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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hola family!!
  how is everyone doin? im doing great, we just got out of a sick meeting with president Galvez, it was a Zone Cousel Meeting. All the zone leaders of the whole mission were there, there are 11 zones by the way. And we presented what happened last month, how many babtisms, lessons, new investigators, etc... of all the zones for the month of June. In our zone we only babtized 2 families, 4 men, and 11 people. :( The whole mission only babtised 39 families and 111 people in total for June. It was not a good month!! But the thing is that me and my comp did babtise a family last saturday! :) we also babtised a 21 year old kid.. hes awesome!!! But we are having a lot of challenges in the zone... theres some missionaries that dont want to work and just sit in the house all day.. and some that dont know how to challenge people to get babtised.. and some that dont know how to teach very well.. theres all sorts of things going on, but we got it under control! haha I like being a zone leader a lot! We also presented the new goal for the zone for the month of July, 6 families, 7 men, and 20 babtisms... we are gonna complete it! The new goal for the mission for July is 61 families, 73 men, and 123 babtisms. It should be good. The new President comes next week... crazy!! i think today was the last time i am gonna see Pres. Galvez during the mission! He did such and awesome talk after we talked about the goals.. he is soooo awesome!!!!
   Thats sick you went to cheer camp Majerle... did you like it? Do you have any friends on the team? Maddi did you like trek? i bet it was so fun with Buck and Trish. Tell me what you learned!!! Thats so awesome jake has been sober for 1 year!! I saw his long hair!! That is soooo funny! I loved the video of them... i miss papa and nana soo much!! Thats so cool that Joe and Lisa are doing good!! I love hearing about them!! I cant believe he bought a lab.. thats awesome.. joey has always wanted a dog!! Now hes just gotta train it to go duck huntin!!
  Thats cool you guys got to teach that class mom and dad! I bet the teenagers love you guys!! Do you think you guys are gonna get called to teach it when dad gets released or do you think that dad will be called to be Bishop or Stake President? haha I wonder what calling im gonna have when i get back?? i want to be president of the nursery!! Thatd be sick! haha
 So the catalog that you order how big is it? cuz the one i saw and read was like as big as the bible... make sure its that one!! That has guns and bows and archery stuff... everything.. :) Hey and maybe you could send me the newest Hoyt Bow Catalog... thatd be sick also!! And you never answered me about the picture of the family in grandmas house.... are you guys ignoring me?? Also i have some cool hotels that would be good for the trip.. just look them up and tell me what you think....
    -Flamingo Beach Resort-  Guanacaste, Costa Rica-
    -Flamingo Marina Resort-
** -Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa- This is my favorite i think...
    -Paradisus Playa Conchal Hotel-
    -JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa-
 I found a tourist book for Costa Rica in the new house that we are living in and it had some pictures and discriptions about these places.. i dont know though... check them out and tell me what you think... they looked pretty cool to me.. but also you need to talk the the travel agents and the members in the ward to see what they think also!! Get it planned baby!!
   So there is this Elder here, his name is Elder Miller.. hes from west jordan. His in my zone and hes a hunter too, he loves it and were pretty chill now. We have some plans for after the mish, imma teach him how to bow hunt, and he teaches me how to duck hunt.. Hes a duck hunting finatic! He usually hunts elk with black powder rifle, but he wants to switch to bow. Hes way sick.. hes in the new picture that i sent with us two and the bulldog! We were both thinkin about goin down to SUU to study... just for the Harvest Festival to have vacation time to hunt. Hey... question.... is there any way i can go to school during the summer months so i can have hunting season completly free?? Im sure there is some way to be able to do that!! You should find out mom!
   You guys have some homework to do!!!...
         - Send me the Picture of our family that is in grandmas house(Mom)
         - Look up these Hotels and tell me which one you guys choose! (Dad and Mom)
        - Send me the Cabelas Catalog!!! when should it be here?(mom)
         - Get out and spot deer and elk for this deer/elk season in august! (Dad and Buck)
  I think thats pretty much it! How is the rest of the family, how are the Hansens. And the Makanoas, and Brennan and Tonya, and everyone?? I miss everyone so much!!!
      Well love you guys a ton! Talk to ya later
  Elder Christensen

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