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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, October 20, 2011

oct 17, 2011

Hey family, HAAPPPYYY BBIIIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!
  Sorry last weeks letter was so short, the computer was being really gay and just turned off by its self and half of the letter didnt save for some reason... i was pissed and didnt have time to write it over again. So im way glad everything is ok there. Here its going great and were working way hard and everything!! Right now we have like 3 families and a couple single investigators. The problem here is pratically EVERYONEs husband is a fisherman and is never home, they leave for a couple months and then come back, so its really hard to find a complete family cuz so many men are fishermen. But we do have one family that is awesome.. i just hope they progress. Its a family of 7, the mom, and the 6 kids. all the kids ages are between 14 and 22 years old. So im way excited, they have a babtism date for the 29th of this month, so pray for them please!! We also have another family that has a date for the 29th also, Its a family of 4, but one of the daughters is a missionary that was serving here for 3 months and then is now in England serving!!! crazy huh!! and none of her family are members. The mom i know has a testimony, she just needs to act on it, so were gonna keep workin hard with them. Theres is another lady that is gonna get babtised the 29th also, she is cool, shes about 41 years old. The sister missionaries are awesome here, its soo fun working with them like a team cuz we always go to their appointments and they always come to ours.
   Thats so crazy you guys saw Chris in the temple getting his endowments out... what are the odds...!! Hes going to mexico right? I miss that kid a ton!! i bet the farewell was soo awesome. Dude has the rut started yet dad... that weather is suckin there in utah. Here its literally been raining 12 hours a day... ive heard theres a hurricane in mexico and thats why its raining so much here, cuz its non stop!!! Today were going to the beach to chill. im excited!! Were going with the sisters, a member family, they elders that live with us. Its gonna be sick!! Ill send some pics next week!!
  So the food is pretty much the same here,, i havent eating really anything new!! Its way good tho!! Yeah i get the letters from wayne, its just soo hard to write everyone back, i only get an hour, and im literally writing you guys or downloading the pictures to the computer and everything. I wishd i coulda been there for your bday dad, 44 years old... muy muy viejo!! haha my spanish is bomb, everytime i teach a new person theyre like... what... you only have 6 months here in Costa Rica.. haha its funny! Obviously theres still some random words that i dont know so sometimes i dont understand everything, but i pretty much can understand it completely. And when im writing emails to you guys, its so hard to think in english about what im gonna say, i always accidently write in spanish and stuff haha
  Yeah its crazy i have 8 months practically already. When i think about it, it went soo fast,, but also there are times where it seems like ive been a missionary my whole life.. its weird. And other times where im just like... ugh i wanna go home and just watch a good movie or something, or just rest for 5 minutes haha But its all good, you can definately tell a difference when your whole schedule is filled for the day. I hate leaving the house to work unless we have a lot of appointments.. thats why the day before you gotta work hard for the next day.. or its gonna suck.. haha I cant wait til i get home and can just go to a family party like you guys had yesterday and everything!
  So i talked to Presidente about my comp and everything. He told me all i need to do is help him, thats why he put me with him so i could help him he told me. He said i need to keep doing what im doing. Hes way cool the president. Also my comp is not so bad, its kinda crazy sometimes, cuz i think hes bipolar also cuz one minute hes so happy and the next hes pissed.. haha its crazy but ive learned how to get his happy mood back when he gets mad, its just takes a lil bit! But were doin good, he has a way strong testimony and everythig.
 Mom did you talk to dad about the cabin or what... you never answered me... you guys gotta keep makin bills baby! Did you buy that book yet.. And which calendar did you get me.. its gotta be the one from Kings Camo Bull Elk. por favor.
Well love you guys a ton!!! talk to ya next week.
Elder Christensen

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