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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, October 20, 2011

oct 12, 2011

what up fam.
 Everything is going good here. My comp is still a lil weird but most of the time he is some what happy and acts like a lil 10 year old. haha when he teaching he talks so quietly and way weird haha and testifies for like 5 minutes strait and i think most of the time the investigators are asleep when hes talking haha. But its all good, i like this comp a lot better !! The other elders that we live with are awesome!! My comp is from El Salvador, the other gringo is from Idaho, and the other Latino is from Honduras. Elder Montierth is the other gringo and hes awesome!! And the Sisters missionaries that are in our same area are awesome, and were allways with them practically haha
  So this week has been sooooo rainy... it rains about 12 hours per day!! We have found some new investigators and everything, we have a family of 8 that we are teaching right now and i hope they progress but well see. My favorite lesson to teach is The Restoration!! By farrrrr its my favorite, especially the part about the book of mormon.
  Have you guys not been updatin my blog... you need too!!

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