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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 21 2012

Hey fam! whats up!!
  So im great, just chillin here in the mish, I love it a lot. Today we are going to Guayabo, its the indian ruins here, so that should be cool! We are going with my district and some of the members. It should be fun.
  Thats sick that brennan graduated!! Hes awesome!! This next saturday we were gonna have 13 babtisms... and 3 families. But not very many of them came to church yesterday so some of them are gonna have to wait a week or two. But we do have a babtism of one family this saturday so that should be good!! Hopefully everything goes smoothly! Our district is doing very well also. I think every companionship is gonna babtise a family!!
 Oh thats sick you finally got the jerky done... send it sooon!! make a ton also!!! Try to get it here before the next change meeting... the 18th of June... so i can pick it up then in San Jose. Thanks for that!! Make sure you send all the stuff on the list that i sent lest time!
  We have our interviews with Galvez on wednesday.. that should be good. Im gonna miss him, He is from Guatemala. I dont know what they are gonna do next.. he will probably be an apostle or something like that.
  Thats sick you fixed the scooter dad.. i bet its sick! Thanks for that. I probably am not gonna take that to school mom, that would be awkward. That will be tite dad, the hiking and fishing trip... you need to get in shape for when we are hunting everyday!
 Alright well i gotta bounce... we gotta take the bus to the ruins. But i love you guys a ton. sorry the letter was so short.
 Elder Christensen

May 16 2012

Hey family!
How is everyone?? Im doing great! were just sitting here in an internet cafe waiting for the next session of the temple. We were suppose to go at the 9:00 session but we got here a little late so we have to wait until 11:00. Im excited to go in tho! So last night we went and slept in Cartago with the zone leaders so that we didnt have to wake up so early to take the bus from Turrialba, cuz it takes like 3 hours to get to the temple from Turrialba. So we slept there and so that we could play Risk all night also... that was fun! haha I won of course!
  I loved talking to you guys... even tho i was a little trunky right after, it went away thank goodness. It was really good to talk to all you guys, and Majerle and Maddi, and the grandparents and kenzie, and Tyler. I loved it! Majerle thats so cool you are doin Cheer, you are awesome at it i bet!! Are they are gay guys on your team or all they are girls? haha What are you school colors?  What does your boyfriend like to do? Does he hunt? Maddi you are crazy! I loved talking to you! youre awesome! So are you gonna start going shootin and stuff with dad when he goes? hey.... "Haz lo Justo"!!!! thats spanish by the way.
  Why are you guys on a diet? at least you can eat meat!!  You gotta break out the cook book at practice all my favorites! Thats cool that Tyler is in a play, is it for school or for primary? or what? Thats cool that they are from Beaver also, speaking of the Morgensens, have you talk to them? That is so crazy that Erika is getting married this weekend... i remember when we were in Union together. Thats so crazy!! Finally Buck and Trish got home... tell him that the fishing was bad cuz i wasnt there... haha I want a cabin so bad like that!! gotta start savin so we can buy some good property! :)
  So thank you for starting making the Elk jerky... im sooo excited to get some!! Make a ton!!! What is the catalog like? they are two seperate ones or just one big one with ALL the products, like camping, tents, hunting, fishing, clothes, camo, shoes, ALLLLL the products, i know there is one like that cuz ive read it, Its like thicker than the Bible, soo you should probably look for that one cuz its cooler!! The things that i need:
        - Cabelas catalog
        - Bed Sheets
        - Elk Jerky
        - Cologne, I have a bunch of that in my room, just pick two bottles and can send me those.
        - Axe diodorant, i want the chocolate scent, send me like 2-3 of those.
        - Cool nick-nacks
 I havent tried my contacts again, cuz they just didnt work, maybe the perscription is wrong, maybe there is something wrong with my eyes, i dont know exactly. I WANT LASIK! I dont wanna wear glasses cuz to play sports or to hunt, or be in bad weather it just sucks!! So contacts would be better, or surgery. haha Thats so sick BC came and did the windows, he is awesome! That actually would be really fun to go to SUU, i might like that too, look up the info for that also. They really have a Harvest Week?? Yep.. imma go there haha
  So thats cool that minnie almost died. You guys should really buy another bulldog, or a Great Dane... :) that is so crazy the draw is at the end of the month.. i bet you draw out for the sick tag for elk!! What is the area called that we put in for for Bull Elk? I cant believe you wanna change to moose... We can just go to Alaska for Moose, Goats are so sick! That is a huge cat there in the pond of Clark.. i bet it was one of the small ones that we put in and it grew! Have you gone down to the river bottoms lately or no? You gotta start settin up your tree stands and what not down there to get ready for deer season!
  Well i love you guys a ton, oh and were gonna go to Big Bill's Barbeque today... im excited cuz its right next to the temple! Well talk to you next week. Take Care!
 Elder Christensen

may 7 2012

Hey family!!
 Im doing so great! how are you guys doing?? thats so sick you guys went down to moab! That always makes me think of Randy and Nanet and the Morgensens. Hows Devin by the way? do you know? When are you guys gonna head down to St Geezy again? are the Hansens still in the st george house? Or have they baught a new one? How is the Kneaders going for them? I miss the Hansens a lot!
 That is really so amazing that the missionaries went to help Joe and Lisa move and stuff, and the members! Did the elders put an appointment with them to start teaching Lisa??? Ugh i always pray for Joe and Lisa so they can become a celetial family! Lisa would be suck a good member, and i always picture Joey being a young mens leader or something! Hows papa and nana, he has a calling right? and nana? I hope they can go to the temple soon!! Thats awesome that jake is doing so well!! and has a hot blondy for a gal! Thats awesome that Chase and Alexa are gonna go to Texas with brock and lins, and joe and lisa... were just gonna have to take a trip there also when i get back to visit all of them!!
  So this sunday is mothers day.... and we get to call!! :) President said it would be easier for you guys to call us! So i was thinking maybe you could call when you guys get home from church, like 2:30 or something? But just to be sure if you guys cant get a hold of me for some reason i will call you at 2:40 if you guys dont call me! Im excited to talk to you guys!!
 So did you hear about the draft dad? did you draw any cool tags??? You need to get out huntin this season man!!! Did you buy the Cabelas catalog? The one i want is the catalog with EVERY product that they sale! Its really thick, and i would love it if you could send that too me asap! I wanna work there soo bad when i get back! Yeah mom thats cool if you start doin that for college, getting the info and stuff, maybe the info for UVU, SLCC, and BYU, that would be sick! So youre using Facebook huh? its so funny when the ticos here say Facebook with their accent.
  So we have 3 families that were are teaching that seem pretty cool, they problem is getting them to church. I think they are just a lil lazy, but we will whip them into shape!! Im pretty sure that at least two of them will get babtised this month, but we will see!! So transfers meeting was today, obviously we didnt have changes, but it was cool to go and see everyone. Oh and guess what.... one of the sisters in my disctrict had changes, and she got her new comp today.. her name is Sister Garcia, and she went to HILLCREST!! crazy huh!! she graduated in 2009, a year before me! She knows a ton of people i do but we never knew eachother cuz she was kinda a choir nerd but she is was cool. Crazy!! she is now in my district haha  I love President Galvez, i swear when he talks it is amazing!! He is so smart and teaches so well! Today before and after the change meeting we played the game RISK. We woke up at 3:30 in the morning to be able to go to Paraiso and play with the disctrict in time before the meeting, and then just barely we played again. haha Classic!
  Thats fun for Buck and Trish to go to oregon! i bet they are having fun!
Well i dont think there is anything else to say.. just love you guys a ton and talk to you on sunday!!! :)
 Elder Christensen