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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 16, 2012

What up fam.

 Hey so how are you guys? Im doing great! Not gonna lie... these past couple weeks ive been really trunky and homesick. I dont know why! I just like cant stop thinking about home and stuff... Im still working really hard and stuff its just im not totally focused for some reason... Last the last 5 months ive been way focused and stuff but right now i hit like a peak of homesickness :(
  So today was cool... our whole zone came here to turrialba to go to some waterfalls. It was really really pretty and cool! The waterfalls were huge! THere was a bunch of gringos there swimmin and stuff...i was a little jealous cuz i wanted to swim to. haha None of us have a connector for our cameras right now so i cant send you the pics until next monday!! But we saw a bunch of tucans and some sloths and stuff. it was really pretty!! And we came back and came here to do internet and then were gonna go buy some pizzas!! So it is a good Pday! 
 Honestly the thing i miss most about being home is the food.... i can not wait to just eat all day and snack all day long when i get back.!! I cant wait to just buy a little ceasars pizza every day and have meat on the grill for lunch everyday!! its gonna be so sick!! 
  So thats way sick that majerle made chear leader!!! that should be good for her so she gets of her lazy butt!! Whats maddi gonna do? Not play soccer? Thats good they got their blessings... what do they say.. are they ever gonna get married?? haha Wait i dont get it... we can get a copy of the patriartical blessings of our dead ancestors?? i want one of Grandpa Arnold! I miss him a ton!! I always think about golfing with him, and going to jacksonhole in the motor home fishing! He was so awesome!! 
  So i stopped using my contacts.. i hate them cuz they are so blurry... i can put them in somewhat easily now.. but while they are in my eyes they are blurry.. Like sometimes i can see well with them for like 10 minutes.. and then after that they get blurry.. there is something wrong with my eyes... Maybe i should just get lasic surgery when i get back!
  I dont know why.. but im just like tired of missionary work... like im not as excited as i was a month a go... :( Its hard for me to knock doors or contact a family in the street now... before it was fun.. but right now im just unanimated. But hopefully it is just a fase in the mish and it will go away soon!!
 Well i love you guys a ton! I dont have a lot of time to write to everyone.. i feel bad.. i wanna write nana and papa and grandma and everyone but its hard with only and hour.. i will try the next monday! Tell everyone i love them!!!
 Elder Christensen

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