. you are gonna put a WALKIN shower right? cuz i dont like bathtubs. Also could you put a walk in closet? And where are you gonna put all the huntin gear that we have?? Are you gonna put a WALKIN gun safe? What are you gonna do with the weight set? cuz i was plannin on using that a lot, so dont get rid of all the stuff!! Where are you gonna put the pool ping pong table at? This is gonna be sick to have the basement done! Are you gonna keep my same furniture that i had right? You should just leave all my stuff up in my old room until i get there and we can organize it how i want and put it down stairs together.. i would like that better. 
  Thats good your work is crazy busy Dad, are you gonna start expanding and hiring new employees? So are you gonna do residential and commercial alot still? What are your plans for the business in the future? You gotta make the business big baby! 
  Mom i cant believe you have so much stuff to do!! You are crazy.. How is the cheer team going? and the Relief Society ladies? How many active members are in our ward now? Do you think i will get a calling when i get back? I would like to go back to the nursery again... start out with something easy! haha How is your work at eyeQ doing? did you ever get that deal with the 300,000?
 I cant believe its already Thanksgiving... here they dont celebrate it, and there are no holidays during november. I cant believe your not going to St Geezy this year... i miss that place soooo bad!! What are you guys gonna do for Christmas? You guys gotta send me some pics of the house all decorated for Christmas and with the lights and everything!! Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year... I just have a great feeling when i think about Christmas!! Hey dont send me any big packages.. just save all that money for a couple months later... so i can use it there in Utah baby! :) 
 Oh just so you know... i will get home on the 28th of February.. im pretty sure! Its always a thursday when you get back, and its always 5 days after you start the mission. So February 28th i should be home. I have no clue when i get the flight plans though.. i think in like a month or so! But yeah, it wont be on the 23rd. I gotta get released that same night though and then after we can go to Rodizio baby!! That will be sick! 
  Hey what is the city center? you were talking about it like they sale costa rican food or something..? Yeah we will be eating at some cool places.. there are little shacks on every corner that sale food so we can just eat at places like that! It will be sick. Just tell everyone to fall my commands and we will be fine dinin baby! We also gotta hire a chef there in the beach house to cook some sicks meals that are native to here! The trip really is gonna be so sick though!! Are we gonna rent a couple cars or something??? Cuz if we dont its gonna be hard to get around.. at least for the first 3 days here...?
  Im doing great though, just enjoying the last couple months of the mish,... that is so crazy! Love you guys!
Elder Christensen

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nov 13, 2012

Parents and Family of Elder Christensen,

This is Hermana Wilkinson - I am here today at Zone Conference with your son - he looks great.  He has a little bit of Sun on his cheeks & nose - his zone played American Football yesterday for Preparation Day.

One quality that has stood out to me, about your son, is each time I see him - he is Happy and Smiling.   He always comes up to me with a big smile and offers to help me or just talks to me (and our children).  The first time I spoke to his zone (I was very nervous-we had only been in the country 2 weeks) he sat in the back and smiled at me the entire time - like he was saying ""you can do this" "great job-keep going" "I am listening & I care about what you are saying".

Elder Christensen is confident and happy.  He is a hard worker and great leader, he is an example to his zone and all other missionaries. His Smile can light up a room.  Thank you for sharing him with us for this short time.   

