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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17 2012

Hey fam.
 Hows it goin? Im doing great! So i know i gotta make school a priority... but if i go to school during the summer i can still work really hard studying and stuff and then in the winter i can focuse on hunting... wouldnt that be even better.. cuz during the fall im gonna wanna go on like week long hunts... and if im studying i will have to miss some days of school... or i wont be able to hunt as much. And during the summer i can go flyfishing during the weekends. I dont know though... Its a really HARD desicion to make!! But when can i start praying about stuff like that? do i have to wait closer to the end of my mish to be able to pray about where to go to school? 
   The thing is, i wanna put in for like 5 different states for next season.... Oregon, we can stay in Bucks cabin and go hunt up there. Idaho and go hunt up where Elder Kurta lives on his ranch. Colorado, and go hunt the rut for like a week straight. And also Utah and put in for the limited entry tags. I wanna be able to draw out for all those states.. especially in Colorado. That is the type of hunting that i wanna do.. and if i wait til after school to hunt like crazy... im gonna be way old!!! I cant focus on my studies without distractions in the summer and get better grades cuz ill be focused. When do you put in for tags? February or January?? We need to start scopin out the area there in Colorado and Oregon and stuff.. you need to make some calls to the DWR in those states... and get serious man... you have a Hoyt now. haha Dude get up there in the woods to tag out with your deer tag, you cant tag out unless you put in the hours. 
  So guys.. the work is going great... this weekend we should have at least 2 families getting babtised!! :) Last night the second counselor in the bishopbric called us and was like, "I just got an interesting call", he said it in english by the way cuz he speaks it. Then he continues explaining us saying, "There is a family in the ward that is having a hard time with their marriage and stuff. The husband, Luis, just called me and said he wants to get babtised!!" Luis is a nonmember that has been going to church for 3 years and hasnt wanted to get babtised yet. He is practically a member, just not babtised. His wife is a member and got babtised 3 years ago. But obviously something happened and the Lord softened his heart and humbled him and now has a desire to repent and get babtised. So we are way excited. we have a family home evening with him today so that will be good. And we are hopin to get some other families here in the water and convirted!! 
 Our zone is doing really well. Me and my comp are working hard to help the other missionaries and to get them excited and stuff. So we should have a really great turn out this month!! Today we played soccer with the zone and then went and ate pizza at costco and bought some stuff! haha Have you guys tried Mate? its a drink from Argentina that tastes sooo good and me and my comp are drinking it! Also President Wilkinson changed the rule on Coke... we can now drink it... it is sooo awesome! I sure missed it! Haha
  That is so sick Mom!! That will be so cool for you to be the cheer teacher!!! I bet you will be so great! Are you gonna quit work or what? How is that one thing goin... do we have the ranch yet?? ;)
  Well i love you guys a ton!! Thanks for the shoes by the way. 
 Talk to you all next week
  Elder Christensen

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