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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 2 2012

Hey fam!!
   So im doing great. CHillin here in Turriabla. Its starting to get a lot hotter here also!! :( I hate walking around in the heat...i think thats why i liked Paraiso so much cuz it was like utah weather!! General Conference was bomb.. I got to watch it by myself pretty much the whole time... The members and stuff watched it in the Sacrament room and i watched it in a different room cuz they had it in english too. Its not that i cant understand it in spanish... i just hate the voices of the translaters... theres like no emotion in their voices.. so i watched it in english to listen to the voice of the profet. It was sick! We had some investigators come and stuff and they loved it! Thats awesome you got to sit with Ben and Jer at the priesthood sesh!! 
 We are teaching a lot of families right now... the only problem is getting them to church.. they all want to come but just dont make the commitment... they ether have to work or they have family come in town.. just stupid stuff!!! I love how in Utah no one works on sunday... its so cool! I dont wanna talk bad about other churches.... but.... its pretty obvious that none of the others are true when everyone else works on sunday... and the Sabbath day is a HUGE commandment! Classic case of people being ignorant!! haha I have grow to hate a lot of the other doctrines of the other churches.. that might sound bad... but really the other churches are like condemning their members with all their stupid doctrine... Im so sick of hearing about doctrine that doesnt even make sense from people!!!
  I love the books of the church... the manuals, the guides,... all of them are soo sick and so plane and simple to understand. Thats my favorite part about the true doctrine of Crist is that not one doctrine that the church teaches contradicts itself according to what it says in the bible. And every other church has at least 5 bigs things that are not in harmony with the bible. Its so simple to see that this stuff is true that sometimes i get frustrated with the investigators!! haha Sometimes i get sick of the mission just cuz that reason.. its like the same thing everyday and sometimes im just thinking "only 10 months left" haha...... but then everyonce in a while you find a family that understands it and accepts it... and that makes it all worth it!!! :) I love teaching families about how they can live together forever! its TITE!
 Yeah mothers day is acutally pretty soon... that will be crazy to talk to you guys again!! I havent got my package yet but hopfully soon. Im gonna go to the doctors first to see what is wrong with my eyes and see why they are so stressed, because my forehead really bugs me... sometimes i cant even consentrate during a lesson and i hate it so much!!! Yeah District leader is fun.. I just have to call everyone in my district every night and see what they did and get their numbers and then report them to the Zone Leaders.. Its boring. And every week i have to have a district meeting and teaching them and talk about what we can do better as a district. haha Theres 3 areas in my district, one area of Sister missionaries and the other two are Elders!
 Thats sooo sick that Jarhen leaves this week!! Im so excited for him!! you gotta say hi to hi and tell him that i love him. Say hi to the Makanoas also! i miss them soo much!! i always think about st george and all the memories weve have with them!! Thats awesome you guys barbequed yesterday.... Everytime i hear barbeque my mouth waters.... no body barbeques here!!!!!! :( I would love just a big old steak right off the grill, or an Elk steak just sizzleing!! We did find a barbeque place in San Jose when we went to the temple... the owner in Gringo and from Florida... he moved here like 10 years ago and started a barbeque place called Big Bills Barbeque... his name is Bill and hes really big! Hes also really nice to. He was like.. i heard on the news the other day that the Mormons are the best people to hire cuz you can trust them, then he was like... Do you guys want a job? haha it was funny. I baught a mix plate, it had ribs, brisquet, pork, and chicken... it was sooo amazing and awesome to eat like and American!! Ima barbeque every day when i get home!! :) In fact the other week i bought a grill so we can grill in the house. Weve barbequed a couple times :)
 No not the browning... Bucks gotta buy the Beneli!! its soo much sicker!! And when is buck gonna buy a new Hoyt? Ugh i cant wait to get home and buy my new bow!! And new Shotty.. and stuff to hunt! :) When are you gonna go coyote hunting?? get out in the woods dad!!!!! DId you talk to Buck about the cabin that you gotta buy together??!
  Alright well i love you guys.. talk to you soon!
Elder Christensen

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