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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hey family!! whats up!!
 So I had changes... yes dad change meetings are always on Mondays haha...I was sad to leave turrialba... I loved that area.. but I wanna go back there when we are on our trip!! So now I'm in an area called La Loma. Its kinda in San Jose. I got made Zone Leader, so that's pretty cool. This zone is huge though.. there are 3 districts and like 18 missionaries. My comps name is Elder Velasquez.. he's from Honduras.. he seems really cool! I'm just excited tho to be zone leader. It should be way fun!
 So I got my package! Thanks a lot!! the only thing is when I got it, it was all wet with shampoo!! one of the shampoo bottles exploded and the magazines got soaked and the jerky and stuff.. 2 of the bags of jerky had a ton of mold on them and stuff, but the other 2 were fine, in fact I ate one bag, and shared half of the other with other missionaries and then gave the other half of the bag to President Galvez! Last week President called me in the morning one day and invited me and my comp to lunch at his house, I was way excited. We got there and talked with sister Galvez for a bit waiting for President to get there and then he got there and we ate... the Sister Galvez had made BBQ ribs for us and mashed potatoes and stuff... a HUGE feast!! And we ate lunch with President and Sister Galvez and one of their daughters.. it was really fun!! He invited us there cuz we baptised 2 families that month. It was good to spend some quality time with him before he leaves. The whole time ALL we talked about was hunting... hahah funny huh!! President was so interested and so was his wife, they asked me a bunch of questions about it, it was fun, and I told them that you had sent some Elk Jerky so that they could try it! That's why I gave them a bag of it today at transfers meeting!
  This transfer meeting was really weird today, cuz it is the last one with President Galvez!! It was SOOO awesome!! We watched a video that all the missionaries had made for him saying goodbye and stuff and it was cool. Then he talked about President Wilkinson a little bit and he told us about his family. Then he explained  a ton about his own life and the story of when he received the calling to be the president of the mission 3 years ago! And then their whole family bore their final testimonies and it was sooo cool!! Then their family got in a line in front so that we could go and do a line and say goodbye to every missionary! It was a really cool day.. I'm so sad that he is leaving tho!! The testimonies from Presidents kids were so awesome!! All they talked about was how good of a dad President is and how the mission has changed all of their lives soo much!! It was cool! The new President gets here in like 2 weeks... I don't know if you guys already missed the farewell or not?? cuz he said that the new president enters the MTC this next Saturday or something!! You should find out when it is or if it already happened!
 Mom I'm glad you had such a good birthday!! I love you!! And I bet your talk in church was awesome! Happy FATHERS day yesterday dad!!! I love you a ton!!!
  Hey the catalog that you sent wasn't the right one... it only had like some things that cabelas sells... it didn't have everything! What I wanted was the Master Catalog, that has every little thing that is there at cabelas.. its like as thick as the bible!! You should ask buck what it looks like, cuz when me and him went hunting in Trisha's cousins cabin there was one there and it was huge!! The one that you guys sent didn't even have shotguns or pistols or rifles or archery stuff... nothing haha maybe you could go to cabelas and get that for me please :) Oh and do you know what picture I was talking about in grandmas house? the one with all the fam in the mountains? If you could take that to a copy center and have it photocopied and send it to me by email.. that would be awesome!! :) I really want that picture!!
  So that's good the girls are busy these days!! That's a good thing that efy was strict.. them girls need some structure!! I cant believe majerle is a cheer leader... hahah classic!! that's funny that you thought it was Costa Rica playing there in salt lake mom... haha I cant believe that!
  So in 2 months the deer season starts? how long in the general season?? When are you guys gonna go up there to go spottin? you have to go before the season starts to be able to get ready!! why did you spend money on a smoker when you coulda bought a new bow, or some better binoculars?? You gotta get your priorities straight dad! haha I wanna go on a guided hunt when I get back.. so where do you think we should go? Montana? Colorado? or we could go there in Utah with Mossback Outfitters? I wanna get a trophy elk!!
 Any news on the Costa Rican trip? have you planned it yet?? I haven't written Joe and Lisa or Papa and Nana for forever!! i feel sooooo bad! I don't have time today but next week I'm gonna try and write them!!! Its just 1 hour of writing time is soooo short!!!
  Well that's pretty much all that's goin on here in the mish... gotta send me some more pics and stuff.. Try and get me the pic of the family and grandmas house! And I don't know if you could get the other Catalog from cabelas.. but I would really really really like it! :)
  I love you guys a ton!! take care!!
 Elder Christensen

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