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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 5th 2011

Hola familia,
 How is everyone? i hope all good!! Ugh its soo much hotter here.. like twice as hot!! haha
You guys can look on google earth, and see the town that im in. Im in the county of Guapiles, in Boca Guapiles, Its by the Parque Nacional Tortuguero on the upper right corner of Costa Rica more or less. And im loving this area a ton!! Its all country!! The members are awesome and help out with the mision work a ton! They always want to have activities as a branch and help teach and visit less actives and new investegators... they are awesome! Our house is was cool, we have two coconut trees, and a papaya tree in our yard. We always have two pets cats that are actually the next door neighbors but they always come in and chill with us in the mornings and at night. haha they are way tite... the only cats ive ever liked besides Bucks cat. There are a TON off eagles here that just circle the town. We live very close to a gian bamboo forest and i wanna go hikin next pday there. There are so many fruit trees.. i think actually ever tree here has some kind of fruit on it haha. On Friday we went to a recent converts house and helped her build a dirt path in her front yard and then after we helped her pick guabas, oranges, and mamones chinos in her farm. It was awesome cuz we had to clime the trees and they were way tall to be able to harvest the fruit. After we chilled in her front yard eating all the fruit that we had picked right off the tree.. sooo delicious. The oranges here are soo different.. they are green and yellow not orange! haha and they eat them so weird here its cool. Ive seen some iquanas and some parrots and stuff.. here is more my style. And ive taken tons of pics and i tried to send them today but for some reason they didnt work so i will send them next monday.
  We havent really been teaching a lot of new investigators.. these past days weve been visiting all the members, less acvtives and what not. And im excited to work with them!! Saturday we had an activity with the whole branch, to celebrate pioneer day. It was awesome.. everyone dressed up like pioneers and we had games and the primary sang, and the young men and women did like a country dance. it was tite. We have a ton of young mens in our branch so its way fun.. they always wanna play soccer or something. Also the presidency is way tite, the second counselor is huge, and he looks like hes tongan.. he eats like a tongan, he talks like a tongan and jokes like one too. its so funny and all his kids are big boned and giant haha Today for pday we play soccer with all the young mens at the church. It was way fun but SOOO hot i was dying!! The members give us a lot more food here than my last area, ive been stuffed all day everyday since ive got here :) All the people here a sooo much nicer and more friendly... everyone that passes you says hi and asks how your doing! I love it! Its just like a diffent world out here. haha Also one time we were at a members house vistiting and this guy named Chona came to the door, hes like famous in this town. He use to own a huge ranch and had a ton of money!! But one day he was robbed and assulted and shot in the head.. he didnt die tho! But he has a huge gash in his head and is now like mentally challenged. But everyone loves him and hes always walking aroung with his cowboy hat and singing for people. So when he got there we asked him to dance and sing. So he did and we were all laughing our heads off! I have a video of it so ill send it next time. And also at the same time as this happened, there was a transvestite named Jennifer that came to the door. It was sooo weird, She is really ugly and is actually really a guy!! haha and So she was telling Chona to dance and stuff and talking sooo gay.. it was so funny!! shes in the video also haha.
    Well im glad everyones ok... i dont have any time left to write :( So i will talk to you next monday!! Love you guys a ton!!!
Elder Christensen

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