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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 14th 2012

Hola familia!! todo tuanis?  HAPPPPYY BIRTHDAY yesterday MOM!!!! I LOVE YOU!!
  Im doin really well.. here working hard. We babtised a 23 year old last saturday! It was a fun babtism... he is from Nicaragua... im pretty sure that all the people here are from there cuz practically all my recent converts are from there haha classic!! This saturday we should have a family getting babtised... they are all ready and way excited its just were waiting on his divorce papers to get here... last sunday we fasted with them and there kids so that they would get the papers.. so we will see if they can get babtised this week or the next... the only problem is i dont know if im gonna be here in turrialba next week cuz changes are on the 18th... i probably will have changes but i hope not... it could happen that i dont so im praying!! The family that just got babtised a couple weeks ago are really good... the wife just got assigned her companion and stuff to be a visiting teacher, she got assinged to visit teach her mom and another family... but she was soooo excited!! We heard from a member that she was going on and on just about how happy she was to recieve a calling of some sort... cuz shes never felt like she was worth something or had a purpose in life before until she recieved that calling... i was really happy to here how happy the gospel is making her!!
  I dont know where i would be sent to if i have changes... that is gonna be weird.. cuz ill probably go somewhere really really hot and i dont want to! haha Those videos were really sick!! thanks for sending them dad! I dont have very much time today... so i gotta write quick!! but do you know how many days they said it would take for the package to get there? Thanks for the package, i hope i get it soon!! PAPA HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALSO!! I LOVE YOU!
 Well i gotta go really quick... we have to go to san jose cuz were gonna have a conference with two elders of the seventy! Elder Martino, and Elder something i forgot what his name is! but it should be good! love you guys tons! Say hi to papa and nana, and joe and lisa, and jake and tyler, and the sisters, and grandma, the cousins, and buck and trish.... everyone!!! love you guys!!
 Elder Christensen

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