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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, November 15, 2012

oct 15, 2012

Hey family,
   I love you guys a ton, Majerle and Maddi,,, please behave, and LIVE the gospel!! Mom and Dad, you need to disipline them more, that is great you are doing your family nights, and reading the scriptures, i cant tell you how many families here in the mission have changed their lives through scripture study of the book of mormon!! READ IT! tell majerle to read her emails, i sent her one!!
  That will be sick dad, to go to the pond, i bet you will love it!! Are you gonna go fly fishing, or rod fishing? Are you just gonna go by yourself, or with Buck or someone. I cant believe you are already 45 years old!! What an old fart!!! haha I hope you have a great bday!!
  That really bugs me about Majerle and Maddi. they better buck up!!
 So yeah i think that would be so much sicker to have my bedroom downstairs, that would be cool to have it when i get back. And then maybe after we could finish the rest of the basement together. But you can make my room and a bathroom down there now if you want. :) Dang i would love grandma to come!! tell her to get doing the thereapy, but obviously i think your desicion was correct dad. Is Jake and Tyler gonna be able to come? And Tonya is still coming right?
  So ALL my clothes are there still besides the Jordan jersey?? All my camo and everything right?? I sure hope so!! ha The elk looks sick up there in my room, maybe when i move my room downstairs we can change my upstairs room to the Trophy Room!! Lets do it!! Hey you guys never answered me about the texas thing.. do you think that would be possible for chase brock and their wives and Joe and lisa come and meet me in the airport on my way home..? what parts of texas do they live in? I havent gotten the package yet... hopefully it gets here soon!!
  Well i gotta go, sorry i didnt write so much, but i will talk to you next week!! Love you!!!
Elder Christensen

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