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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey family, how is everyone?
  I'm doing really well!! I love the mish it really is awesome! My spanish is gettin pretty good... some say that i speak as the ticos speak. haha My comp is really cool too, he is way tranquilo and stuff so its cool just chillin with him. He doesnt talk that much usually, but when he gets started he never stops haha.
  So this last week we had another baptism, her name is Dayana and shes 13, he dad is a member but her mom isn't. She has been going to young women's activities for like 2 or 3 months and has a lot of friends that are members.. and shes way cool!! We started teaching her last week and she got baptized last Saturday.. it was really fast but was really good too. When we challenged her to get baptised in just a few days she was a little nervous and didn't feel ready. But then we told her that we were gonna ask heavenly father to see what he thought. So we all got down on our knees right then and i asked her to do the prayer and ask him if she needed to get baptized on Saturday at 8 at night, she did it, and received her answer. She asked God that direct question and 5 seconds after saying "amen" and finishing her prayer she began to weep with a huge smile on her face. She then said, "Si", which in Spanish of course means "Yes." She had received a direct answer from god right then and she new it with out a doubt!! When then called her dad and she told him the good news, but he was on a trip for his work and wasn't gonna get back til Monday. but he told her that he'd be there at 8 at night. So we planned the baptism the next day and invited everyone, she was way excited, and her dad was gonna baptise her himself. So Saturday we get there at 8 and all the young women's and young men's were there to support her, it was so awesome!! And her dad got to baptise her!
  Here in the zone we were not gonna be able to complete the goal of our baptisms, but we did a prayer as a zone and asked for help to be able to complete it. Our goal as a zone was 3 families, 4 Men, and 10 baptisms in total. We all worked really hard to be able to complete the goal for April. At the end we ended up with 4 families, 4 men, and only 9 baptisms..... SOO CLOOOSE!! We almost did it, but we did our best also. 
  That is so sick that you guys finally met Burgener!! What did he tell you? haha You guys gotta practice the recipes of the ones that i highlighted!! Did you like the shirts, and the wooden painting too? So did Burgener tell you about his girl? Chelsea i think her name is..?  So what kind of tree is the one that you guys bought?? So is majerle a junior or a senior and maddi a sophmore?? So yeah i dont know what the plan is for mothers day.. i assume it is the 13th but i will find out soon.  
  So thats crazy the draft is next week.. thatll be sick to see what you draw out for. What happens if you get a goat tag? where would you go? Where did you put in for deer? and elk? I wanna hunt sooooo bad!!!
 How many of the videos did you get? you liked them? Its so funny cuz the videos with the other missionaries here in the zone are like crazy. Everyone has the language of me and Matt and T, like everyone always talks about Bindrup and they always say, "call Bindrup!" haha and stuff like that... its classic!! Oh the music was coming from that store in front, Turribasicos. It usually isnt playing so its not that annoying! What pictures of little kids dad? So transfers are in a week, who knows i could have changes but i think i will stay. I would like it ether way! Today and tomorrow is the meeting for all the leaders with president galvez. That should be good, we have to go and present our goals and the babtisms that we had and stuff. Our zone is gonna get a head chop cuz we didnt complete the goal! :( Thats awesome that majerle and maddi are busy. I cant believe majerle is a cheerleader haha classic!! Tell everyone hi for me and that i love them!!
  Well i gotta go, but i love you guys a ton and talk to you next week! :)
 Elder Christensen

