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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23, 2012

Hey family.. whats up? 
  So how is everything there in Bluffdale? Everything is good here in Costa Rica. I had elder Nelson give me a blessing to help me get un home sick.. and it was crazy how it worked so well!! I have the desire to work hard again!! So im good. 
  So has Burgener really not come by the house or anything? Thats so gay!! His email is and i assume that you can look him up on facebook and find a way to get a hold of him!! Derek Burgener! DO IT FAST! so you can meet him and get the stuff that i sent. Im trying to send all the videos that ive taken with the video camera that Tonya gave me... this thing is so cool. So hopefully you get them and can send them to everyone. Also i need more socks... all the ones i have have holes and i hate it.. Also i would like the Cabelas catalog that they have, ya know? like it is the catalog with ALL their products.. that would be cool. Also maybe some other cool stuff in a package... :)
  -Cabelas catalog
  -Cool stuff
 So ive decided that when i get home ima go work at cabelas... cuz the workers get a 30 percent dicount... and make like 10 bucks an hour... that job would be perfect while i go to UVU. Even though all the money i make i will be spending it there in that same store... haha they might as well just pay me in items from the store. 
  So yes dad.. we eat seafood sometimes.. not from the sea but fish yes... The guy that i babtised like a month ago has a farm, and has a pond with Talapia there so he always plucks a couple fish out and cooks em up for us right there... its really good. So that pic of the CHevy... that aint your truck dad!!! Nice try... i cant believe you havent jacked it up yet!!!!!! Its like a grandpas truck.  Thats awesome you guys could get the meeting at church back in order. I bet that was way cool with the special needs kids singing. I bet Majerle sang great... ;) haha
  So today we were gonna go with some members to some indian ruins.. but its raining so we aint gonna go... Instead were gonna go to there house and play games and barbeque and stuff. So that will be fun also! Well hey i love you guys a ton and talk to you soon.
  Elder Christensen 

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