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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 21 2012

Hey fam! whats up!!
  So im great, just chillin here in the mish, I love it a lot. Today we are going to Guayabo, its the indian ruins here, so that should be cool! We are going with my district and some of the members. It should be fun.
  Thats sick that brennan graduated!! Hes awesome!! This next saturday we were gonna have 13 babtisms... and 3 families. But not very many of them came to church yesterday so some of them are gonna have to wait a week or two. But we do have a babtism of one family this saturday so that should be good!! Hopefully everything goes smoothly! Our district is doing very well also. I think every companionship is gonna babtise a family!!
 Oh thats sick you finally got the jerky done... send it sooon!! make a ton also!!! Try to get it here before the next change meeting... the 18th of June... so i can pick it up then in San Jose. Thanks for that!! Make sure you send all the stuff on the list that i sent lest time!
  We have our interviews with Galvez on wednesday.. that should be good. Im gonna miss him, He is from Guatemala. I dont know what they are gonna do next.. he will probably be an apostle or something like that.
  Thats sick you fixed the scooter dad.. i bet its sick! Thanks for that. I probably am not gonna take that to school mom, that would be awkward. That will be tite dad, the hiking and fishing trip... you need to get in shape for when we are hunting everyday!
 Alright well i gotta bounce... we gotta take the bus to the ruins. But i love you guys a ton. sorry the letter was so short.
 Elder Christensen

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