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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 3, 2012

Hey fam. what up!!
How is everyone?? I'm doing really well!! Its crazy how time is going by really fast... i don't like it, but then again i do!! That is sick that majerle is liking cheer... those pics are really sweet!! What is her high school called again? When does she graduate... like a couple months after i get home right? That is sooo crazy!!! Where are you gonna go to college Majerle?? Me and my comp have figured it out... we are gonna go to BYU............................IDAHO baby!!! haha there is a group of my friends here in the mish that we are thinking we are gonna go there... good huntin... hot chicks... close to home... and good huntin... hahha i think it would be really sick!!! Im ether gonna do that or like Wait until the next January of 2014 to start up college at UVU... idk really!! I have a lot of decisions  to make!!! That's sick that nana and papa are moved... They don't know where they are gonna move to after this temporary house? Tell them to move somewhere sick!!!
   How is work mom? Hows your calling going? I miss you a ton! What else is new? You never told me about your job and the case that was gonna make bank to be able to buy the ranch...? haha How are the girls treating you?
 What else is new in the family? Dad you gotta get back up there this next week and bag a bull for buck... don't forget to video tape it man!!! But tell him to wait for a giant to come up.... like the ones on the trail cam... haha Dude when i get back where are we gonna go huntin? I wanna buy a sick guided elk hunt somewhere so i can bag a big ol monster... so get plannin dude! When is the mount gonna be ready? Have you tried the back straps or anything yet? So do you like your bow? Your camo is Realtree AP?
  So today the zone went paintballin again... hhaa classic.. it was way fun also!! Our zone destroyed the other zone! Now we are just here in San Jose center chillin, its gonna be so cool for us to be walking down the center street of San Jose on our trip! So its for sure that we are gonna go to JW Marriot? That will be cool. I'm way excited... who all is coming again?? Hey dad you have a bunch of free tickets from your work right? How many exactly? What are we gonna do the whole time there in Guanacaste?
  I'm so excited to see you guys.. even tho its 5 months away... it still seems way close... but im a kick some butt here in Costa Rica and finish strong!! I hope they don't change me from here... i love this area... its so awesome!!! We are teaching 4 families that all have goals and a date to get baptised... they are soo cool! All of them really are strong in the church and all have testimonies... which is the most important!! How cool would that be if we baptised 4 families in one month just here in my area... that would be cool!! We are having a lot of success!! :) The families have just little challenges and stuff... but i know were are gonna be able to fix them so they can get baptised... most of the stuff is small, like one family has to get married, the other has to quit drinking coffee, and the rest are ready now! We should have the baptism of that one family, that reminds me of Joe and Lisa, getting baptised this next Saturday!! That would be really cool!!
  But i love you Mom and Dad a ton and you guys too Majerle and Maddi!! :) talk to you next week!
 Elder Christensen

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