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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 9 2012

Whats up family!

WHAT!!.... Majerle went to the Jason Aldean concert?!!! That really makes me jealous! That was the best concert ever that i went to!! Thats really cool tho!
 Which day was easter? was it last sunday right? i actually totally forgot until i got to church and the gringo family wished me happy easter haha Its cuz here in Costa Rica its a lil different! Instead of easter the have what is called Semana Santa... or Holy Week. So pretty much the whole week is a vacation for everyone.. Monday through Wednesday not very many people worked, and Thursday and Friday, NO BODY worked... every single store was closed those days and everyone was busy... it was some pretty bad days for missionary work! In fact president changed Pday to be Friday cuz he knew that we werent gonna be able to do much.. It felt like a Sunday in Utah cuz all the stores were closed hahaha and there were no buses anywhere and we pretty much have to use buses like 5 times a day at least. But Elder Nelson, my old comp, came to my area to do divisions on thursday.. it was cool, so i got to spend a couple days with him and work again with him it was chill. I hate these cathlic people here... you know what they did the whole weekend? Friday the church and about 500 people took a fake dumby that looked like Christ and they hung him up on a cross in the middle of the main park. Then they took him down and at night started parading through the streets with the "dead body" with like 50 people dressed up as Roman soldiers and a big statue of Mary. By the way.. they worship Mary here more than they worship Jesus... the statue of her had a big golden crown and it was pure apostasty!! They pretty much reacted the crucifiction of Christ... it was really rediculiously stupid. Did you know they pray to Mary and they think that she is the queen of the heavens...!! 
  Well anyways... today we went to Paraiso to chill with our district. It was fun... its so weird being right next to my old area!! We went to walmart to but a bunch of macaroni and cheese for my house here in Turri. and then we went and bought pizza and took it to the church and played monopoli. It was pretty fun. 
  So about the glasses... i dont know if i like to use glasses... they dont work that well ether! And the contacts are horrible!! i was literally prying my eyes open for 2 hours trying to get them in my eyes! i tried and i tried for 2 hours and i gave up,,, i couldnt put them in... and then the next day i tried again and i finally got them in after a half an hour!! My eye lids are all red from pullin my eyes open so hard. haha And the contacts dont work very well... they make my eyes water so i cant really see with them in cuz theyre so blurry cuz my eyes are watering! Hopefully they will get better once i get use to them!! 
  Thats crazy Majerle is trying out for chearleader! Whats maddi gonna do? That really is crazy that Jaron is just barely headin on the mish! Did you guys get a pic with him before they took him to the MTC? That will be fun for aubrey to live up there!! Maybe Kenzie and Aubrey will both get married soon?! that would be cool! haha
  Thats good you guys are keepin my advice feeding the missionaries... Those missionaries in Utah have it sooooo easy... Its not even a mission!! They get fed soo much cuz everyone is a member and they babtize so many more people!! I mean i love my mish and everything... but im excited to get home :) Most of the time, all i wanna do is just head out and go shoot stuff, or just go campin and chill out in the mountain. Thats what i day dream about all day. haha I always picture myself passin by walmart in my chevy to pic up a box a shells to go bunny blastin down by the lake... ahhhh :) Thats gonna be the life! But there is one thing that i really really cant wait to do... just chill in the woods in silence and without any worries in the world.. just reading the book of mormon while im out there relaxing and hunting and praying like Enos did. Thats my dream! 
  Burgener hasnt come by the house yet?? omy gosh thats gay.. hopefully he comes by soon to bring you guys the stuff!! I gave him our address and stuff but not your phone number.. maybe you should look him up on facebook and tell him to get over ther asap. Dad you tried a mamon chino? the fuzzy fruit? where in the world did you get them from??
 So my comp is way cool... hes really mellow and chill and relaxed. I like him! We have so good families that should be gettin babtised soon! This ward is pretty cool. There are really  cool members. They actually have been giving us a lot more food lately! I like it! We found a cook here also... were actually paying a Soda here to cook for us.. A Soda by the way is like a small restaurant... i dont know what it would be called in english... i think maybe a diner or something... But they gave us a really good deal so we just pay the lady every month 28,000 colones, which is like 60 bucks.
 Well i dont know what else to tell ya guys so ima go now. But i love you guys a ton and talk to you next week!!
  Elder Christensen

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