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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey family, how is everyone?
  I'm doing really well!! I love the mish it really is awesome! My spanish is gettin pretty good... some say that i speak as the ticos speak. haha My comp is really cool too, he is way tranquilo and stuff so its cool just chillin with him. He doesnt talk that much usually, but when he gets started he never stops haha.
  So this last week we had another baptism, her name is Dayana and shes 13, he dad is a member but her mom isn't. She has been going to young women's activities for like 2 or 3 months and has a lot of friends that are members.. and shes way cool!! We started teaching her last week and she got baptized last Saturday.. it was really fast but was really good too. When we challenged her to get baptised in just a few days she was a little nervous and didn't feel ready. But then we told her that we were gonna ask heavenly father to see what he thought. So we all got down on our knees right then and i asked her to do the prayer and ask him if she needed to get baptized on Saturday at 8 at night, she did it, and received her answer. She asked God that direct question and 5 seconds after saying "amen" and finishing her prayer she began to weep with a huge smile on her face. She then said, "Si", which in Spanish of course means "Yes." She had received a direct answer from god right then and she new it with out a doubt!! When then called her dad and she told him the good news, but he was on a trip for his work and wasn't gonna get back til Monday. but he told her that he'd be there at 8 at night. So we planned the baptism the next day and invited everyone, she was way excited, and her dad was gonna baptise her himself. So Saturday we get there at 8 and all the young women's and young men's were there to support her, it was so awesome!! And her dad got to baptise her!
  Here in the zone we were not gonna be able to complete the goal of our baptisms, but we did a prayer as a zone and asked for help to be able to complete it. Our goal as a zone was 3 families, 4 Men, and 10 baptisms in total. We all worked really hard to be able to complete the goal for April. At the end we ended up with 4 families, 4 men, and only 9 baptisms..... SOO CLOOOSE!! We almost did it, but we did our best also. 
  That is so sick that you guys finally met Burgener!! What did he tell you? haha You guys gotta practice the recipes of the ones that i highlighted!! Did you like the shirts, and the wooden painting too? So did Burgener tell you about his girl? Chelsea i think her name is..?  So what kind of tree is the one that you guys bought?? So is majerle a junior or a senior and maddi a sophmore?? So yeah i dont know what the plan is for mothers day.. i assume it is the 13th but i will find out soon.  
  So thats crazy the draft is next week.. thatll be sick to see what you draw out for. What happens if you get a goat tag? where would you go? Where did you put in for deer? and elk? I wanna hunt sooooo bad!!!
 How many of the videos did you get? you liked them? Its so funny cuz the videos with the other missionaries here in the zone are like crazy. Everyone has the language of me and Matt and T, like everyone always talks about Bindrup and they always say, "call Bindrup!" haha and stuff like that... its classic!! Oh the music was coming from that store in front, Turribasicos. It usually isnt playing so its not that annoying! What pictures of little kids dad? So transfers are in a week, who knows i could have changes but i think i will stay. I would like it ether way! Today and tomorrow is the meeting for all the leaders with president galvez. That should be good, we have to go and present our goals and the babtisms that we had and stuff. Our zone is gonna get a head chop cuz we didnt complete the goal! :( Thats awesome that majerle and maddi are busy. I cant believe majerle is a cheerleader haha classic!! Tell everyone hi for me and that i love them!!
  Well i gotta go, but i love you guys a ton and talk to you next week! :)
 Elder Christensen

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