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MTC video

Video of Turrialba

April 23, 2012

Hey family.. whats up? 
  So how is everything there in Bluffdale? Everything is good here in Costa Rica. I had elder Nelson give me a blessing to help me get un home sick.. and it was crazy how it worked so well!! I have the desire to work hard again!! So im good. 
  So has Burgener really not come by the house or anything? Thats so gay!! His email is and i assume that you can look him up on facebook and find a way to get a hold of him!! Derek Burgener! DO IT FAST! so you can meet him and get the stuff that i sent. Im trying to send all the videos that ive taken with the video camera that Tonya gave me... this thing is so cool. So hopefully you get them and can send them to everyone. Also i need more socks... all the ones i have have holes and i hate it.. Also i would like the Cabelas catalog that they have, ya know? like it is the catalog with ALL their products.. that would be cool. Also maybe some other cool stuff in a package... :)
  -Cabelas catalog
  -Cool stuff
 So ive decided that when i get home ima go work at cabelas... cuz the workers get a 30 percent dicount... and make like 10 bucks an hour... that job would be perfect while i go to UVU. Even though all the money i make i will be spending it there in that same store... haha they might as well just pay me in items from the store. 
  So yes dad.. we eat seafood sometimes.. not from the sea but fish yes... The guy that i babtised like a month ago has a farm, and has a pond with Talapia there so he always plucks a couple fish out and cooks em up for us right there... its really good. So that pic of the CHevy... that aint your truck dad!!! Nice try... i cant believe you havent jacked it up yet!!!!!! Its like a grandpas truck.  Thats awesome you guys could get the meeting at church back in order. I bet that was way cool with the special needs kids singing. I bet Majerle sang great... ;) haha
  So today we were gonna go with some members to some indian ruins.. but its raining so we aint gonna go... Instead were gonna go to there house and play games and barbeque and stuff. So that will be fun also! Well hey i love you guys a ton and talk to you soon.
  Elder Christensen 

April 16, 2012

What up fam.

 Hey so how are you guys? Im doing great! Not gonna lie... these past couple weeks ive been really trunky and homesick. I dont know why! I just like cant stop thinking about home and stuff... Im still working really hard and stuff its just im not totally focused for some reason... Last the last 5 months ive been way focused and stuff but right now i hit like a peak of homesickness :(
  So today was cool... our whole zone came here to turrialba to go to some waterfalls. It was really really pretty and cool! The waterfalls were huge! THere was a bunch of gringos there swimmin and stuff...i was a little jealous cuz i wanted to swim to. haha None of us have a connector for our cameras right now so i cant send you the pics until next monday!! But we saw a bunch of tucans and some sloths and stuff. it was really pretty!! And we came back and came here to do internet and then were gonna go buy some pizzas!! So it is a good Pday! 
 Honestly the thing i miss most about being home is the food.... i can not wait to just eat all day and snack all day long when i get back.!! I cant wait to just buy a little ceasars pizza every day and have meat on the grill for lunch everyday!! its gonna be so sick!! 
  So thats way sick that majerle made chear leader!!! that should be good for her so she gets of her lazy butt!! Whats maddi gonna do? Not play soccer? Thats good they got their blessings... what do they say.. are they ever gonna get married?? haha Wait i dont get it... we can get a copy of the patriartical blessings of our dead ancestors?? i want one of Grandpa Arnold! I miss him a ton!! I always think about golfing with him, and going to jacksonhole in the motor home fishing! He was so awesome!! 
  So i stopped using my contacts.. i hate them cuz they are so blurry... i can put them in somewhat easily now.. but while they are in my eyes they are blurry.. Like sometimes i can see well with them for like 10 minutes.. and then after that they get blurry.. there is something wrong with my eyes... Maybe i should just get lasic surgery when i get back!
  I dont know why.. but im just like tired of missionary work... like im not as excited as i was a month a go... :( Its hard for me to knock doors or contact a family in the street now... before it was fun.. but right now im just unanimated. But hopefully it is just a fase in the mish and it will go away soon!!
 Well i love you guys a ton! I dont have a lot of time to write to everyone.. i feel bad.. i wanna write nana and papa and grandma and everyone but its hard with only and hour.. i will try the next monday! Tell everyone i love them!!!
 Elder Christensen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 9 2012

Whats up family!

