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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 28 2012

Hey family,
  how is everyone? im doing great! Im still sick tho.. ive had a cold for like 2 weeks now.. its cuz during the day its really really hot, and then in the evening and night it starts to rain hard and gets colder.. i think thats why im sick.. and i dont like walking around with an umbrella so i get wet a lot. But its all good. About the Axe deorderant... Axe is like the biggest brand of shampoo, spray, and deorderant that there is in the world... im positive that there is some there.. just gotta look harder.. make sure you get the chocolate scent. Look in walmart and stuff!! Also send me the Axe body wash, chocolate also...
 So Saturday we had only 7 out of the 11 people get babtised!! I was sad that the other family didnt get babtised. They seemed ready all week and we talked to them everyday to make sure everything was good and then Saturday we called them like at 1:00(they were suppose to get married and babtised at 5), and the guy didnt seem very excited and it just didnt feel right. So my comp and i decided to pray to see if that family was ready to get babtised or not.. so we prayed and recieved the answer that they werent ready and the other 2 families were ready, so only the 2 families got babtised! It was good tho.. The really really cool family are named Luis and Jenny... they have one son and they are a young couple.. they got babtised and are so awesome! We found them through a recent convert that i babtised like 2 months ago, he gave us the reference to go and teach them and now they are faithful members! The other bigger family are really cool too, they are just a lil wierd tho haha their names are Antonio, Luz, Oscar, Kathia and Xinia. Thats the other family that got babtised... Antonio is the really old guy.. he has 88 years old and can barely walk. He is a cute lil guy and was way excited to get babtised!! While we were babtising him my comp starts to dunk him in the water and i think the old guy got scared and didnt hold his breath.. so we dunked him under and he sucked in some water.. he came up choking and almost drowned... hahaa i  was soo scared so i start hittin his back so the water comes out and he stops choking. i then asked him if he was alright, and he said.... "of course everythings alright", and then he smiled.. ahhah CLassic case of almost drowning a old guy!! But he was really happy after. Then we babtised the rest of the family and everything went well. Then one of the ladies that got babtised after she got changed went back into the bathroom to get something that she left, and she fell!!(she has like 55 years old) SHe FELL!! and broke her fetching arm! it was crazy! so that was the first babtism ive had that has ended with an ambulance pulling out of the chapel! hahhaha but now shes fine... she got home from the hospital saturday night, and went to church sunday morning and was confirmed and everything! BUt it was just a funny night... next time i dont think im gonna babtised old people.. its dangereuos haha
 So last week was the interviews with Pres... they were awesome.. i love that guy! He was so excited that we were gonna have 3 families getting babtised!! He even cried in my interview cuz he was so happy! the fireplace looks awesome!! cant wait to come home and use it... perfect make out spot... ahha psych!!... but seriously!! I loved the videos you sent me... you guys need to send more pics and more videos!!! Clark is the real fisherman then huh? thats cool... you needa start goin up to provo to flyfish dad... you arent really being good at practicing all these things before i get home!! So this week you find out about your tags right? SEND THE PACKAGE TODAY!! FIND THE AXE STUFF!!
 Yeah i hope you guys can meet Pres Galvez one day..i bet hes gonna be a 70 or and apostle, so im sure that he will be in utah one day! THat would be cool for you guys to have him over for dinner one day before i get home and after! Mom thats really cool about your young women, i bet you love teaching girls like that!! I cant believe Majerle will be next... thats so awekward! Majerle did you dump you chump yet? I hope so... does he even hunt or fish?... you cant have a man like that in your like if he doesnt!! Same with you Maddi!!
   Well ima go.. were about to go barbeque some meat in the church and play RIsk or Settlers! :) Love you guys a ton, tell all the relatives i love them a ton, and the friends, and the members in the ward,, and just everyone!
 ELder Christensen

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