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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nov 12, 2012

 Hey fam,
 So we had a really busy day today.. and we finished playing football late, so i only have 10 minutes to write you guys :( But oh wel... i only have 3 months left haha that is crazy!! That is awesome you guys went to Lamos homecoming... the church is close to Nana and Papas house right? Im so excited for the trip back here.. ive been talking to the members and they wanna like throw a party in the church with all the members to have a dinner with us, but we will see.. i think i would rather visit each family one at a time though.. that would be better! I cant believe how fast time is going by. Life is gonna be sick after the mish.. i have a feeling that i need to get married quickly though.. just so i can focus on studies and my goals and stuff, cuz i think my wife would be  a big help through everything. We will see though, i gotta search diligently for my baby girl. haha So tell Majerle and Maddi to be looking around for me, so i can find her quickly, shes gotta be a cutie though! I cant wait to see you guys going down the escelator in the airport. I feel really good though, we are working hard with the ward and the members and im loving it! I feel like im working harder then i ever have in my entire mission! So that is good! President said that how i work and finish the mission will determine how i will endure in my job, studies and everything. So i wanna work really hard! Its crazy how you can feel the difference of the power of the holy ghost when you are being obedient and working hard. I like it a lot! When Lisa comes to Utah you dont invite her to church or anything? Or ask if they are listening to the missionaries?? You guys gotta share the blessings... come on! We gotta focus on Joe and Lisa, Jake, and Tonya and Nate... they would all be great members and future eternal families!! Hows Grandma?  Well fam, i gotta go.. but you guys get into action with them. Love you guys a ton!!! 
  Elder Christensen

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