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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 2, 2012

What up!!!
  Hey family how are you guys? im doing really well.. liking my area and my comp and my zone... its fun! So today we went to costco and bought some stuff, i bought Mac and cheese, and Peanut Butter and Jelly and some other nick nacks. Then we went and played risk with some of the zone. And thats pretty much all we did,, kinda a boring day! But still fun! 
 So yeah President Wilkinson got here on Friday.. and President Galvez left Saturday afternoon. We have not met him yet, but we have interviews with him on the 5th of July! So that should be really good!! 
 Dad!!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!! i am so excited for you guys!! Youre gonna tag a huge bull man!!! You have to do everything to tag out man!! You really bought trail cams? that is so sick... finally you are taking this seriously man!! Thats what i like to hear!! Go out and spot as soon as you can!! Get ready for it baby... you got six weeks...!!! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!! Dude that is soo awesome! Where is the private property at? which canyon? UGH i cant wait to get out and hunt... you gotta tag a huge bull just for me!! You gotta get your bow ready and you cant use my arrows tho... go buy some really good ones at Cabelas!! 
    Thats crazy that you got interviewed mom... that will be really cool... did dad not get interviewed?? I bet the bishopbric dinner went really good... thats cool you are getting to use your smoker a lot dad!! Yeah i actually would love some more jerky.. you should try a diferent recipe this time too.. and smoke it obviously. So hey i dont know how well the picture of the family at grandmas house is gonna turn out.. did you not take it to a kinkos and get it scaned to be able to send it? so the quality was better,... or did you just take a pic of it with a cam? Cuz the quality isnt that great... i dont wanna sound annoying but i want it to be good quality so that i can print it out and have it to show to people here!! So if you guys could do that as soon as posible... take all three of the photos(the family with the mountain, the grandkids, and the modern one of the family) to kinkos and make sure its the best quality that you can get it, to send it to me by email.. i would love that!! :):) Thats so sick that the Hunting Bible got there... how long is it gonna take to get here??
  That is crazy that there are so many fires lately... its actually a really good thing for the wild animal population so that there are new shrubs so they can eat and stuff and the population will go up more!!! 
  Thats awesome you guys are startin to get the trip planned... i would like to stay in Guanacaste tho... that seems to be the place where everyone likes... just cuz its right next to the beach... the other resort sounds cool mom, but its kinda in the mountains and not really close to the beach... but idk... whatever you guys think would be better. 
  Well i love you guys a ton!!!! Keep on huntin, and working, and being good in your church calling, and all that good stuff!!! Talk to ya next weeek
 Elder Christensen

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