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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012

Whats up family!
  So its really cold here right now, i have a big cold and a cough. It feels like im in Utah cuz im so cold haha Its funny cuz like all the missionaries are getting sick too. So yeah we went to Costco today with Sister Wilkinson and she told me that you wrote her back, and i read your letter, it was funny. She is awesome though! I cant wait till you guys meet her, i talked to her about it and she was like... "Yeah!! lets do it, that would be awesome!" so yeah we gotta have a big family night in their house or something. 
  So how is the basement going? Hey i just wanted to check some things.. you are gonna put a WALKIN shower right? cuz i dont like bathtubs. Also could you put a walk in closet? And where are you gonna put all the huntin gear that we have?? Are you gonna put a WALKIN gun safe? What are you gonna do with the weight set? cuz i was plannin on using that a lot, so dont get rid of all the stuff!! Where are you gonna put the pool ping pong table at? This is gonna be sick to have the basement done! Are you gonna keep my same furniture that i had right? You should just leave all my stuff up in my old room until i get there and we can organize it how i want and put it down stairs together.. i would like that better. 
  Thats good your work is crazy busy Dad, are you gonna start expanding and hiring new employees? So are you gonna do residential and commercial alot still? What are your plans for the business in the future? You gotta make the business big baby! 
  Mom i cant believe you have so much stuff to do!! You are crazy.. How is the cheer team going? and the Relief Society ladies? How many active members are in our ward now? Do you think i will get a calling when i get back? I would like to go back to the nursery again... start out with something easy! haha How is your work at eyeQ doing? did you ever get that deal with the 300,000?
 I cant believe its already Thanksgiving... here they dont celebrate it, and there are no holidays during november. I cant believe your not going to St Geezy this year... i miss that place soooo bad!! What are you guys gonna do for Christmas? You guys gotta send me some pics of the house all decorated for Christmas and with the lights and everything!! Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year... I just have a great feeling when i think about Christmas!! Hey dont send me any big packages.. just save all that money for a couple months later... so i can use it there in Utah baby! :) 
 Oh just so you know... i will get home on the 28th of February.. im pretty sure! Its always a thursday when you get back, and its always 5 days after you start the mission. So February 28th i should be home. I have no clue when i get the flight plans though.. i think in like a month or so! But yeah, it wont be on the 23rd. I gotta get released that same night though and then after we can go to Rodizio baby!! That will be sick! 
  Hey what is the city center? you were talking about it like they sale costa rican food or something..? Yeah we will be eating at some cool places.. there are little shacks on every corner that sale food so we can just eat at places like that! It will be sick. Just tell everyone to fall my commands and we will be fine dinin baby! We also gotta hire a chef there in the beach house to cook some sicks meals that are native to here! The trip really is gonna be so sick though!! Are we gonna rent a couple cars or something??? Cuz if we dont its gonna be hard to get around.. at least for the first 3 days here...?
  Im doing great though, just enjoying the last couple months of the mish,... that is so crazy! Love you guys!
Elder Christensen

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