We Love Elder Christensen & Thank you for raising such an amazing Young Man,

Hermana Wilkinson

Nov 12, 2012

 Hey fam,
 So we had a really busy day today.. and we finished playing football late, so i only have 10 minutes to write you guys :( But oh wel... i only have 3 months left haha that is crazy!! That is awesome you guys went to Lamos homecoming... the church is close to Nana and Papas house right? Im so excited for the trip back here.. ive been talking to the members and they wanna like throw a party in the church with all the members to have a dinner with us, but we will see.. i think i would rather visit each family one at a time though.. that would be better! I cant believe how fast time is going by. Life is gonna be sick after the mish.. i have a feeling that i need to get married quickly though.. just so i can focus on studies and my goals and stuff, cuz i think my wife would be  a big help through everything. We will see though, i gotta search diligently for my baby girl. haha So tell Majerle and Maddi to be looking around for me, so i can find her quickly, shes gotta be a cutie though! I cant wait to see you guys going down the escelator in the airport. I feel really good though, we are working hard with the ward and the members and im loving it! I feel like im working harder then i ever have in my entire mission! So that is good! President said that how i work and finish the mission will determine how i will endure in my job, studies and everything. So i wanna work really hard! Its crazy how you can feel the difference of the power of the holy ghost when you are being obedient and working hard. I like it a lot! When Lisa comes to Utah you dont invite her to church or anything? Or ask if they are listening to the missionaries?? You guys gotta share the blessings... come on! We gotta focus on Joe and Lisa, Jake, and Tonya and Nate... they would all be great members and future eternal families!! Hows Grandma?  Well fam, i gotta go.. but you guys get into action with them. Love you guys a ton!!! 
  Elder Christensen

nov 5 2012

Hey family, 
  how is everyone doing? how are you Majerle and Maddi? behaving?? How is everything with cheer mom? still staying busy? Oh and its just hard for me to answer all the questions cuz i only have an hour here on internet, and i can barely even finish the letter in time, you guys have ALL DAY to write me, so there is no excuse! haha But anyways Im doing great, my new comp is way cool, hes helping me focus and working hard. Today we went and played soccer again on a giant turf field, 11 on 11 people, it was sick! We played our zone, La Paz, against the zone Cartago. and of course we won! it was a blast. Im sooo tired though. 
  Thats crazy the basement is gonna be done when i get back, it will be way sick. Yeah just do whatever color,, as long as it is sick lookin. My room i dont know though.. make sure it is sick!! And the walk in gun safe???... we gotta build one of those.. we can make it like a bank vault, ya know?? Only 3 and a half months left.. that seems like a lot of time today for some reason, but it is soo short!!! The first place to eat when i get back, gotta be Rodizio baby!! you know me!! But it just depends on what time i will be arriving on the plane. I hope i get there in the after noon around 6 or something! The second day... i dont know... i need some clothes so we could go shop it up or something. I dont know. I wanna put all my pics on a slide show and then look at them together on the big screen tv.. with everyone.. that would be so sick! And just tell all the stories from the mish. I hope i can remember them all haha When is my homecoming gonna be? do you guys know? i bet it will be after the trip huh? That is gonna be hard to give a talk in english!! haha The first week back before the Cost Rica trip what should we do?? I will only have 2 months after before i start college if i do it in the summer semester.. that is crazy!! How are the plans for the trip though? what are we gonna do the 7 days there in Guanacaste? 
  Have you guys gotten out in the field lately? what slackers!! Tell Tyler to step it up a bit and get you guys out there to tag out!! 
 These last few months are gonna be crazy... everyday i just feel so weird know that its almost over.. im kinda nervous for whats gonna happen after the mish, i never felt nervous before until like a couple days ago. Im scared that all the temptations of all the crap are gonna hit me all at once, i dont like that! It is gonna be crazy!! I gotta get hitted quick so i dont have any temptations with them gals! haha Are you guys doing your family nights?
  Its crazy cuz the ward here in my area is having some problems with members.. they just arent dedicated. So we figured out the problem, none of them are doing the basic stuff.. reading the scrips, praying, and having their family nights! So the bishop bric started interviewing each family, one by one to make sure they are back on track, and now we are starting to see a diference. Its crazy how the basic and simple stuff are so important and make a huge diference. The mission work here is getting really hard.. before we were having a ton of babtisms, but now its really hard. We will se what happens! 
  Its weird, i feel really different ever since Lamo left.. i feel really home sick sometimes, and its hard. But everytime i leave the house i feel great and want to keep working. But its just hard when i come back to the house and in the mornings before we leave to work.
  How is braden doing? and chase. do you talk to them a lot? I miss them! I cant believe that the hansen family is all split up... im gonna miss having them all close by. Oh and do you remember Dallin Cutler.. bradens friend from high school.. im in the same exact area that he was in when he served here... and im helping one of his converts come back to church.. it really weird and cool! You gotta tell Braden. Well i gotta bounce, i love you all a ton.
 Elder Christensen

