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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, November 15, 2012

oct 29, 2012

Hey family, how is everyone??
  Im doing really well, my comps name is Elder Nape, he is mexican, i like him a lot!! Hes a really hard worker and should be could to keep me focused for the last couple months of my mish, i will probably have changes on the 3 of december though.. cuz i will have 6 months being here in La Loma. Holy cow time is really flyin by... not gonna lie.. the day after Lamo left, i was kinda depressed... haha just cuz i missed him and it was a big change from a gringo to a latino.. but its all good!! :) My comp only has a year in the mish. Oh and so you know... Lamoreauxs homecoming is on November 11th. So you should find him on facebook and look him up and call him, Justin Lamoreaux is his name.
  So that is sick you started the basement dad!! But i dont know what you think about this... what if you put my room over in the north west corner of the basement? And we could leave the gym where it was, and put a walk in gun safe right next to the fruit room?? would that work or no? And i would like some part of the basement to have carpet.. and then where the pool and pingpong table goes could be stained concrete...just cuz here in Costa Rica they dont have carpet! And my feet havent felt soft carpet in TWO years!! hahaAlso i would really like a walk in closet also.. so thats why i think it would be best to have my room over in the opposite corner of the gym. Like where the window is to the backyard. But tell me what you think would be best... cuz i want it to be sick!
 Wow papa is getting surgery.. that sucks! Are they still good to go on the trip?? Did you plan things out with Kenzie?? That is so sick that you are working now Majerle.ats sick you guys got out in the woodsfinally!!! You need to go out for a week straight dude... youre slackin!!! You need to put some antlers on the wall!
  So today we went to the zoo and stuff, it was sick! we saw a bunch of tucans, lion, jaguar, just the normal stuff haha So that is sick that you are crazy busy Mom, i bet your loving being cheercoach!!
 Hey you guys need to read my letters right before you write back... i feel like i ask a bunch of questions and then i never get the answer or anything!! haha READ and ANSWER my emails please!!And you guys never told me what you thought about the plan for the trip here, that i wrote last guys never answer my questions...! That is so crazy about the ward split... are there really that many members there in our neighborhood? How many members are in our ward now? Are they going to change the stake presidency? How is Papa and Nana doing with their callings? Have you heard anything about the missionaries going to Lisa and Joes house?? Hows Jake doing?
  So i still havent gotten the package!! how crazy is that?? what do you think happened to it? Are you guys excited for Halloweeen, and thanksgiving,,, and Christmas?? holy cow i still have a bunch of holidays left here in Costa Rica haha...
Well i love you guys a ton!!! Look and the drawing of the basement plans and tell me what you think.. if you can do it exactly like that... it would be best.. but your the contracter haha i know that you already started on my room over by the gym, but if you can maybe change it to over there in the other corner id love it, but if there is not enough room or any problem like that, i would still love it there where the gym was!!
 Elder Christensen

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