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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

What up family!

 How is everything? Its all good here! I sent the link to you guys to be able to see my pics and everything! Also I'm about to send some pics of the activity that we had Saturday. It was such a fun branch activity. Each organization had to represent a different country, like the young men's represented Columbia, the young women's represented El Salvador, the relief society represented Costa Rica, the elders quorum represented Ecuador, and us missionaries represented China. It was sooo fun!! and each group had there own room in the chapel, the whole week we were decorating and everything. The sister missionaries borrowed some Chinese clothes from a member, me and my comp made a Chinese dragon and we had a presentation where the sisters were dancing to Chinese music, and me and my comp walk in as the dragon, like a Chinese parade.. it was sooo cool haha And the ward mission leader helped us make Chinese food and all this stuff, it was legit. The whole night was awesome, and one of the families we are teaching came to it, so that was a bonus.
  This Saturday,we have 3 baptisms, a family and then a single lady. I hope everything goes well!! Were gonna have another activity the 2nd Saturday of November so that will be way fun. The beach was awesome, we went to two different beaches, the one was on pday, and the cooler one we went to a baptism of a different area that the guy got baptized in the ocean. it was way cool! All the pictures are on that link i sent you.
 That's sick you finally went fly fishing dad, and actually caught something this time.. haha But are you ever gonna go hunting...fetch I'm disappointed in you!! Get out in the field man!!!! That's sick they're building a sporting goods store so big there... ill probably be spending all my time there when i get back!!
 My comp is good! hes just a lil crazy, when hes in a bad mood you just have to get him excited about the missionary work. So about the Christmas package, just some me a ton of good stuff, that calendar, and put a lil more money in my bank account cuz i think i might buy a Ipod touch for me for Christmas... we'll see tho. That's soo awesome that our neighborhood is filling up like that!! I'm excited to see the change. I hope some hot girls move in!! if there are any moving in right now, just give them a brief overview of me and that i only have a year left and ill be there to pick em up.. aight! And mom, when you said maybe ive already met my wife,, i don't think so cuz in my patriatical blessing it says i will recognize her right when i see her when she comes in my life. haha
 Yeah costaricans celebrate Halloween, it will be weird to see it here. That's not that crazy about Brennan getting into Harvard... that was a given since the get go. Hes soooo smart, and that's gonna be soo awesome!! and he get to wrestle to for them!!
 Well love you guys, Talk to you next week :)
Elder Christensen

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