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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

june 27 2011

Hola familia,
how are you all? sorry that my email wasnt very long last week. haha Thats crazy about the highschool for the girls, when is it going to be built and ready? That will be cool for them tho especially to be able to go together. thats sick! Majerle is gonna do dance again huh? thats crazy haha
Thats awesome there were 4 elders on your plane ride home mom, what are the odds of that haha I cant believe you watched them meet their parents!! Tú estas loca.
So yeah everything is going great, we had the other babtism last saturday and it was great. The guy that we babtised is 54 years old, he is a doctor and he is like the smartest man ever, i swear hes gonna be a general authority or something!! Yesterday i gave to blessing to confirm him a member and the holy ghost during the sacrament, it was hard. haha but cool. and then in priestquorum, we confired the aronic priesthood to Juan(the guy we babtised 2 weeks ago) and also to Gerardo(the other babtism) and right after they both volunteered to bless the sacrament next sunday... crazy huh! haha it was way cool! :) Yesterday we had about 80 people at church to so it was way good!! And yes when i babtised Juan i remembered the C word haha and its ""conmisiónado" is spanish haha
           Yes we have been working hard this last week, we walk so much everyday i come home at like 9:30 and just fall on my bed!! But we are exploring our area a lil more, we went to this one part of it where there a ton of more houses and we contacted a TON of families! Last we we taught two new families and a guy, and all of them are our new investigators. They are awesome!!
   Thats crazy about the rattlesnake... why didnt you kill it and skin it?? haha I cant believe Megan died, that is so sad!! How is scott doing now??
  But yeah Spanish is going good, i can feel it getter better and better. I cant understand a ton and speak a ton. All the gringo elders say theyre jealous of my spanish cuz its way better than theres was when they started they say! so that makes me feel a lil better when im frustrated with the language!! Last friday and our zone meeting president Galvez came, it was cool, he taught us a lil and then showed us a talk by Elder Holland of the quorum of the 12. its fregin sweet, you guys should watch it. it was a talk by him in the MTC last january... look it up!! Dad you better be gettin that bow out... the season is almost here!! I better get some picks of you with something more than just your bow(an animal)!! Oh and the food is good, we eat at this hamburger place every night that is right next to our house, it has THE best hamburgers ever. and they are sooo cheap!!!
Well i love you guys, i hope you guys are doing good!! talk to you next week,
Pura Vida!!
Elder Christensen

Some of the members chillin before the baptism of Gerardo

Me and the Bishop

Some of the Costa Rican bills. sick huh? the 1000 colones is worth about 2 dollars and the 5000 colones is worth 10 dolars, you just double the number.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th letter

Hey familia! how are you all? im doing well :)
Well i had my first babtism last friday, it was awesome, and he asked me to babtised his haha it was crazy!! i sent some pics tho :) the backyard looks awesome!! im glad everyone is doing good!! :) I havent got the books yet but i am excited to get them ;) hey matt is going to bring my watch that he took from me before i left back to the house, can you send it to me with more of the black socks from missionary mall... gracias :)
This next saturday we have another babtism so well see how that goes, but this guy is golden so it will be awesome. i dont have very much time today, so i love you all :)
Elder Christensen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 13th letter 2011

Hola familia,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Yo tengo mucho amor por tú!! :)(love you)
Well this last week has been much better :) it was a great week, we taught both of our investagadors with a babtismal date twice, and they are still golden :) One of them two sundays ago when it was fast sunday went up and bore his testimony infront of the congregrasion. it was super tuanies!!!!
 Yeah ive seen the blog, its sweet :) i just dont like the picture on the should change it!! My comp goes home the 20 of july, crazy huh!! so ill have a new comp in like 5 weeks! oh freak, thats crazy about majerle... i hope shes ok.. tell her and maddi to write me sometime. haha raro.
So yeah everything is really good, i restarted the LDM in spanish, and  im in 2nd Nefi chap. 12 :) its crazy cuz i can understand most of everything that im reading.. :) and i write in my journal everynight in ONLY spanish! and its helping alot! also another that helps a lot is i write little stories out in spanish, that way i have to look up words that i dont know and it expands my vocabulary a ton!! i still get frustrated sometimes with it tho!!
So theres a member here that carves fotos into wood, like any foto that you want and hell carve it, hes really good, some of the others elders have some carvings that he did for them and they are unreal!!! so im gonna get one, there pretty cheap too!!
     So yeah we have a babtism this friday and then one the next week :) and hopefully they next week after that, well see! Tell the Makanoas hi for mi!!! and to write me sometime :) Yeah last week on the day on changes we went to this restuarant that a member owns, its a mexican restuarant, and it was amazing!! best mexican food ever!!! Thats sick you went to Texas mom, you better have bought some cowboys stuff for me ;)
Hows the buisiness going dad?! 
Well love you guys and talk to you next week!! :) ¡¡¡¡¡Pura Vida!!!!
Elder Christensen

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letter June 8 2011

Hola familia!
Pura Vida!
how are you all? i miss you guys a ton, some days are way hard and some days are way great, but thats the life of a missionary haha 
So yeah i feel a lot better, my tooth was just throbing for like a week and turns out that i had a rootcanal. haha classic!! but the dentist fixed it and im all good now :), you guys might already know this but theres probably 70 mil colones missing from my acount, i had to pay the dentist, the mission doesnt pay for it :( pero, the dentista is a new investagator we have now, we are teaching him now haha hes way cool. The dentist work here is so cheap its 12 mil to fix a cavity(which is like 24 bucks)haha and it was only 70 mil(130 bucks) for the root canal and the crown to fix everything, crazy huh! So im all good now.
We have 3 different babtism dates!! One is on the 17th of june, Juan! Another on the 25 of june, Gerardo. and the next one is on the first saturday of july, Daniel and his family. cool huh! Even tho last week kinda sucked cuz i was sick and then had a root canal and we lost like 5 of the families that we were teaching, we now how 3 babtism dates :) so im excited!! 
The other day when we were going to the zipline place it was closed cuz it was raining so hard :( but maybe ill get to do it soon. I had my pday today instead of monday this week cuz it was changes today. So we went to san jose and it was cool. We have a new elder in our district and he seems pretty cool, so esta bien. Im feelin good about spanish now, a couple days ago i had a dream that was mostly in spanish and a little inglish. and i woke up and felt like i could say anything it was cool. and then the next morning i woke up and felt like i havent learned barely any spanish at all ;( haha it was way weird. but i know ive learned a ton of spanish. The other gringos say that all you need to do is read the book of mormon out loud for like an hour a day. so thats what ive been doin, and its helped a lot. i can pretty much understand everything that im reading and my accent is getting soooo tuanies!! 
I got the package today but havent opened it yet. but thanks :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also there are two books that i want, no need. One is called Exploring the lands of the book of mormon. the other is called Lds guide to Meso-America, you can purchase them on and but the dillivery adress as the mission home adress. i NEED these books so please order them right after you read this :) gracias.!!!!!
This last week has been really long and i feel like ive been here forever :( but i hope this week will be much better!! im working hard and trying to find families to teach!! I love you guys a ton, and talk to you next monday!!