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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, November 15, 2012

nov 5 2012

Hey family, 
  how is everyone doing? how are you Majerle and Maddi? behaving?? How is everything with cheer mom? still staying busy? Oh and its just hard for me to answer all the questions cuz i only have an hour here on internet, and i can barely even finish the letter in time, you guys have ALL DAY to write me, so there is no excuse! haha But anyways Im doing great, my new comp is way cool, hes helping me focus and working hard. Today we went and played soccer again on a giant turf field, 11 on 11 people, it was sick! We played our zone, La Paz, against the zone Cartago. and of course we won! it was a blast. Im sooo tired though. 
  Thats crazy the basement is gonna be done when i get back, it will be way sick. Yeah just do whatever color,, as long as it is sick lookin. My room i dont know though.. make sure it is sick!! And the walk in gun safe???... we gotta build one of those.. we can make it like a bank vault, ya know?? Only 3 and a half months left.. that seems like a lot of time today for some reason, but it is soo short!!! The first place to eat when i get back, gotta be Rodizio baby!! you know me!! But it just depends on what time i will be arriving on the plane. I hope i get there in the after noon around 6 or something! The second day... i dont know... i need some clothes so we could go shop it up or something. I dont know. I wanna put all my pics on a slide show and then look at them together on the big screen tv.. with everyone.. that would be so sick! And just tell all the stories from the mish. I hope i can remember them all haha When is my homecoming gonna be? do you guys know? i bet it will be after the trip huh? That is gonna be hard to give a talk in english!! haha The first week back before the Cost Rica trip what should we do?? I will only have 2 months after before i start college if i do it in the summer semester.. that is crazy!! How are the plans for the trip though? what are we gonna do the 7 days there in Guanacaste? 
  Have you guys gotten out in the field lately? what slackers!! Tell Tyler to step it up a bit and get you guys out there to tag out!! 
 These last few months are gonna be crazy... everyday i just feel so weird know that its almost over.. im kinda nervous for whats gonna happen after the mish, i never felt nervous before until like a couple days ago. Im scared that all the temptations of all the crap are gonna hit me all at once, i dont like that! It is gonna be crazy!! I gotta get hitted quick so i dont have any temptations with them gals! haha Are you guys doing your family nights?
  Its crazy cuz the ward here in my area is having some problems with members.. they just arent dedicated. So we figured out the problem, none of them are doing the basic stuff.. reading the scrips, praying, and having their family nights! So the bishop bric started interviewing each family, one by one to make sure they are back on track, and now we are starting to see a diference. Its crazy how the basic and simple stuff are so important and make a huge diference. The mission work here is getting really hard.. before we were having a ton of babtisms, but now its really hard. We will se what happens! 
  Its weird, i feel really different ever since Lamo left.. i feel really home sick sometimes, and its hard. But everytime i leave the house i feel great and want to keep working. But its just hard when i come back to the house and in the mornings before we leave to work.
  How is braden doing? and chase. do you talk to them a lot? I miss them! I cant believe that the hansen family is all split up... im gonna miss having them all close by. Oh and do you remember Dallin Cutler.. bradens friend from high school.. im in the same exact area that he was in when he served here... and im helping one of his converts come back to church.. it really weird and cool! You gotta tell Braden. Well i gotta bounce, i love you all a ton.
 Elder Christensen

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