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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, October 20, 2011

october 3, 2011

Hola Familia,
 So the area is alright... we are teaching and everything and i hope the families were are teaching get babtized!! So the cool part about this area is we share it with Hermanas and they are awesome!!! We like work together all the time and stuff and if they have a really cool family we also help them if they cant teach them one day. But most of the time its just me and my comp like a normal compananship. Both the hermanas are from Honduras and they are so funny!! My comp is really weird still, and he actually has mental problems, i dont know how he passed the mental test to come on a mission... but hes here so oh well. Also the other day he was having some problems and being really weird, and all the sudden started to cry and stuff and i was asking whats wrong and stuff and he was like im having a lot of temptations and stuff right now, and he said hes scared of falling into them and going home. And i asked what kind of temptations and he was like, he was having temptations of doing things with men, and said hes gay... ugh!!!!! I dont know what is goin on but its scary... honestly i use to sleep with just garments on... but now im sleeping with my shorts on! And everytime he moves while we are in our room im scared that hes gonna come over to my bed. And the other night he couldnt sleep and the other elders were like what is he doing... and so one of them asked him why he isnt going to bed and he said cuz the temptation is too strong!! and he got all scared and stuff.
   So today for pday we had to do divisions and me and Elder Montierth, one of the elders that lives with us, went to San Jose. Hes from Idaho and is way tite, we had to go there to get mine and my comps credit cards. And when we got there, after a 2 hour bus ride from Puntarenas, we went to gringo alley. Its a street where theres little stands that are selling all sorts of souvenirs, like painting, wood carvings, handmade bags, hammocks and all kinds of cool stuff. So i bought a sick painting of a tucan, that a lil tico had made by hand. Ill take some pics of it and send it next pday. and then after we went to Price Mart, which is owned by Costco and is the exact same. We bought a ton of food and stuff so im excited. Then after we went back to puntarenas.
   The conference was awesome, you cant watch it on tv here so everyone goes to the chapels. To be honest this was the first conference i actually payed attention to every session. haha My favorite discurso was about the book of mormon. I dont remember who it was but he was like the BOM is ether the word of god or of the devil. And if its of the devil then the devil is actually destroying his own kingdom himself through the book haha it made so much sense, and its just like whoever has read the BOM and doesnt believe it is retarded!! haha But the whole conference was awesome. thats awesome you got to go to it dad. And so cool the Makanoas came up to watch it... ugh i miss them soo much!!
   I cant belive majerle thinks shes in love!! thats gay!! But thats good they girls like their school and everything!! So maddi wins a lot then? has she ever scored a goal??.
   I cant believe its still hot there... that sucks!! Mom that is not good weather, cuz that means its not good hunting!! That sucks you havent seen much lately and that the rut hasnt started yet!! You better get out this next week when it starts to get colder!! that moose story is sooo funny... i can just imagine buck running away!! hahaha
  Ugh!! you havent gotten book yet?? its called, Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon!! BUY IT RIGHT NOW AND READ IT!!! its amazing!!
  So about the cabin mom.... you know that is my dream too!! But DONT buy it until i get home!! There is a lot of work before just buying any old cabin... we have to scout the land for deer for weeks and search other lots too. So just wait for me, and get ready to look for a cabin somewhere near Iowa or Kansas!! Cant wait!!
   I love you guys a ton and will talk to you next week!! I found out and easier way to send pics, you can just look at all of them through this weblink... its tite!!
Love yall.
 Elder Christensen

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