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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 20th Letter

Dear family,

¿Como está? So i got my new comp and were just chillin here in the internet cafe. It is weird not having Vasquez here.. i already miss him! but its all good. My new comp is from honduras and he has 19 months in the mission. I dont really know much about him yet, but he seems pretty cool. Today we had the change meeting and everything.. it was cool and i got my books :) exploring the land of the book of mormon.. its soo tite!
  last saturday our two babtisms went well, we babtised the 12 year old kid and then the wife of Richard also. So now we completed the family and they are all awesome. We going to teach them tonight and watch the joseph smith movie with them... im excited. They are working now to be able to go to the temple and get sealed. Which is a year from now, but still i am going to be here still and i can go to it :) So that will be awesome!! The other family that we have commited to be babtised the 6th of next month.. they would be babtised sooner but theyre going to nicaraqua for a couple weeks to visit family there. They arent married but we also commited them to be married the same day as the babtism in order to be babtised. They have a little boy that has 2 years. They are awesome too and are progressing also. We also have another couple that we are teaching. They are progressing but they have marraige problems so were working with them and still teaching them. They also have a babtism date for the 30th of this month but i think we need to work with them more to save there marraige and everything. But the work is good. we are contacting a ton of families. We contact like 3 families a day there are a lot here!
    These last two days we were kind of slacking tho, because Vasquez wanted to say good bye to the members and stuff before he left, Vasquez didnt want to leave the mission, he was sad it was over. Mom we only live as 4 elders, we dont actually work with the other elder usually, they have their own area and everything. haha
   Thats crazy that Lowell is gone now.. i hope the business does well. How many employees does dad have? Does he still have a lot of work? I miss roxy soo much... everyday i see like 4 bulldogs(there are a ton here) and i always think about when i see them. haha 
   That story about that girl is awesome mom. Yeah missionary work is fregin awesome, i want to teach everybody i know and show them the truth when i get home! haha especially our famiy!! 
  So do you have a copy of my partriartichal(my splessing is all messed up from spanish) blessing there? Yeah where it talks about hunting and everything is so awesome, and how through hunting(being a hunting guide  ;) im gonna be able to teach a lot of people the gospel. thats tuanies! 
  Yeah there are some hard days.. especially when i think about home i get really home sick and there are times where its so hard! But i know without the mission my life would have sucked haha i love the mission and the book of mormon. Ive always known the church was true but i didnt have like a strong testimony but when i read that book or when i see the first vision of joseph smith in the movie i know its true! I think out of all the things of the church i have the strongest testimony of the book of mormon. Its just so obvious that its true to me that sometimes when im teaching im thinking in my head ¨how do you not believe this..¨ haha I love the movie The Testaments, and the Joseph Smith movie too.. there are so fregin tite!!
  Well i love you all and i will talk to you this monday :)
Elder Christensen

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