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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

aug 23rd 2011

What up family.....
  So i saw the video of you guys jeeping.... there wasnt any sound.. but i could just imagine bucks screaming in the background.. haha thats awesome!! I cant believe you went to elk camp without me.... wow what a great dad... :( haha just kidding... you better go hunting a ton so when i get back youll have all the sweet spots to go. So its tuesday today.. we didnt have time to write yesterday so were doing it today. How was the trip? mom told me you didnt get anything but i wanna know ALL the details... what you guys slept in, where you went, what you saw, who all went, if you got close to anything.... EVERYTHING!!! And where did you go fishing on the pontoon boats? Gosh you need to tell me everything! And when are you going out again? when do your other tags seasons start and everything? And you really better not have used my broadheads or my arrows or ANYTHING of mine!! i will be so mad if you did! haha
   Thats crazy about maddi!! shes really starting on the varsity team?? Shes actually good?? thats crazy!! does she do much during the game? like does she get the ball much? whens her next game? gosh majerle is so lazy!! what is she gonna do all day? haha And thats good about jake!! did he end up going to jail or what? he wrote me like a week ago! I miss nana and papa so much!! and everyone! Do you guys chill wit papa and nana a lot?
  So im still reading the Exploring the Lands of the BOM... its sooo awesome!! Its 900 pages long and im about half way through. It has so much proof of the book of mormon that its crazy.. you guys have to read it cuz i want you guys to see how cool it is!!!! My favorite part of it is how it takes all the geographical dirrections and stuff from the book of mormon and puts them on the map of mesoamerica and they all fit so perfectly!! Obviously jose smith would not had been able to guess all that stuff.. some people are so stupid! haha
  Just you and maddi at the house mom? i bet thats weird! does maddi chill wit he soccer friends or does she stay wit you a lot? Hows work mom? seen anymore coyotes up there lately? Thats so funny about Nash with his favorite colors... hes crazy!
 So we changed the sister that cooks for us... our new ones name is sister Luz. And shes way awesome.. she also has a way hot daughter thats 18... but its ok cuz shes going on a mission. haha Luz cooks us the best food and gives us so much!! Im loving eating there!! after every meal she gives us desert which is usually tres leches, which is a cake that is the most amazing cake ever!! its the official desert of Costa Rica. Yesterday she made us these tacos that were soo good!!  And we went to this place called "the cave" in the center of San Jose. And its a giant pawn shop... i think practically everything there is stolen but it has some really good prices... haha for example elder clark baught an ipod there for 80 thousand colones(160 dollars) which usually costs 300 dollars anywhere else. Theres tons of iphones for dirt cheap and all sorts of stuff... so right before i come home im gonna go there and buy a ton of stuff and sell it when i get back :) But that place is so crazy.. theres so many people there and im positive that everything is stolen haha Also theres a place in san jose called "gringo alley".... its a giant street of little stands that people are there selling cool lil stuff from costa rica. Like wood carvings, leather carvings, knifes, cool bags and purses, tshirts, and all sorts of seouvenirs. its such a cool place!!
 So weve been working hard and stuff and teaching and what not. but theres not really anyone progressing. We still are teaching Blanca and her grandson and they are getting babtised this next saturday at 11 in the morning. Also were teaching this family that lives right in front of us. Its the guy who is 35 years old, and the wife who is 19 years old... haha and they have a lil new born baby. They are way cool but way busy so we dont get to teach them much :( The guys has read the book of mormon and believes it and stuff but we need to work with him more to strengthen his testimony. But im excited about them.. i think they will progress and everything!! So change meeting are on the 31st of august, and we find out if one of us has changes on the 29th :) im prayin! haha Last sunday was awesome cuz our asistance of the church went from around 80 people to 98 people. There was a ton of people in the chapel.
 Well i love you guys a ton!! and cant wait to hear back! And dad you better tell me ALL the details of the hunt!! Love you Mom, love you Dad and you too sisters!!
Elder Christensen

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