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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4 2012

Hey whats up family!!
  So everything is good, im likin the mish and everything!! Today is gonna be fun.. first we played Settler of Catan.. i hadnt played that game for ever, so that was fun, and now we are going to have a conference with the Vice President of Costa Rica, he wants to know more about the missionaries and stuff so hes coming to one of our conferences. It should be pretty cool... it woulda be cooler to have the president herself but oh well!! This next week we will have 2 more babtisms of some young guys.. one of them is like 23 years old, and the other is 19. They are way cool and both of them could end up going on a mission. That would be cool!! The third family that was gonna get babtised just arent ready.. we actually stopped teaching them cuz they just arent gonna progres.. they dont have the desire big enough. But were findin some more people... we should have another family get babtised on the 16th... they are awesome just waiting on their divorce papers of his last marriage so that they can get married and babtised. 
  Thats funny you dont like summer mom... i like it but it would be so much cooler if the summer break was in fallish-winter... so you could get out huntin easier. Thats sick you drew out a deer tag dad!!! im so excited for you!! ugh thats awesome!! bear lake huh? that will be sick with the cabin right there... thats why we need a cabin!! have you guys gone up there yet to spot...? you needa start spottin some deer and the areas that you want to hunt so you can have a good season!! Gotta get on that dad! Is your bow in tune and what not? have you not been shootin lately? Go down to the river bottoms and get your bow sighted in and everything ready!! Dont use my arrows!! Is buck gonna use his Mathews bow or buy a Hoyt? Oh my gosh i wanna go spottin for deer and get ready for the season and stuff.. your so lucky!!! So you can hunt the wasatch also for deer?? that will be way sick!! with a deer and elk tag!! 
  Fetch those girls with their dang boyfriends!!! They never answered me if they at least hunt or fish or somethin!! They gotta find some new ones!! Thats fun you gotta give a talk mom.. you should talk about.... i dont know i cant think of anything right now.. but im sure it will be great!! Gosh ya gotta get that package out... did you get the axe and stuff? I hope it gets here before the 18th.... cuz that will be the last time i go to San Jose for a while.. so make sure you send it today!!! Make sure the bed sheets are the right size.. cuz the beds sheets that we bought when i came to the mission were HUUUGE and way too big!! So you gotta by the smallest size!! I was thinking it also would be cool if you bought some like bed sheets from Cabelas like with deer or elk or Bone Collector brand.. that would be cool,, maybe if you guys havent sent it off yet you guys could go buy that.. haha 
  You hired some more mexicans... thats funny!! That will be cool to expand your business!! How is the biz goin by the way? Holy cow Bindrup is gettin married!!! thats crazy hahah So about the trip after the mish.. you should just schedule it 2 weeks after the 23rd! Because i complete 2 years the 23rd... that is a saturday and usually you come home on a thursday.. so it will be the 28th when i get home at the latest... so put it for like the second week of march (11th or 12th of March). That will be perfect!! Have you guys been looking at some places to go? like Guanacaste or cool places? Is there not like a travel agency that you guys can go so the agent can help you find some cool place here in Costa Rica? That would be good! Whats up with the pictures.. you havent sent any in a while.. or videos? get on that! haha
  Well i love you guys a ton, and talk to you next week,, get that package sent off!
Love Elder Christensen

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