oct 29, 2012

Hey family, how is everyone??
  Im doing really well, my comps name is Elder Nape, he is mexican, i like him a lot!! Hes a really hard worker and should be could to keep me focused for the last couple months of my mish, i will probably have changes on the 3 of december though.. cuz i will have 6 months being here in La Loma. Holy cow time is really flyin by... not gonna lie.. the day after Lamo left, i was kinda depressed... haha just cuz i missed him and it was a big change from a gringo to a latino.. but its all good!! :) My comp only has a year in the mish. Oh and so you know... Lamoreauxs homecoming is on November 11th. So you should find him on facebook and look him up and call him, Justin Lamoreaux is his name.
  So that is sick you started the basement dad!! But i dont know what you think about this... what if you put my room over in the north west corner of the basement? And we could leave the gym where it was, and put a walk in gun safe right next to the fruit room?? would that work or no? And i would like some part of the basement to have carpet.. and then where the pool and pingpong table goes could be stained concrete...just cuz here in Costa Rica they dont have carpet! And my feet havent felt soft carpet in TWO years!! hahaAlso i would really like a walk in closet also.. so thats why i think it would be best to have my room over in the opposite corner of the gym. Like where the window is to the backyard. But tell me what you think would be best... cuz i want it to be sick!
 Wow papa is getting surgery.. that sucks! Are they still good to go on the trip?? Did you plan things out with Kenzie?? That is so sick that you are working now Majerle.ats sick you guys got out in the woodsfinally!!! You need to go out for a week straight dude... youre slackin!!! You need to put some antlers on the wall!
  So today we went to the zoo and stuff, it was sick! we saw a bunch of tucans, lion, jaguar, just the normal stuff haha So that is sick that you are crazy busy Mom, i bet your loving being cheercoach!!
 Hey you guys need to read my letters right before you write back... i feel like i ask a bunch of questions and then i never get the answer or anything!! haha READ and ANSWER my emails please!!And you guys never told me what you thought about the plan for the trip here, that i wrote last guys never answer my questions...! That is so crazy about the ward split... are there really that many members there in our neighborhood? How many members are in our ward now? Are they going to change the stake presidency? How is Papa and Nana doing with their callings? Have you heard anything about the missionaries going to Lisa and Joes house?? Hows Jake doing?
  So i still havent gotten the package!! how crazy is that?? what do you think happened to it? Are you guys excited for Halloweeen, and thanksgiving,,, and Christmas?? holy cow i still have a bunch of holidays left here in Costa Rica haha...
Well i love you guys a ton!!! Look and the drawing of the basement plans and tell me what you think.. if you can do it exactly like that... it would be best.. but your the contracter haha i know that you already started on my room over by the gym, but if you can maybe change it to over there in the other corner id love it, but if there is not enough room or any problem like that, i would still love it there where the gym was!!
 Elder Christensen

