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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hey family! Hows it going? Im doing great.
 So this last week was good. We had some good lessons and found some great
new families and stuff!! I really like  this area... its wierd cuz every
new area that i go to i like it more than the rest.. so right now this is
my favorite area ive had... but before here... Paraiso was my favorite.. i
dont know what its like that but it is. haha So Saturday Elder Burgener
called and told us that my comp had changes... So pretty much all sunday we
were visiting the members so that my comp could say bye to them. It was
cool,,, we ate a lot!!
 So today we get to the tranfer meeting and it was really cool. President
gave a really really good talk on how we need to get our investigator to do
actual covenants with god through babtism... now just get themselves wet in
the water and then not keep the commandments and stuff.. i liked it a lot!
And then after he presented the changes that everyone had... So first of...
they moved the Zone leaders to my old area Paraiso... burgener is finished
so hes not they anymore.. and now Elder Nelson(my older comp) is in my
district again as the Zone leader in Paraiso. And im still here in
Turrialba with my new comp( Elder Gonzalez) from Panama. And now im
District Leader. So it should be fun. Everyone thought that i was gonna be
training a greeny, but i am now district leader.
 Our investigators are cool! we have like 6 families that were teaching
and one of them hopefully is getting babtized the 7th of April and so we
are excited. Im excited to be close to Elder Nelson again... we are gonna
be talking every night to do the reports and stuff.
 So thats sick we have 3 black cars now... gonna be 4 when i get home(my
2013 black 8 inch lifted chevy with black rims) Thats cool that you guys
skyped Joe and Lisa.. did they go to church yesterday? Yeah conference will
be sick... we have to go to every session and it will be way cool cuz our
investigators can come!! Were gonna watch it here with the ward, and there
are two gringo families living here so they are also gonna have it in
english so i can watch it with them if i want. It would be better in
english so i can hear the voices of the Profet and the Apostles. Thats so
awesome that Buck and Trish are gonna be the ma and pa of the girls...
Thatll be so sick for them!! i miss buck and Trish so much! I know my names
for my kids now by the way... i always think about what im gonna name them,
ima have 5 kids the first 3 boys and the last two girls.. the boys are
gonna be named Tyson, Buck, and Chaz, on of the girls name is gonna be
Cloey. and i havent thought of the other. haha Those names are soooo
sick!!! Oh and like 2 weeks ago when we went to the temple, i met the
Grandparents of Jordan Porter, you remember her right? They were in the
temple working... they are way cool. They told my that she is getting
married in April and that they get to fly home and he gets to seal them in
the temple... cool huh??
 I didnt get my package but hopefully soon. My forehead is getting better,
they said it was allergies in my eyes and that thats why they were so
sensitive to light, so i bought claritin and some allergy eye drops and
they are getting better a lil bit. Thats sick you guys wet trap shootin
dad... that still doesnt count as hunting tho... when are you gonna go for
coyotes?? why dont you and buck my a cabin together...? that would be so
sick!! Talk to him about it!! Also the new Hoyt bows are soooo sick... not
gonna lie... i went and took a peek on the Hoyt website for like 5
minutes... they are sooo awesome!!!!!! Well love you guys a ton  and talk
to you next week!
 Elder Christensen

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