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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

What up fam,

  How is everyone? i cant believe its already holloween... i literally havent even realized that until like 2 days ago that it was holloween. haha I miss the holidays for sure!!! Here they dont really celebrate holloween as much as we do, they think its of the devil. So only some of them really celebrate and get dressed up and everything!! weird huh? I think tonight were gonna go to one of the members house for a holloween party thing. This member is awesome and it's sure be fun, she wants us to dress up  and the sister missionaries are coming and her whole family. so im excited haha
  So our babtisms bailed on us last saturday:( I was way sad, the one lady doesnt quite feel ready yet, but shes for sure getting babtised this week, and then the family are having some marrage issues so we gotta work with them more and hopefully they can get babtised this week also.
 But besides all that, the work is going well and my comp is good and everything.
  Thats crazy that youve been pretty much solo this past week dad with the ward. I bet thats for a reason to get you prepared to move up a rank to bishop pretty soon. haha How are all the members? now that i think back at all the wards weve been in and stuff, its sooo cool to live in utah where there are sooo many members. Theres a lot of members in Costa Rica and everything.. its just our ward right now is soo sick in bluffdale. I love how theres so many people and stuff. I realize the importance of having a calling in the ward now. Before i just thought it was kinda stupid to have a calling but its sick. Also like home and visiting teaching, i thought that was way gay before, but its not. haha
  Yeah about the ping-pong thing... thats cool and all during the week, but the weekends theres a lot better stuff to be doing... like filling your fetching tags man!!! Get out there, its embarrassing!! Just cuz theres a lot of time in the season left, doesnt mean you should waste it. Just remember that all im dreaming about is hunting, and you are able to and dont even do it!! Has the rut started yet??
  Yeah soccer is pretty chill, i like it now, thats all they watch here.. Theres a team here called La Liga, and they are soo cool. And i think Costa Rica beat Brazil just barely, which is good cuz brazil is amazing. And we were at a members house yesterday and guess what i watched for just a couple of minutes... the Dallas game.... :)))) i couldnt resist.. it was too tempting haha but also very sad cuz they fetching lost!!! ugh!! The members didnt understand why i was almost crying over a game.. but oh well.
  My clothes are holding up pretty well.. i just dont like the shirts that i have from the missionary mall.. the material is really weird.. I want some different shirts some time, but i could buy those here! Theres no hot water here, the only place i had hot water was in my first area cuz its a lot colder in that area so they actual want hot water. Im still not use to ice cold showers.
 My district leader is my comp, this is the first time hes been in a leader posision his whole mission. And also the zone leaders live with us remember!
 Yeah thats crazy that Christmas is so soon!! I cant wait to talk to you guys ether!! And yeah we can skype it up baby! I cant believe Braden is gonna have a fregin baby.. thats soo weird!! I cant wait to see her when i get back!
 Soo about the cabin thing... you guys didnt answer me... you and buck should go halvsies on it and but a giant one wit a ton of land!!... but in Kansas remember! Oh and dont forget to put 400 dollars in my account so i can buy the iTouch.. thatd be really nice and thanks :) And the blog looks way sick, i like how the link just goes straight to all my pics and everything!!
 Well love you guys a ton!! Talk to you next week!!
  Elder Christensen

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