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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 20th 2012

What up family!! 
 How is everyone? I'm doing great here in Turriabla. I forgot to tell you guys last time but here in Turriabla there is a huge volcano that is active. Everyday there's tons of smoke trailing out from the top, its pretty cool. I'll have to take some pics. Also here it's pretty jungly, some parts of the area. I've seen a lot more wildlife and stuff. We were in the bus the other day to a part of our area that is like 40 minutes away in bus and its through mountains and stuff, I saw a bunch of parrots and tucans and stuff it was awesome. Also here there is a ton of tourism... there's sooo many gringos here its funny. In fact there are two gringo families in our ward!! they are awesome, one of them is from Mississippi and the other from California. The one from Missi has a ton of land there in the states and he is trying to sale it. He has 12 acres and hes saling it for only 55,000... he said the hunting there is amazing and every year him and his wife would tag out with like 5 deer... I told him that WE are going to buy the ranch from him... He said he'd give us a deal and that hes going to send the info to you dad... We have to buy it.. you know how that is my dream!! Oh and by the way... hurry up with the hunting points Please!!! Also the other gringo family is here studying, the guy is a bird specialist so he tracts tucans and parrots and all that kind of stuff. Also there are a lot of tourist gift shops souvenirs things. So today I went to buy a bunch of cool stuff for you guys to celebrate my year mark... I'm gonna have my last comp, Elder Burgener bring the stuff home to Utah with him and then you guys can go pick it up... ok? ;) He comes home in March next month. Mom you want a new car finally? just buy a Chevy also... so when I get back you me and dad will all have Chevy trucks...!? But i thought you wanted that FJ cruzer? Ford explorers suck mom... come on.. get something cooler!!
  So this week I'm suppose to have 3 families get baptised.... But 2 of the families are from Nicaragua and might have some problems getting their citizen papers from there, so we might have to wate a little bit longer, but the other family, from Paraiso my last area,  is getting baptized for sure. And President gave me permission to go even tho its not my area still, He told me it still counts as my family cuz i was the one that taught and found them and planned the baptism and everything. So that made me really happy cuz this family is amazing and sooo cool. He also said that i get to go to the temple with them in a year when they can. They re getting baptised on the 26th so a year from that day they can enter in the temple.. so hopefully ill still be here for February 26th of 2013!! 
   My comp is pretty cool.. he just kinda gets annoying sometimes but oh well. I miss having a gringo comp... its a lot funner haha especially one that you are really alike. Were gonna go paintballin again next month for the zone activity... I'm excited!! Tomorrow Elder Martino from the 70s is coming... so that will be cool to go and hear him. 
 What else has Majerle and Maddi been up to besides skipping school? That's cool you guys spend so much time with Nana and Papa... i miss them sooo much!!!
Alright well i love you guys tons and talk to you next week.
Elder Christensen 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey fam.

So I'm kind of mad... you guys went to Disneyland without me... wow!!! haha jk that's way sick.. so did you guys hit up long beach? That sounds so fun. That's so awesome that Brennan took state!!! He must be way bomb!!
 So last Saturday we had our baptisms there in Paraìso. It was good, I got to baptise them. It made me sad tho cuz I still wish i was there in that area, but whatever. President pulled me aside last week and told me that he knows I didn't wanna leave Paraìso but he needs me there in Turriabla cuz its struggling. Then he said I have permission to go to all the baptisms that we have this month in Paraîso. So i get to go to the baptism of my family on the 25th! I'm excited!!
  My new comps name is Elder Garcia, hes from Honduras and way cool. He has about 14 months in the mish, pretty much the same as me. Its so weird being right next to your old area. That usually never happens.
   So my eyes are horrible, I just don't have time ever to go check them and get the prescription for the contacts, I need to go tomorrow. So I'll probably send you the prescription this week. But try to get the contacts ASAP when you get the info.
 Paintball was a blast!! Me and my comp, elder Burgener, dominated... we never died once and destroyed everyone. He wants to put a team up when we get back and enter in some tournaments, id love to get back into paintball.! The place here was pretty cool, it had 3 different fields, all outdoors. They only had Tippmann 98s, not my favorite but it was alright for Costa Rica. haha It was kinda expensive, 14 bucks to play and it came with 200 balls.
  So did you get my bonus points put in dad?? If not get that done please.!!! How is your work dad? how many employees do you have now?
 Well love you guys a ton and talk to you next week
 Elder Christensen

Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 6 2012

Hola familia,

 how is everyone?? im doing great, yesterday was an awesome sunday... we had 3 family investigators in church and 12 people total... it was bomb. Our investigators are sooo bomb, they all have such strong testimonies, 4 of them are getting babtized on the 11 this saturday, the other two families are getting babtized on the 25th of this month also... but theres only one problem.... i have changes AGAIN!! they called us last night and told us,,, i was so mad and upset!! but then they told me that Turrialba, the area right next to my area is where im going, ive been there like 3 times already and its way close... so that is the only upside about it. President gave me permission to go to all the babtisms that we have this month. so that'll be way cool. But im still mad im leaving this area, this is my favorite area so far!
   But anyways... today is gonna be fun, guess what were doing... the whole zone is going paintballing... sick huh? were going at 2 o clock today. haha The sister missionaries and some members are also going! So maddi like the dance but marjerle didnt.. why? haha What did it say in the girls blessings? are they gonna have husbands or kids? I wanna go to disneyland too, theyre lucky! And kenzie is soo blonde... haha classic, that would be sick to room with her after the mish, cuz i wanna go to UVU also. Im glad the super bowl was a good game. and you guys got to have a good time with Joe and Lisa before they head to the big T.
  I uploaded some more pictures so you can check it out. I gotta apply for my bonus points today, im excited... did you see the new Hoyts?? they are soooo sick!!!!!! I want a 2012 durramax dad.. duh! haha Have you jacked yours up yet so you dont look like a grandpa...? Thats crazy taylor and samee are getting married,,, are they really serious? That would be so awesome if Papa and Nana could go to the temple with us here. i hope so!!
  Well i love you guys a ton and will talk to you soon.
Elder Christensen