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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

august 13, 2012

Hey family.
 I'm great, and its great to hear you guys are doing great also. So I'm loving this change with my comp. hes really sick, and i love being with a gringo so much more.. no offense to the Latinos. Its just a culture thing! haha So we are doing really well... these past 5 weeks we have had like 10-13 investigators in church every week.. its really awesome! So we should have a couple families gettin baptised soon! :) The zone is doing really good too, but i don't know if we will complete the goal for this month.. i hope so though! So i watched this church movie last night on my comps ipod.. its called ¨One Good Man¨. Its sooo sick! have you guys seen it? Cuz its such a good movie.. i wanna be like that guy when i grow up! So that's awesome that Lisa came to visit... any news about the church with her? or the missionaries?? I miss Joe and Lisa a ton!! And everyone! 
  So how is Romney doing in the elections? Is he gonna be the new Pres? Hows the Cowboys doing? What is the beach house called? i wanna look it up!! I'm really excited.. are we gonna stay in the beach house the whole 7 days? For the 3 days here in San Jose, i would like to visit this area, La Loma, also id like to visit Turrialba, and i don't know where else.. the temple and visit President Wilkinson also. So the 2 Sundays that we will be here for, where are we gonna go to church at? Id like to go here to La Loma the first Sunday, and maybe some other ward the next Sunday!! I asked a bunch of people to see what day i would be home, and a lot of people told me that its always 2 years and 5 days exactly... I'm pretty sure.. so we should be good for the trip! :) What all are we gonna do during the 7 days?? Do you not have your travel agent anymore??
  Dad i cant believe you broke your bow dude!! That sucks.... that's what you get for buying a PSE(Piece of Sucky Equipment!!) You gotta trade in your bow right now and buy the Hoyt Carbon Element!!!! cuz that's what I'm buying right when i get home!!! That is really cool you are seeing a bunch of elk though... So the first week how are you gonna hunt? Spot and Stock? Are you gonna try and call them in? Are they gonna be in rut? What is your strategy?? Cuz you gotta have a game plan before... not just walking around in the forest. haha That will be sick to see the videos of the trail cam.. send them to me asap! I cant believe the hunt is already starting this week!! How many days are you gonna be in Current Creek for? Are you gonna take some horses up? When are you going with Bridger? Have you talked to him about the outfitter? Does Tyler have any tags this year?? PS: Answer all the questions please!
   Mom I'm so glad you had a good time at young women's.. i bet it was sick!! That is so awesome you are doing good on your diet.. i bet you will look great!! So Mom i think it would be too hard to talk online classes.. people tell me its like 10x harder!! Can you research up a bit about the colleges, like what months would the summer term be and how many credits i could get, and things like that! Also mom how is that one job you had going? Did you get it? How are you Majerle and Maddi?? Its good to hear you are in cheer Majerle, and not just sitting on your butt like usually..! Good job about your ex boyfriend.. you cant date guys like that!! What happened to liking country boys? You ain't country anymore? Maddi what are you up to now? have you been out shooting with dad lately?? get out there with him and hunt!! 
  So yeah i bought some cowboy boots here, like 5 months ago.. i wear them every once in a while... :) they are sick!!! But my regular shoes that i wear are kind of boots, but not really.. in fact they are really worn out, and have a couple holes.. honestly i hate the shoes here... ived had to buy sooo many pares.. you guys should send me a pair of nice shoes.. but not dress shoes... like boots or something... and send me some nike long/black socks please.. the socks you send me are good, but they are dress shoe socks.. they get holes in them in like a week.. nike sport socks are better! :) Other than that.. i think I'm good with my clothes! Well i love you guys a ton and i will talk to you guys next week! :) Get out there and tag a monster bull dad... good luck!!!
 Elder Christensen

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