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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hola familia!
  How is everyone? thats crazy that it was the forth of july already!! Hows work going now that your without Lowell dad? tell me everything..
Well last saturday we went to the temple... but not to do a session.. we went cuz a familia that Elder Vasquez knows that was in his last area invited us to their sealing!! They are a family of 10 people... crazy huh!! and they are sooo nice and awesome... we got to chill wit them for like 2 hours before we went into the sealing. So we go through and do the session, and then we go into the sealing room and there were a ton of people there from their ward. it was cool. and then all the kids come... all 8 of them all dressed in white... and they get sealed.. it was the coolest thing ever!! it was so spiritual! it was fregin awesome!!!
  Then after that we got done around 2:30 or so and headed back to Garrabito. We filled the font up, called all the members, got the babtismal clothes ready, and everything. We go and pick up the family, Richard, Reina, Allan, and Ramsés. the babtism is at 5 and we get there and start to change and then all the sudden Reina tells us she drank coffee that morning... :( so we were like what??.... ugh that sucks. So then we talk to her and she says she´ll get babtised next saturday.. so were like ugh whatever... haha And then we start the babtism and i babtise all 3 of the men. It was cool and everything but it wouldve been cooler if Reina was babtised the same day... ya know? oh well.
  So we have to babtisms next saturday.. Reina and a boy that is 12 years old. Hes way cool too. his aunt is a member and he lives with her now. And one day he told his aunt that he wanted to be babtised so she called us and weve been teaching him and hes getting babtised Saturday. We are teaching this other really cool family that lives right by Richard and Reina... tonight were gonna have family home evening with the two families and a member family also.. so im excited for that!! Hopefully well find some more families too to be babtised.
  So Elder Vasquez heads home on the 21 of july. so next week. Crazy huh? he doesnt want to leave, hes sad haha but yeah im gonna miss him and its gonna be weird getting another companion. But it should be good!! Its weird being in a trio right now cuz we have to work in our area(Garrabito) and Elder Clark´s area also(Tibás) until the 21st when both me and Clark are getting new companions.
 I went to clarks ward yesterday because we had to take a family to his ward to church, so i got to meet all the members there too.. it was cool. There are about 5 members that could be my future wife... so we´ll see... theres one in partucular hahah ;) The girls here are so fregin hot!! ugh but its all good haha   
Love you guys... talk to you soon
Elder Christensen

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