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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 12

What up family.
 how is everyone? im doing well!! today its raining a lot so we havent
done anything fun!! but its all good. This week we are suppose to have
a family of 6 get babtized on the 17th, that should be good. They are
a cool family, they are really weird, but cool. The oldest kid in the
family, we brought to a youth activity that we had last saturday, and
he LOVED it, thats all he talks about. He had a blast with all the
youth and made a lot of friends, and i think even a lil girlfriend,
thats probably why he liked it so much haha, now in all the lessons
that we teach them he pays attention the whole time and is all
interested and stuff, and when he came to church he was all excited
and stuff and was participating in all the classes and stuff. so that
was really a good thing to bring him to it so he can get babtized. but
they dont know if theyre gonna be out of town that day, so ether the
17th or the 24th, but theyre for sure getting babtized. :) then the
other family is suppose to get babtized on the 24th also, that will be
awesome! :) We are teaching a ton of families.
 So my shoe is totally destroyed, my foot is always wet. haha whats
the email to the missionary mall? i got a new umbrella also, its soo
bomb, its the coolest umbrella ever!!
 Thats sick Buck finally bought a shotgun, is it sick? is it camo or
just black? when are you guys gonna get out and use it? That deer is
from Corner Canyon?? thats so crazy!! To bad we never saw that monster
when we were up there!! I cant wait to get home and just go campin for
a month strait and hunt.
 So my boys are doing good then? thats awesome they came over for
dinner! did you guys just invite them or something? I miss them, T has
lost a lot of weight?? And its not like i like soccer now, its just
not as gay as it was before. haha
 About the christmas call, i think about 2 on the 25th would be good,
but im also thinking about christmas eve, but i dont know yet. Because
my comp has to call too obviously so we gotta seperate the times, But
would christmas eve be a problem?
How is Nana and Papa? i miss them sooo much!! how Grandma? and all the
cousins and relatives? i cant believe Jahron is going to Atlanta
Georgia!! that is sooo crazy!! is he excited?? What are your plans for
christmas week and eve and day?
Well ill talk to you next week, love you guys
Elder Christensen

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