Oct 22, 2012

hey family,
  How is everyone there? Im pretty good!! Wow these past two days have been really trunky with elder lamoreaux, just saying his goodbyes to the members!! haha I hope my new comp is a hard worker so i can finish really really strong!! And yes i am staying in La Loma.. i think i might stay here til the end of my mish. Only 4 months... time goes by so freakin fast it is crazy!! So everythig still good and planned for the trip back? Are we gonna go to Manual Antonio? i think it would be sick for like half a day or something!! So the first 3 days we could go visit the members and stuff and go to the temple... im pretty sure that the temple is open on saturdays.. so we could go on the 9th of March early in the morning and then head to Turrialba and Paraiso to go visit some members there, and then on sunday we could come back here to La Loma and go to church and then after visit the members here.? Sound good? what time do we get to Costa Rica on the 8th??? what could we do on that day? go meet president Wilkinson and his fam? Who is all going on the trip still?? Did you talk to Kenzie???? please try and get her to come, i would love that!
  So what else is new? I bet it is crazy mom, with all the stuff you do, your great!! So is it hard to remember everything for like the cheer routines and all that? Do you get payed? How much longer are you gonna be doing it for? Just until Majerle graduates? Are there any cute gals on the team that you could talk me up about and stuff? haha Be searching among them to see if one is dateable!! :)
  Oh and about the basement... that will be sick... i have it ALL planned out baby!! i drew a pic, but i forgot to bring it!! You should put my room in the far north corner, not where the weight room is... and the bathroom right next to it, next week i will send you the pic of how i think it would be sick!! And then we can make the room where the weight set is a gym, and then on the big wall where the stairs are and next to the ping pong table can be the trophy wall!! You should put half carpet and half staned cement.. that would be sick.. cuz i would like some couches and a tv down there by my room. And then also, next to the fruit room, we HAVE to have a walk in gun safe baby... how sick would that be? we gotta do it!! but you should save that part so that i can build it with you dad!! It will be sick! Im pretty positive that i wanna go to UVU, but it aint for sure yet... i still wanna pray more about it and see what the big man wants me to do!! 
  I still havent gotten the package!!! :( how weird is that... i might get it tomorrow... hopefully it has gotten here by now!! Tomorrow is the change meeting! Today is my last day with elder Lamoreaux! :( im gonna miss him! Oh his homecoming is on March 11th, and its in the chapel right by Nana and Papa, he almost lives right by them now. He lives like right next to the Iceberg and Kneaders there by Nana and Papas. So you guys gotta go!! 
  So the work is going great!! there are some families that are really sick that we are teaching... they are just not wanting to get babtised quite yet... even tho they are ready and have testimonies and everything... there is another family that is awesome that is just waiting for the dad to get the papers from his divorce with his exwife so he can get married with his wife to be able to get babtised!! They are SOOO awesome though.. they read the BOM everyday without missing a single day!! The work is going great!!!
  Well i love you guys a ton, take care and talk to you next week!!
Elder Christensen

oct 15, 2012

Hey family,
   I love you guys a ton, Majerle and Maddi,,, please behave, and LIVE the gospel!! Mom and Dad, you need to disipline them more, that is great you are doing your family nights, and reading the scriptures, i cant tell you how many families here in the mission have changed their lives through scripture study of the book of mormon!! READ IT! tell majerle to read her emails, i sent her one!!
  That will be sick dad, to go to the pond, i bet you will love it!! Are you gonna go fly fishing, or rod fishing? Are you just gonna go by yourself, or with Buck or someone. I cant believe you are already 45 years old!! What an old fart!!! haha I hope you have a great bday!!
  That really bugs me about Majerle and Maddi. they better buck up!!
 So yeah i think that would be so much sicker to have my bedroom downstairs, that would be cool to have it when i get back. And then maybe after we could finish the rest of the basement together. But you can make my room and a bathroom down there now if you want. :) Dang i would love grandma to come!! tell her to get doing the thereapy, but obviously i think your desicion was correct dad. Is Jake and Tyler gonna be able to come? And Tonya is still coming right?
  So ALL my clothes are there still besides the Jordan jersey?? All my camo and everything right?? I sure hope so!! ha The elk looks sick up there in my room, maybe when i move my room downstairs we can change my upstairs room to the Trophy Room!! Lets do it!! Hey you guys never answered me about the texas thing.. do you think that would be possible for chase brock and their wives and Joe and lisa come and meet me in the airport on my way home..? what parts of texas do they live in? I havent gotten the package yet... hopefully it gets here soon!!
  Well i gotta go, sorry i didnt write so much, but i will talk to you next week!! Love you!!!
Elder Christensen