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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aug 6, 2012

Hey family.
 Whats up? im doing really well here!! My comp is really sick.. its so wierd being with a kid from utah that is so chill! It doesnt feel like we are really comps.. it feels like a dream or something.. the time is going by soo much faster for some reason! Classic! The past week has just flown by! So we are doing really good here in our area.. we are doing alright in the zone.. but here really really well! Hopefully this week we will have some more babtisms and a couple families this month! So we are excited! Also Last saturday we got to go to a cealing of a family that i babtised like a year ago... it was awesome!!! SOOOO COOOl to see them again and especial be in the temple with them for their first time and see them get sealed like that! I loved it!! The crazy part is... my comp served in that same area where i babtised them like a couple months after i did, so he had already met that family and stuff, so it was cool that we both knew the family and both were there for their sealing!! It was cool! 
  Thats sick dad that you like the binos... Now you gotta buy some other sick thing!! How sure are you that youre gonna tag out? You gotta work harder with it tho.. so that you can be prepared for the date right!! How are the trail cams? any good pics? Im so excited about this tag man!! So the next time you see Brider, talk to him about the outfitter!!! I am gonna study during the summer so i can hunt all fall!! that will be awesome!! What is the difference between the element and the Hoyt Carbon element? I cant wait to buy that!! There are three things that i want when i get back and that is one of them!! :) I wanna study during the summer and work at an outfitter during the winter!! That would be so perfect! But like what months does fall quarter start, and what months does summer quarter start?? Can i get the same amount of credits during the summer semester? Are there the same classes during summer also? Do all colleges have summer quarter? 
  Holy cow that is so awesome that Joe and Lisa are having another baby!!! Im so excited!! I hope that it is another boy! We gotta go visit them in texas on our way back... actually im sure our plane goes to texas on the way back... maybe we could just spend a couple days in texas after or something.. or i could.. cuz there are a ton of people in texas i wanna visit.. Chase, Brock, Joe and Lisa, and there are some Elders here that are chill, so that would be sick to visit them too there! 
  Oohhh mom that would be awesome to get that account!! I hope you get it.. but you will.. your and awesome worker!! Ill pray for it.. then we can buy a huge ranch in Montana or something!! :)
 Im really loving the mission though its awesome.. the families we are teaching are sooo cool!! I know that the families can be together forever. I know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth! That everyone that doesnt know it, will know it after they die and will have the opportunity to accept it, if they didnt deny it here on earth! I love how Christ came here to save us and that all our famiily can be saved if we help them to come back to church and to get to know it! I cant wait to have a family of my own. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that all that read it will understand Jesus Christ´s atonement better that any other book can help us understand. I know that with out my mission i would have had a dark and lonesome life cuz ive now gained a testimony of these things and im going to apply them to my life after the mish. I love my God. and i say this things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
 I love you all a ton, and talk to you next week! :)
Elder Christensen