WHAT!!.... Majerle went to the Jason Aldean concert?!!! That really makes me jealous! That was the best concert ever that i went to!! Thats really cool tho!
 Which day was easter? was it last sunday right? i actually totally forgot until i got to church and the gringo family wished me happy easter haha Its cuz here in Costa Rica its a lil different! Instead of easter the have what is called Semana Santa... or Holy Week. So pretty much the whole week is a vacation for everyone.. Monday through Wednesday not very many people worked, and Thursday and Friday, NO BODY worked... every single store was closed those days and everyone was busy... it was some pretty bad days for missionary work! In fact president changed Pday to be Friday cuz he knew that we werent gonna be able to do much.. It felt like a Sunday in Utah cuz all the stores were closed hahaha and there were no buses anywhere and we pretty much have to use buses like 5 times a day at least. But Elder Nelson, my old comp, came to my area to do divisions on thursday.. it was cool, so i got to spend a couple days with him and work again with him it was chill. I hate these cathlic people here... you know what they did the whole weekend? Friday the church and about 500 people took a fake dumby that looked like Christ and they hung him up on a cross in the middle of the main park. Then they took him down and at night started parading through the streets with the "dead body" with like 50 people dressed up as Roman soldiers and a big statue of Mary. By the way.. they worship Mary here more than they worship Jesus... the statue of her had a big golden crown and it was pure apostasty!! They pretty much reacted the crucifiction of Christ... it was really rediculiously stupid. Did you know they pray to Mary and they think that she is the queen of the heavens...!! 
  Well anyways... today we went to Paraiso to chill with our district. It was fun... its so weird being right next to my old area!! We went to walmart to but a bunch of macaroni and cheese for my house here in Turri. and then we went and bought pizza and took it to the church and played monopoli. It was pretty fun. 
  So about the glasses... i dont know if i like to use glasses... they dont work that well ether! And the contacts are horrible!! i was literally prying my eyes open for 2 hours trying to get them in my eyes! i tried and i tried for 2 hours and i gave up,,, i couldnt put them in... and then the next day i tried again and i finally got them in after a half an hour!! My eye lids are all red from pullin my eyes open so hard. haha And the contacts dont work very well... they make my eyes water so i cant really see with them in cuz theyre so blurry cuz my eyes are watering! Hopefully they will get better once i get use to them!! 
  Thats crazy Majerle is trying out for chearleader! Whats maddi gonna do? That really is crazy that Jaron is just barely headin on the mish! Did you guys get a pic with him before they took him to the MTC? That will be fun for aubrey to live up there!! Maybe Kenzie and Aubrey will both get married soon?! that would be cool! haha
  Thats good you guys are keepin my advice feeding the missionaries... Those missionaries in Utah have it sooooo easy... Its not even a mission!! They get fed soo much cuz everyone is a member and they babtize so many more people!! I mean i love my mish and everything... but im excited to get home :) Most of the time, all i wanna do is just head out and go shoot stuff, or just go campin and chill out in the mountain. Thats what i day dream about all day. haha I always picture myself passin by walmart in my chevy to pic up a box a shells to go bunny blastin down by the lake... ahhhh :) Thats gonna be the life! But there is one thing that i really really cant wait to do... just chill in the woods in silence and without any worries in the world.. just reading the book of mormon while im out there relaxing and hunting and praying like Enos did. Thats my dream! 
  Burgener hasnt come by the house yet?? omy gosh thats gay.. hopefully he comes by soon to bring you guys the stuff!! I gave him our address and stuff but not your phone number.. maybe you should look him up on facebook and tell him to get over ther asap. Dad you tried a mamon chino? the fuzzy fruit? where in the world did you get them from??
 So my comp is way cool... hes really mellow and chill and relaxed. I like him! We have so good families that should be gettin babtised soon! This ward is pretty cool. There are really  cool members. They actually have been giving us a lot more food lately! I like it! We found a cook here also... were actually paying a Soda here to cook for us.. A Soda by the way is like a small restaurant... i dont know what it would be called in english... i think maybe a diner or something... But they gave us a really good deal so we just pay the lady every month 28,000 colones, which is like 60 bucks.
 Well i dont know what else to tell ya guys so ima go now. But i love you guys a ton and talk to you next week!!
  Elder Christensen

