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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

aug 15th 2011

   Hows everyone doin? im so tired today... went had a multizone activity and we went to central park in san jose and played football, soccer and stuff.. it was way fun buy im so tired! 5 out of the 9 zones came, so there was a lot of elders and sisters. I was ballin it up in soccer once again... i scored like 5 goals.. and some of these elders play for national soccer teams. Theres like 5 Elders that play for the national team of Honduras, El Salvador and i think theres one from Guatemala. And i showed them a lil somethin.. haha
  Thats crazy girls camp is already over madre.. but good now you wont be so stressed and naggy all the time ;) Majerle and Maddi didnt go tho?? what slackers!!
  Thats awesome that maddi made the soccer team!! is there team good tho? haha is majerle still just lazy or what? Theres a girl in our ward here that reminds me of majerle, always sleeping and her personality reminds me of her a ton too! Theres a lot of people here that remind me of family members! Oh and does she drive my car or what?
  Thats good that work is so good!! Chase is working for you right? How are the hansens anyway? When does braden have his baby again? thats soooo crazy!!! i bet hes excited about both the baby and football. I did kinda miss football today when i was playing it.. but not that much haha
  So we have two babtisms this saturday so im excited but other than that we dont really have much :( In two days we contacted 11 familys and put appointments with them and everything to teach them. It was like a record for the mission of family contacts i think! haha so i hope they dont bail out... but well see!!! This lady that is getting babtised saturday day is like 50 years old and also her grandson that is 12 years old is getting babtised. The son of the lady was the bishop of our ward here in garabito like 10 years ago and he went on a mission and everything.. but she is NOT a member.. crazy huh!! But we started teaching her and everything and she wants to get babtised! She is way cool and same with the grandson. But i still want a family of 5 to babtise... i love teaching families so much!! when we have family investigators it is a lot more fun!!
  OOhhh thats good there was a fire by Jeffs house :) because fires are so good for deer and elk.. so by the time i get back that area will be infested with deer!! :) by the way... im sooo jealous you are going to Elk camp this week... wow thats crazy!! So this thursday you are going to Scofield then? or where? And how long are you guys going for? You better tag out dad! You can use both the tags in the same area then? Hows the bow feeling.. are you gonna be able to hit one under the pressure? What are you guys gonna sleep in? Who all is going.. Tyler, you, buck, brandon? Have you lifted your truck yet??! What kind of arrows are you gonna use this year? and whats your guys game plan to hunt? are you gonna take the fourwheelers?... i want to know ALL the details!!!
  Ive lost a lil wait.. when i left the MTC i was like 195 and now im like 185 i think. But i also have a lil gut.. i think from all the rice and beans.. everybody has a gut here! haha its funny! We can go to the gym right by our house if we want but im too lazy to wake up at 5 in the morning in order to go. But like 3 months before i come home im gonna hit the gym like crazy :)
 You took buck jeeping? haha how did he like it? were the rocks even big tho? I bet he was crying ether way!! So i get my leather cases for my scriptures finally tomorrow... it took forever but they are gonna be so sick. The case for my book of mormon has the picture of christ coming to the americas in front with the mayan temple and on the back is the picture of Samuel the lamanite on the wall with all the arrows being shot at him. Im way excited!! I havent taken many more pictures.. i need to start again taking more!
  Well i love you guys and good luck this weekend dad.. better get something and send me all the pics!! :)
  Elder Christensen

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