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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oct 22, 2012

hey family,
  How is everyone there? Im pretty good!! Wow these past two days have been really trunky with elder lamoreaux, just saying his goodbyes to the members!! haha I hope my new comp is a hard worker so i can finish really really strong!! And yes i am staying in La Loma.. i think i might stay here til the end of my mish. Only 4 months... time goes by so freakin fast it is crazy!! So everythig still good and planned for the trip back? Are we gonna go to Manual Antonio? i think it would be sick for like half a day or something!! So the first 3 days we could go visit the members and stuff and go to the temple... im pretty sure that the temple is open on saturdays.. so we could go on the 9th of March early in the morning and then head to Turrialba and Paraiso to go visit some members there, and then on sunday we could come back here to La Loma and go to church and then after visit the members here.? Sound good? what time do we get to Costa Rica on the 8th??? what could we do on that day? go meet president Wilkinson and his fam? Who is all going on the trip still?? Did you talk to Kenzie???? please try and get her to come, i would love that!
  So what else is new? I bet it is crazy mom, with all the stuff you do, your great!! So is it hard to remember everything for like the cheer routines and all that? Do you get payed? How much longer are you gonna be doing it for? Just until Majerle graduates? Are there any cute gals on the team that you could talk me up about and stuff? haha Be searching among them to see if one is dateable!! :)
  Oh and about the basement... that will be sick... i have it ALL planned out baby!! i drew a pic, but i forgot to bring it!! You should put my room in the far north corner, not where the weight room is... and the bathroom right next to it, next week i will send you the pic of how i think it would be sick!! And then we can make the room where the weight set is a gym, and then on the big wall where the stairs are and next to the ping pong table can be the trophy wall!! You should put half carpet and half staned cement.. that would be sick.. cuz i would like some couches and a tv down there by my room. And then also, next to the fruit room, we HAVE to have a walk in gun safe baby... how sick would that be? we gotta do it!! but you should save that part so that i can build it with you dad!! It will be sick! Im pretty positive that i wanna go to UVU, but it aint for sure yet... i still wanna pray more about it and see what the big man wants me to do!! 
  I still havent gotten the package!!! :( how weird is that... i might get it tomorrow... hopefully it has gotten here by now!! Tomorrow is the change meeting! Today is my last day with elder Lamoreaux! :( im gonna miss him! Oh his homecoming is on March 11th, and its in the chapel right by Nana and Papa, he almost lives right by them now. He lives like right next to the Iceberg and Kneaders there by Nana and Papas. So you guys gotta go!! 
  So the work is going great!! there are some families that are really sick that we are teaching... they are just not wanting to get babtised quite yet... even tho they are ready and have testimonies and everything... there is another family that is awesome that is just waiting for the dad to get the papers from his divorce with his exwife so he can get married with his wife to be able to get babtised!! They are SOOO awesome though.. they read the BOM everyday without missing a single day!! The work is going great!!!
  Well i love you guys a ton, take care and talk to you next week!!
Elder Christensen

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