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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

oct 8 2012

Hey family, whats up?
  Im doing really well, we had a great conference weekend... i hate how fast it went though!! UGH, conference is like Christmas when youre on the mission. haha i loved it a ton!! We downloaded the talks onto Lamos ipod so we can listen to them again, haha We watched it there in the church, it was sick cuz me and Lamo watched it in English in the office of the church on the internet, so we had a private room to ourselves haha After the priesthood session on saturday, this member took us out to eat chinese food, it was really nice!! That member is sick, i wanna come back and visit him with you guys, he speaks english like a gringo.. i swear he is a gringo!! Thats sooo crazy about the missionary age now... Im soo mad... now there are gonna be so much hotter sister missionaries cuz usually before, all the ugly ones that couldnt get married headed out to waste time, but now all the hot ones can leave and still get married young... classic!! what im mad about is that i wasnt able to see all of them in the MTC... just a lil late. hahah jk but seriously.. 
  So your elk mount is sick dad.. it is actually a lot bigger than i thought it was!! Was it an old elk, cuz its got a sticker on the front brow tine.. that looks sick! Have you not gone out to fill your deer tag?? Get out there dude!! Also you need to go duck hunting and find some of the hot spots so you can take me when i get back... get out there in the field dude!! 
  So a couple days ago we had our normal interviews with President with the zone. it was great. I love interviews with President, in fact he helped me out a lot with my desicion on when to go to school, even though it wasnt my final interview, he asked me some questions about where and when i would go to school. So i was like, "should hunting be a part of my life?" and he was like of course... if you love it you gotta do it! And he said that he went to school in summer term and liked it a lot. If i were to go during the summer i would probably go to UVU, it would just be easier!! So he said it would be a good idea as long as it doesnt interfear with church and school during the summer. But i still need to do some more thinking and prayin! He also did the final interview of my comp and Lamo said it was awesome and now he knows exactly what he needs to do in life.. i cant wait for mine for him to help me!!
  Hey question... has is my room lookin? No one has taking or stolen anything right??! Please make sure its exactly how i left it!! All my camo still there and my arrows? everything still there?? I think i might keep the Carbon Element, would that be ok dad? Just keep your bow just incase and if i like the Element the we will do that, but we will see when i get back! Thanks for sending the package.. hopefully it gets here soon! :) 
   I cant believe you guys went to that resort there in Midway... i loved that place when we went there!! Just you guys and Buck and Trish and Nana and Papa went? 
 So yeah, Lamo leaves in like 2 weeks, im pretty sure that i will stay in La Loma though, cuz being a Zone Leader you have to know the area and usually they dont do a whitewash with zoneleaders, so its like a 90% chance that i will stay here for a couple more months, i might even die here and finish, i would like that a lot. President talked to us the other day and explained that he is gonna leave elders in their areas longer, for like 6-9 months normally, usually before it was like 2-4 months in one area haha 
   That will be so sic for nana and papa to go to Texas, im jealous, i wanna see Joe and Lisa so bad!! What do you guys think about them and Chase and Brock being in the airport in texas to visit and see them for a while before i head to SLC. I would love that! Are you serious about dads workers.. that is crazy! That is great for them!!
 Well i love you guys a ton!! Talk to you next week!!
Elder Christensen

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