July 30, 2012

Hey family!
 How are you guys? im doing great! My comp had changes today and i got my new comp... he is sick! Hes from Lehi!! hah crazy huh! So im way excited to have his as a comp! His name is Elder Lameroux and he has 21 months in the mish! This is gonna be really sick.. i love having gringos for comps cuz they are so much cooler... not being racist right!
  So this month was good, we had some families get babtised and everything and some really cool things happen. Also almost half the zone had changes!! We also had the transfer meeting today with President Wilkinson and his whole family.. he is so awesome! i love that guy... he was chopping heads and telling the bad elders to repent and stuff... haha classic! Everyone felt the spirit so strong!! Also his family is way nice!! So today was really good.. also tonight we have some family nights with some members and investigators and so we are really excited! There are only 2 mission cars.. and only the aps and secretaries can use them.. no one else! Being a zone leader yes i get to travel more.. cuz i always have to do the babtismal interviews and stuff like that, so like we work in our area like 5 days of the week and the other two we are like traveling and stuff to do interviews, and to help the other elders, and to go to houses of the elders if there are problems that we need to fix and stuff, like if someone is doing something bad or something! Things like that! 
 So my area is crazy, there are a ton of really awesome families!! we are teaching like 4 that are gonna get babtised this month! Last week we had 11 people in church and they are so awesome!! Also there is a family that we are teaching that i babtised their daughter like 4 weeks ago... The dad was a inactive for like 20 years and now is going back to church. The mom, that isnt a member.. went to church 3 sundays ago for the confirmation of her daughter and now she is in love with the church.. she comes everysunday and is gonna get babtised!! And they have two kids that are so cute! Who does this family remind you guys of??(they live in texas) i think thats why i love this family so much,, cuz they remind me a ton of Joe and Lisa! Thats what i want to happen with joe and lisa! cuz now they are so much happier... the guy stopped smoking, she is so excited to help her daughter with primary and everything.. its awesome!! Also there is a family that i babtised there in my first area that is getting sealed in the temple this saturday... and they invited me... so im get to go!! ;):) Im sooo excited for it!! I hope everything goes through!! 
  Dad talking about hunting doesnt make me trunky or homesick.. you can talk all ya want about it!!! Dude what happened to bridger?? is he not gonna guide you guys anymore? Did you talk to him about the outfitter to see if he can get me a job?? What happened with hunting on the private land that he had? Thats sick that the binos are good!! Have you recieved the badland case? Hey how much does the new Hoyt Carbon Element cost? So you only have a couple weeks left to get ready for the season... you gotta get out spotting more and stuff!! Make sure you tag a monster bull!! Talk to bridger about the outfitter for me please.. i wanna work there!! 
 Hey did you guys found out anything about college... if i can study during the summer?? please find that out soon!
  So you dont have the trip totally planned yet? Do you guys not have the travel agent anymore? Make sure the beach house is really sick!! Did you invite the hansens? and the dads part of the fam? My area La Loma in pretty much in San Jose.. the city is called Desamparados. So where are you thinking we are gonna stay? cuz i wanna stay in Guanacaste for most of the trip.. but if there is another place that we could go for a couple days that would be cool to do both of them.. but the first 3 days are just to go visit my areas right or no?
  well i love you guys a ton and we will talk next week..PS. please answer ALL the questions that i had!
 Elder Christensen

July 23, 2012

Hey family!
  So im doing well here! thats so crazy that i only have 7 months
left.. it kinda seems like a long time still though!! haha Im soo
happy that Papa retired and stuff! Thats sooo sick! Now he doesnt have
any excuses not to go hunting or anything!! So i got my bible today!
:) it is awesome! cabelas edition baby! So those pics from the trail
cam arent very good... what brand of trail cam did you get? is it a
cuddeback or a bushnell or a crap brand? holy cow that is awesome that
you got the binos man!! im so excited to use those bad boys!! So how
much time are you gonna take off work for the season dad? You need to
take advantage and get out there every day!! That will be so sick to
go back with horses and stuff.. im excited for you! You gotta tag a
big one man!!
  So last saturday we babtised a kid and a lady... it was cool. The
kids name is Walter and he is 17, he is a professional paintballer and
a hunter also.. his dad is like a crazy hunter also... the pics with
the deer on the wall was in his house! His girlfriend is a member and
everything.. he is was cool, and told me that when i come hes gonna
take me huntin here in Costa Rica.. for deer, crocadiles, and stuff...
even though its ilegal here hahah So where are you thinking the beach
house is gonna be? Its gotta be right on the beach!! And make sure it
is awesome! haha
 Thats awesome you are doing that man.. you gotta get ready to hit up
the beaches... but dad told me about the deal that you guys maid.. so
you gotta come through with that!! That is good majerle dumped he
loser boyfriend... hopefully she can smarten up a bit here!! That will
be good for her to get into cheer!! Hopefully maddi will get focused
on her grades also!! Those crazy girls!!
 So who all is going on the trip back here? Have you invited the
hansens or anyone like that? i want chase and braden and brock and
kenzie and everyone to go too!! Talk to them!
  Well i gotta go.. i love you guys a ton!! talk to ya later!
 Elder Christensen