April 2 2012

Hey fam!!
   So im doing great. CHillin here in Turriabla. Its starting to get a lot hotter here also!! :( I hate walking around in the heat...i think thats why i liked Paraiso so much cuz it was like utah weather!! General Conference was bomb.. I got to watch it by myself pretty much the whole time... The members and stuff watched it in the Sacrament room and i watched it in a different room cuz they had it in english too. Its not that i cant understand it in spanish... i just hate the voices of the translaters... theres like no emotion in their voices.. so i watched it in english to listen to the voice of the profet. It was sick! We had some investigators come and stuff and they loved it! Thats awesome you got to sit with Ben and Jer at the priesthood sesh!! 
 We are teaching a lot of families right now... the only problem is getting them to church.. they all want to come but just dont make the commitment... they ether have to work or they have family come in town.. just stupid stuff!!! I love how in Utah no one works on sunday... its so cool! I dont wanna talk bad about other churches.... but.... its pretty obvious that none of the others are true when everyone else works on sunday... and the Sabbath day is a HUGE commandment! Classic case of people being ignorant!! haha I have grow to hate a lot of the other doctrines of the other churches.. that might sound bad... but really the other churches are like condemning their members with all their stupid doctrine... Im so sick of hearing about doctrine that doesnt even make sense from people!!!
  I love the books of the church... the manuals, the guides,... all of them are soo sick and so plane and simple to understand. Thats my favorite part about the true doctrine of Crist is that not one doctrine that the church teaches contradicts itself according to what it says in the bible. And every other church has at least 5 bigs things that are not in harmony with the bible. Its so simple to see that this stuff is true that sometimes i get frustrated with the investigators!! haha Sometimes i get sick of the mission just cuz that reason.. its like the same thing everyday and sometimes im just thinking "only 10 months left" haha...... but then everyonce in a while you find a family that understands it and accepts it... and that makes it all worth it!!! :) I love teaching families about how they can live together forever! its TITE!
 Yeah mothers day is acutally pretty soon... that will be crazy to talk to you guys again!! I havent got my package yet but hopfully soon. Im gonna go to the doctors first to see what is wrong with my eyes and see why they are so stressed, because my forehead really bugs me... sometimes i cant even consentrate during a lesson and i hate it so much!!! Yeah District leader is fun.. I just have to call everyone in my district every night and see what they did and get their numbers and then report them to the Zone Leaders.. Its boring. And every week i have to have a district meeting and teaching them and talk about what we can do better as a district. haha Theres 3 areas in my district, one area of Sister missionaries and the other two are Elders!
 Thats sooo sick that Jarhen leaves this week!! Im so excited for him!! you gotta say hi to hi and tell him that i love him. Say hi to the Makanoas also! i miss them soo much!! i always think about st george and all the memories weve have with them!! Thats awesome you guys barbequed yesterday.... Everytime i hear barbeque my mouth waters.... no body barbeques here!!!!!! :( I would love just a big old steak right off the grill, or an Elk steak just sizzleing!! We did find a barbeque place in San Jose when we went to the temple... the owner in Gringo and from Florida... he moved here like 10 years ago and started a barbeque place called Big Bills Barbeque... his name is Bill and hes really big! Hes also really nice to. He was like.. i heard on the news the other day that the Mormons are the best people to hire cuz you can trust them, then he was like... Do you guys want a job? haha it was funny. I baught a mix plate, it had ribs, brisquet, pork, and chicken... it was sooo amazing and awesome to eat like and American!! Ima barbeque every day when i get home!! :) In fact the other week i bought a grill so we can grill in the house. Weve barbequed a couple times :)
 No not the browning... Bucks gotta buy the Beneli!! its soo much sicker!! And when is buck gonna buy a new Hoyt? Ugh i cant wait to get home and buy my new bow!! And new Shotty.. and stuff to hunt! :) When are you gonna go coyote hunting?? get out in the woods dad!!!!! DId you talk to Buck about the cabin that you gotta buy together??!
  Alright well i love you guys.. talk to you soon!
Elder Christensen